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Area Police Stations

Albion Police Department
Brent Lipker(Chief of Police)
438 W Market St,
Albion, NE, 68620

Alliance Police Department
E John Kiss(Chief of Police)
512 Niobrara, PO Box D
Alliance, NE, 69301

Ansley Police Department
Gary J Zoerb(Marshal)
PO Box 25,
Mason City, NE, 68855

Arnold Police Department
(Chief of Police)
PO Box 70,
Arnold, NE, 69120

Ashland Police Department
Mark A Powell, Sr(Chief of Police)
2304 Silver St,
Ashland, NE, 68003

Atkinson Police Department
Tim Larby(Chief of Police)
104 S Main St, PO Box 519
Atkinson, NE, 68713

Auburn Police Department
Dan White(Chief of Police)
1805 N Street,
Auburn, NE, 68305

Aurora Police Department
Godfrey J Brokenrope(Chief of Police)
Hamilton County Law Enforcement Center, 715 12th St
Aurora, NE, 68818

Bancroft Police Department
Michael Surrells(Chief of Police)
500 Main Street, PO Box 56
Bancroft, NE, 68004

Battle Creek Police Department
Jim Prauner(Chief of Police)
101 E Main St, PO Box 280
Battle Creek, NE, 68715

Bayard Police Department
Zakary Douglass(Chief of Police)
337 Main St,
Bayard, NE, 69334

Beatrice Police Department
Bruce Lang(Chief of Police)
201 N 5th,
Beatrice, NE, 68310

Beemer Police Department
Leslie D Ott(Chief of Police)
Main St,
Beemer, NE, 68716

Bellevue Police Department
John W Stacey(Chief of Police)
2207 Washington Street,
Bellevue, NE, 68005-5258

Bennington Police Department
Lester E Johnson(Chief of Police)
11402 North 156th Street,
Bennington, NE, 68007

Bertrand Police Department
Gene Samuelson(Chief of Police)
City Hall,
Bertrand, NE, 68927

Blair Police Department
(Chief of Police)
1730 Lincoln St,
Blair, NE, 68008

Bloomfield Police Department
Bryan Ruhr(Chief of Police)
PO Box 157, 101 S Broadway
Bloomfield, NE, 68718

Blue Hill Police Department
Gailyn K Taylor(Chief of Police)
PO Box 221,
Blue Hill, NE, 68930

Boys Town Police Department
Marty Crowley(Chief of Police)
13940 Gutowski Rd,
Boys Town, NE, 68010

Bridgeport Police Department
Robert F Miller(Chief of Police)
809 Main St,
Bridgeport, NE, 69336

Broken Bow Police Department
Steve Scott(Chief of Police)
116 South 11th Avenue,
Broken Bow, NE, 68822

Burwell Police Department
(Chief of Police)
404 Grand Ave,
Burwell, NE, 68823

Cedar Bluffs Police Department
Tom Potter(Chief of Police)
PO Box 249,
Cedar Bluffs, NE, 68015

Central City Police Department
Dennis Wagner(Chief of Police)
1616 16th Ave,
Central City, NE, 68826

Ceresco Police Department
Kurt Prhaska(Chief of Police)
217 S 2nd St,
Ceresco, NE, 68017

Chadron Police Department
Timothy Lordino(Chief of Police)
125 Main St,
Chadron, NE, 69337

Clarks Police Department
John Wirrick(Chief of Police)
East Ave Amity,
Clarks, NE, 68628

Clarkson Police Department
Richard A Little(Chief of Police)
216 W First St,
Clarkson, NE, 68629

Clay Center Police Department
Dee Wilkerson(Chief of Police)
101 S Martin,
Clay Center, NE, 68933

Coleridge Police Department
Randy G Fischer(Chief of Police)
207 E Douglas St,
Coleridge, NE, 68727

Columbus Police Department
William H Gumm(Chief of Police)
2419 14th St,
Columbus, NE, 68601

Cozad Police Department
Mark Montgomery(Chief of Police)
229 E 8th St,
Cozad, NE, 69130

Crawford Police Department
Rick Thompson(Chief of Police)
209 Elm St,
Crawford, NE, 69339

Creighton Police Department
Bill Rayer(Chief of Police)
City Hall,
Creighton, NE, 68729

Crete Police Department
Steve Hensel(Chief of Police)
1945 Forest Ave,
Crete, NE, 68333

Crofton Police Department
Mark A Krepel(Chief of Police)
1210 W 2nd St,
Crofton, NE, 68730

Culbertson Police Department
Gary Linnemeyer(Chief of Police)
609 Wyoming St,
Culbertson, NE, 69024

David City Police Department
(Chief of Police)
475 N 3rd St,
David City, NE, 68632

Decatur Police Department
Gary Davis(Chief of Police)
1013 S Broadway,
Decatur, NE, 68020

Department of Insurance, Insurance Fraud Prevention Division
Charles Starr(Fraud Division Chief)
941 O St Suite 400,
Lincoln, NE, 68508

Department of Motor Vehicles Fraud Investigation Unit
Steve Eppens(Division Chief)
301 Centennial Mall South, PO Box 94789
Lincoln, NE, 68509

Dodge Police Department
Matt J Gartner(Chief of Police)
PO Box 277,
Dodge, NE, 68633

Edgar Police Department
Roger Rodenbeck(Chief of Police)
207 North D,
Edgar, NE, 68935

Elgin Police Department
(Chief of Police)
104 Pine St,
Elgin, NE, 68636

Elkhorn Police Department
Tim Dempsey(Chief of Police)
401 Glenn St,
Elkhorn, NE, 68022

Emerson Police Department
Charles Chinn(Chief of Police)
211 W Front St,
Emerson, NE, 68733

Eppley Airfield Airport Police Department
(Chief of Police)
PO Box 19103 / Eppley Airfield,
Omaha, NE, 68119

Exeter Police Department
Kevin L Edelmaier(Chief of Police)
202 S Exeter Ave, PO Box 96
Exeter, NE, 68351

Fairbury Police Department
Brooks Bryan(Chief of Police)
606 3rd St,
Fairbury, NE, 68352

Fairmont Police Department
Jeffrey D Ebeling(Chief of Police)
PO Box 156,
Fairmont, NE, 68354

Falls City Police Department
John Caverzagie(Chief of Police)
1820 Towle St,
Falls City, NE, 68355

Franklin Police Department
Bryon Detlefsen(Chief of Police)
619 15th Ave,
Franklin, NE, 68939

Fremont Police Department
T S Mullen(Chief of Police)
725 N Park Ave,
Fremont, NE, 68025

Friend Police Department
Mark McFarland(Chief of Police)
235 Maple St,
Friend, NE, 68359

Genoa Police Department
Paul Kruse(Chief of Police)
107 N Walnut St,
Genoa, NE, 68640

Gering Police Department
(Chief of Police)
1025 P St,
Gering, NE, 69341

Glenvil Police Department
Robert Stamper(Chief of Police)
PO Box 136,
Glenvil, NE, 68941

Gordon Police Department
Loren Tesch(Chief of Police)
311 1/2 N Oak St,
Gordon, NE, 69343

Gothenburg Police Department
Randell Olson(Chief of Police)
405 9th St,
Gothenburg, NE, 69138

Grand Island Police Department
Steve Lamken(Chief of Police)
111 Public Safety Drive,
Grand Island, NE, 68801

Hartington Police Department
(Chief of Police)
109 West State Street,
Hartington, NE, 68739

Harvard Police Department
Greg Thompson(Chief of Police)
PO Box 542, 309 N Clay Ave
Harvard, NE, 68944

Hastings Police Department
Larry G Thoren(Chief of Police)
317 S Burlington Ave,
Hastings, NE, 68901

Hemingford Police Department
David Mckee(Chief of Police)
503 Custer Street,
Hemingford, NE, 69348

Henderson Police Department
Milan R Mierau(Chief of Police)
PO Box 189,
Henderson, NE, 68371

Hildreth Police Department
Dale Casper(Chief of Police)
PO Box 317,
Hildreth, NE, 68947

Holdrege Police Department
Dennis Damoude(Chief of Police)
813 5th Ave,
Holdrege, NE, 68949

Hooper Police Department
Matt Schott(Chief of Police)
110 W Fulton St,
Hooper, NE, 68031

Howells Police Department
Patrick Eller(Chief of Police)
PO Box 255,
Howells, NE, 68641

Humphrey Police Department
Anthony Miller(Chief of Police)
PO Box 486, 4th & Main St
Humphrey, NE, 68642

Imperial Police Department
Larry C Browning(Chief of Police)
637 Broadway St,
Imperial, NE, 69033

Johnson Police Department
Neal Hahn(Chief of Police)
224 Main St,
Johnson, NE, 68378

Kearney Police Department
Dan Lynch(Chief of Police)
2025 Ave A,
Kearney, NE, 68848

Kimball Police Department
Bill L Shank(Chief of Police)
223 S Chestnut St,
Kimball, NE, 69145

La Vista Police Department
Robert Lausten(Chief of Police)
8110 Park View Blvd,
La Vista, NE, 68128

Laurel Police Department
Mike Young(Chief of Police)
101 W 1st St,
Laurel, NE, 68745

Leigh Police Department
Richard Kruse(Chief of Police)
109 Short St,
Leigh, NE, 68643

Lexington Police Department
Charles H Clark(Chief of Police)
406 East 7th St,
Lexington, NE, 68850

Lincoln Airport Police Department
Robert Ziemer(Chief of Police)
2400 West Adams St,
Lincoln, NE, 68524

Lincoln Police Department
Thomas K Casady(Chief of Police)
575 S 10th St,
Lincoln, NE, 68508

Loomis Police Department
Terry Nelson(Chief of Police)
301 Commercial St,
Loomis, NE, 68958

Loup City Police Department
Gary D Walker(Chief of Police)
134 S 8th St,
Loup City, NE, 68853

Lyman Police Department
Michael Cotant(Chief of Police)
PO Box 301,
Lyman, NE, 69352

Lynch Police Department
Albert Lee(Chief of Police)
222 Hoffman St,
Lynch, NE, 68746

Lyons Police Department
Jim Buck(Chief of Police)
335 Main St,
Lyons, NE, 68038

Madison Police Department
Rod Waterbury(Chief of Police)
204 West First,
Madison, NE, 68748

Mason City Police Department
Gary Zoerb(Chief of Police)
PO Box 46,
Mason City, NE, 68855

McCook Police Department
Ike Brown(Chief of Police)
526 W B St, PO Box 1066
McCook, NE, 69001

Meadow Grove Police Department
Rory D Matteo(Chief of Police)
208 Main St,
Meadow Grove, NE, 68752

Milford Police Department
Forrest K Siebken(Chief of Police)
505 First St,
Milford, NE, 68405

Minatare Police Department
Robert Regester(Chief of Police)
309 Main Street, PO Box 483
Minatare, NE, 69356

Minden Police Department
James D E Huff(Chief of Police)
246 N Colorado Ave,
Minden, NE, 68959

Mitchell Police Department
Michael Cotant(Chief of Police)
1280 Center Ave,
Mitchell, NE, 69357

Morrill Police Department
Shawn Noon(Chief of Police)
118 Center Ave,
Morrill, NE, 69358

Nebraska City Police Department
Dave Lacy(Chief of Police)
1409 Central Ave,
Nebraska City, NE, 68410

Neligh Police Department
(Chief of Police)
205 E 6th St,
Neligh, NE, 68756

Newcastle Police Department
James M Olander(Chief of Police)
205 Mary St,
Newcastle, NE, 68757

Newman Grove Police Department
Clyde Beckman(Chief of Police)
PO Box 446, 606 Hale Avenue
Newman Grove, NE, 68758

Norfolk Police Department
William L Mizner(Chief of Police)
202 N 7th St,
Norfolk, NE, 68701

North Platte Police Department
M J Gutschenritter(Chief of Police)
701 S Jeffers,
North Platte, NE, 69103

O'Neill Police Department
Matthew Otte(Chief of Police)
401 East Fremont, 317 South 4th Street
O'Neill, NE, 68763

Oakland Police Department
Layne R Canarsky(Chief of Police)
401 N Oakland Ave,
Oakland, NE, 68045

Ogallala Police Department
David Kling(Chief of Police)
410 E 2nd St,
Ogallala, NE, 69153

Omaha Nation Law Enforcement Services
Edward A Tyndall Jr(Chief of Police)
101 Indian Hills,
Macy, NE, 68039

Omaha Police Department
Alex Hayes(Chief of Police)
505 S 15th St,
Omaha, NE, 68102

Ord Police Department
(Chief of Police)
240 S 16th St,
Ord, NE, 68862

Osmond Police Department
Loren D Trautman(Chief of Police)
PO Box 269,
Osmond, NE, 68765

Overton Police Department
Shane Schwarz(Chief of Police)
502 D St,
Overton, NE, 68863

Papillion Police Department
Leonard A Houloose(Chief of Police)
1000 East First Street,
Papillion, NE, 68046

Pender Police Department
Robert James(Chief of Police)
416 Main St,
Pender, NE, 68047

Pierce Police Department
Jerry Thackston(Chief of Police)
106 S 1st St,
Pierce, NE, 68767

Plainview Police Department
Bruce Yosten(Chief of Police)
209 W Locust,
Plainview, NE, 68769

Plattsmouth Police Department
Steve Rathman(Chief of Police)
336 Main St,
Plattsmouth, NE, 68048

Plymouth Police Department
(Chief of Police)
313 E Main,
Plymouth, NE, 68424

Polk Police Department
(Chief of Police)
PO Box 6,
Polk, NE, 68654

Ponca Police Department
Paul Blatchford(Chief of Police)
302 3rd Courthouse,
Ponca, NE, 68770

Ralston Police Department
Ronald Murtaugh(Chief of Police)
7400 Main Street,
Ralston, NE, 68127

Randolph Police Department
Dennis P Shannon(Chief of Police)
212 E Broadway,
Randolph, NE, 68771

Ravenna Police Department
Timothy J Shrader(Chief of Police)
416 Grand Ave,
Ravenna, NE, 68869

Rushville Police Department
Paul J Anderson(Chief of Police)
208 Conrad,
Rushville, NE, 69360

Sargent Police Department
Wendell Miska(Chief of Police)
106 N 2nd St,
Sargent, NE, 68874

Schuyler Police Department
(Chief of Police)
1020 A St,
Schuyler, NE, 68661

Scotia Police Department
David Malmstrom(Chief of Police)
102 Scotia Ave,
Scotia, NE, 68875

Scottsbluff Police Department
Alex Moreno(Chief of Police)
2525 Circle Drive,
Scottsbluff, NE, 69361

Scribner Police Department
Jake Brainard(Chief of Police)
PO Box D,
Scribner, NE, 68057

Seward Police Department
Alan Baldwin(Chief of Police)
148 South First Street,
Seward, NE, 68434

Shelton Police Department
George Svoboda(Chief of Police)
PO Box 219,
Shelton, NE, 68876

Sidney Police Department
Larry Cox(Chief of Police)
1715 Illinois St, PO Box 275
Sidney, NE, 69162

Snyder Police Department
Matt J Gartner(Chief of Police)
125 Ash St,
Snyder, NE, 68664

South Sioux City Police Department
S E Ford(Chief of Police)
701 W 29th St,
South Sioux City, NE, 68776

Spalding Police Department
Craig Willkens(Chief of Police)
PO Box 268,
Spalding, NE, 68665

St Edward Police Department
Monte Olson(Chief of Police)
101 Lovers Ln,
St Edward, NE, 68660

St Paul Police Department
Steven J Studnicka(Chief of Police)
514 Grand Street,
St Paul, NE, 68873

Superior Police Department
Perry J Freeman(Chief of Police)
154 W 5th St,
Superior, NE, 68978

Sutton Police Department
Tracey Landenberger(Chief of Police)
PO Box 430, 122 S Saunders
Sutton, NE, 68979

Syracuse Police Department
Krista Railsback(Chief of Police)
PO Box 343,
Syracuse, NE, 68446

Tekamah Police Department
Eric Nick(Chief of Police)
PO Box 143,
Tekamah, NE, 68061

Tilden Police Department
Bob Peterson(Chief of Police)
PO Box 83,
Tilden, NE, 68781

University of Nebraska Lincoln Police Department
Owen Yardley(Chief of Police)
300 N 17th St,
Lincoln, NE, 68588

Valentine Police Department
Ben McBride(Chief of Police)
323 N Main St,
Valentine, NE, 69201

Valley Police Department
K C Bang(Chief of Police)
203 N Spruce Street,
Valley, NE, 68064

Verdigre Police Department
Dean Wavrunek(Chief of Police)
PO Box 73,
Verdigre, NE, 68783

Wahoo Police Department
Ken Jackson(Chief of Police)
605 N Broadway St,
Wahoo, NE, 68066

Walthill Police Department
Jared L Junge(Chief of Police)
100 N Broughton St,
Walthill, NE, 68067

Waterloo Police Department
Tim Donahue(Chief of Police)
PO Box 127, 509 South Front St
Waterloo, NE, 68069

Wausa Police Department
Jeffrey Wallick(Chief of Police)
PO Box 106,
Wausa, NE, 68786

Wayne Police Department
Lance W Webster(Chief of Police)
306 Pearl St,
Wayne, NE, 68787

West Point Police Department
Michael Fisher(Chief of Police)
444 S Main St,
West Point, NE, 68788

Wilber Police Department
Stephen M Sunday(Chief of Police)
309 S Main,
Wilber, NE, 68465

Winnebago Police Department
Vincent Merrick(Chief of Police)
Rt 1,
Winnebago, NE, 68071

Wisner Police Department
Terry L Soden(Chief of Police)
PO Box 367,
Wisner, NE, 68791

Wymore Police Department
Bryan Davidson(Chief of Police)
115 West E Street,
Wymore, NE, 68466

York Police Department
Donald Klug(Chief of Police)
315 Grant Ave,
York, NE, 68467

Yutan Police Department
Sam Christiansen(Chief of Police)
112 Vine St,
Yutan, NE, 68073

DANIEL P MCCABE Police Arrest Report

Record ID: 707302161
Case Number: 194512
DANIEL P MCCABE, 33 years old, was arrested on CRIMINAL MISCHIEF $1500/MORE charges in NE. DANIEL P MCCABE is described as a white male,, a height of 6 ft 0 inc and weights 150 lbs pounds, according to NE Douglas County Warrants. The record ID number for this arrest is 707302161, according to WRNT_douglasne.
1778 S 9 ST OMAHA NE 68105
6 ft 0 inc
150 lbs
NE Douglas County Warrants

The state of Nebraska is also called "Cornhusker State". Their moto is Equality Before the Law. The official languages are English. Before statehood it was called Nebraska Territory and it was admissed to union in March 1, 1867 (37th). Nebraska's government is comprised of the Governor, who is currently Dave Heineman (R), Lieutenant Governor, who is currently Rick Sheehy (R), Senators: Ben Nelson (D), Mike Johanns (R), House Delegation: Jeff Fortenberry (R) Lee Terry (R) Adrian M. Smith (R) (list).The legislature is Nebraska Legislature.

Total area for Nebraska is 77,354 sq mi (200,520 km) (Ranked 16th in the U.S.). The width is 210 miles (340 km) and the length is 430 miles (690 km). In terms of latitude and longitude we have: 40° N to 43° N and 95° 19' W to 104° 03' W. According to the 2010 United States Census, the total population is 1,842,641 (2011 est) (Ranked 38th in the U.S.). The highest point is Panorama Point 5,427 ft (1654 m) and the lowest point is Missouri River at Kansas border 840 ft (256 m).

The abbreviations used for this state are NE US-NE. Additional information and the official website of the state is found at www.nebraska.gov.

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