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Area Police Stations

Achille Police Department
Eric "Shane" Guhl(Chief of Police)
PO Box 190, 211 West Main St
Achille, OK, 74720

Ada Police Department
Mike Miller(Chief of Police)
231 S Townsend St,
Ada, OK, 74820

Agra Police Department
Richard Roe(Chief of Police)
PO Box 9,
Agra, OK, 74824

Allen Police Department
Eric Holcomb(Chief of Police)
109 North Memphis,
Allen, OK, 74825

Altus Police Department
Mike Patterson(Chief of Police)
121 N Grady,
Altus, OK, 73521

Alva Police Department
Arlo D Darr(Chief of Police)
415 4th St,
Alva, OK, 73717

Anadarko Police Department
David Edwards(Chief of Police)
201 NE First Street,
Anadarko, OK, 73005

Antlers Police Department
Dwayne Morgan(Chief of Police)
100 SE 2nd,
Antlers, OK, 74523

Apache Police Department
Andrew Roberts(Chief of Police)
102 E Evans St,
Apache, OK, 73006

Arapaho Police Department
Matthew Senchhuom(Chief of Police)
667 Main St, PO Box F
Arapaho, OK, 73620

Ardmore Police Department
(Chief of Police)
23 S Washington St,
Ardmore, OK, 73402

Arkoma Police Department
Thomas Lenard(Chief of Police)
PO Box 277, 1103 Main Street
Arkoma, OK, 74901

Arnett Police Department
Larry Taylor(Chief of Police)
PO Box 334,
Arnett, OK, 73832

Atoka Police Department
Gene Dodson(Chief of Police)
315 East A St,
Atoka, OK, 74525

Barnsdall Police Department
(Chief of Police)
404 W Main,
Barnsdall, OK, 74002

Bartlesville Police Department
Thomas Holland(Chief of Police)
100 E Hensley Blvd,
Bartlesville, OK, 74003

Beaver Police Department
(Chief of Police)
PO Box 698, 30 W 2nd
Beaver, OK, 73932

Beggs Police Department
Wesley L. Fish(Chief of Police)
PO Box 567,
Beggs, OK, 74421

Bennington Police Department
Jimmy Hammond(Chief of Police)
120 North Perry St,
Bennington, OK, 74723

Bethany Police Department
Neal Troutman(Chief of Police)
6700 NW 35th St,
Bethany, OK, 73008

Billings Police Department
Travis Hough(Chief of Police)
PO Box 216, 122 W Main Street
Billings, OK, 74630

Binger Police Department
Mark Chenoweth(Chief of Police)
202 West Main,
Binger, OK, 73009

Bixby Police Department
Captain James Kite(Interim Police Chief)
PO Box 70,
Bixby, OK, 74008

Blackwell Police Department
Fred LeValley(Chief of Police)
224 W Blackwell,
Blackwell, OK, 74631

Blair Police Department
Joseph O Poulin Jr(Chief of Police)
118 W Main,
Blair, OK, 73526

Blanchard Police Department
Walt Thompson(Chief of Police)
PO Box 480, 117 W Broadway
Blanchard, OK, 73010

Boise City Police Department
Dale L Harper(Chief of Police)
23 N Logan,
Boise City, OK, 73933

Bokchito Police Department
Mike Erwin(Chief of Police)
PO Box 174, 117 E Main
Bokchito, OK, 74726

Bokoshe Police Department
Shane Robinson(Chief of Police)
PO Box 10, 22800 Elm St
Bokoshe, OK, 74930

Boley Police Department
Virgil L Green Sr(Chief of Police)
309 S Pecan St,
Boley, OK, 74829

Boynton Police Department
George Ezell(Chief of Police)
301 Seaman,
Boynton, OK, 74422

Bristow Police Department
W Don Sweger(Chief of Police)
110 W 7th St,
Bristow, OK, 74010

Broken Arrow Police Department
Todd Wuestewald(Chief of Police)
2302 South 1st Place,
Broken Arrow, OK, 74012

Broken Bow Police Department
Richard W Wiggins(Chief of Police)
215 N Main St,
Broken Bow, OK, 74728

Buffalo Police Department
(Chief of Police)
610 Hoy St,
Buffalo, OK, 73834

Burns Flat Police Department
(Chief of Police)
S Hwy 44,
Burns Flat, OK, 73624

Cache Police Department
(Chief of Police)
520 West C St,
Cache, OK, 73527

Caddo Police Department
Cody Borchardt(Chief of Police)
PO Box 105,
Caddo, OK, 74729

Calera Police Department
Don Hyde(Chief of Police)
112 W Main,
Calera, OK, 74730

Cameron University Police Department
Jim Ronan(Director )
2800 West Gore Blvd,
Lawton, OK, 73505

Canton Police Department
William "Chip" Jones(Chief of Police)
112 N Washington St,
Canton, OK, 73724

Carnegie Police Department
Frank Martin(Chief of Police)
13 North Broadway, PO Box 19
Carnegie, OK, 73015

Cashion Police Department
Jesse Ritchie(Chief of Police)
PO Box 27, 102 S Main St
Cashion, OK, 73016

Catoosa Campus Police Department
Kevin McKim(Chief of Police)
2000 S Cherokee,
Catoosa, OK, 74015

Catoosa Police Department
Clifford Arneecher(Chief of Police)
208 S Cherokee, PO Box 190
Catoosa, OK, 74015

Cement Police Department
Lee Aston(Chief of Police)
PO Box 337, 411 North Main Street
Cement, OK, 73017

Chandler Police Department
Kevin Towler(Chief of Police)
414 Manvel,
Chandler, OK, 74834

Checotah Police Department
Andy Blizzard(Chief of Police)
131 SW Main St,
Checotah, OK, 74426

Chelsea Police Department
Jeremy Murrell(Chief of Police)
508 Vine Street,
Chelsea, OK, 74016

Cherokee Police Department
Michael Andrews(Chief of Police)
121 N Grand Ave,
Cherokee, OK, 73728

Chickasha Police Department
(Chief of Police)
101 N 6th St,
Chickasha, OK, 73018

Choctaw Police Department
(Chief of Police)
13240 NE 23rd Street, PO Box 97
Choctaw, OK, 73020

Chouteau Police Department
Gary Shrum(Chief of Police)
1201 E Main,
Chouteau, OK, 74337

Citty of Langston Police Department
Jeffery Jenkins(Chief of Police)
222 Polson St,
Langston, OK, 73050

City of Maud Police Department
James T Bottoms "Tom"(Chief of Police)
208 W Main,
Maud, OK, 74854

City of Wilburton Police Department
Todd Cooper(Chief of Police)
PO Box 857, 300 West Main
Wilburton, OK, 74578

Claremore Police Department
Stan Brown(Chief of Police)
200 W First St,
Claremore, OK, 74017

Cleveland Police Department
Dale Howard(Chief of Police)
111 W Delaware St,
Cleveland, OK, 74020

Clinton Police Department
David Crabtree(Chief of Police)
415 W Gary Blvd,
Clinton, OK, 73601

Coalgate Police Department
Kenny Pebworth(Chief of Police)
1 South Main,
Coalgate, OK, 74538

Colbert Police Department
Wayne Vanscoy(Chief of Police)
705 Moore Ave,
Colbert, OK, 74733

Collinsville Police Department
Charlie Annis(Chief of Police)
1023 W Center,
Collinsville, OK, 74021

Comanche Police Department
Mike Jones(Chief of Police)
500 N Rodeo Dr,
Comanche, OK, 73529

Commerce Police Department
Bob Baine(Chief of Police)
100 S Main,
Commerce, OK, 74339

Cordell Police Department
Daniel L. Allen(Chief of Police)
105 W Main,
Cordell, OK, 73632

Coweta Police Department
Derrick C J Palmer(Chief of Police)
PO Box 850, 212 North Broadway
Coweta, OK, 74429-0850

Coyle Police Department
Elliott Lyles(Chief of Police)
111 S Pulliam Ave,
Coyle, OK, 73027

Crescent Police Department
Kalon Barnett(Chief of Police)
205 North Grand,
Crescent, OK, 73028

Cromwell Police Department
Don Autry(Chief of Police)
100 E Jenkins St,
Cromwell, OK, 74837

Cushing Police Department
Terry Brannon(Chief of Police)
100 Judy Adams Blvd, PO Box 311
Cushing, OK, 74023

Cyril Police Department
William A Parsley(Chief of Police)
PO Box 448,
Cyril, OK, 73029

Davenport Police Department
Bill Sides(Chief of Police)
224 Broadway,
Davenport, OK, 74026

Davis Police Department
Dan Cooper(Chief of Police)
310 E Main Street,
Davis, OK, 73030

Del City Police Department
Phil Taylor(Chief of Police)
2800 Epperly Dr,
Del City, OK, 73115

Depew Police Department
Stephen Baber(Chief of Police)
409 Main Street, PO Box 357
Depew, OK, 74028

Dewar Police Department
(Chief of Police)
107 N Broadway,
Dewar, OK, 74431

Dewey Police Department
Mike Shea(Chief of Police)
409 E Don Tyler Ave,
Dewey, OK, 74029

Dibble Police Department
Rick Pearman(Chief of Police)
PO Box 57, 12203 Firemans Road
Dibble, OK, 73031

Drumright Police Department
Rocky Pinson(Chief of Police)
124 W Broadway St,
Drumright, OK, 74030

Duke Police Department
Eddie Summers(Chief of Police)
PO Box 360, 114 2nd Street
Duke, OK, 73532

Duncan Police Department
Danny Ford(Chief of Police)
18 S 7th Street,
Duncan, OK, 73533

Durant Police Department
Durward Cook(Chief of Police)
120 South Fifth Avenue,
Durant, OK, 74701

Edmond Police Department
Bob Ricks(Chief of Police)
23 E First St,
Edmond, OK, 73034

El Reno Police Department
Ken Brown(Chief of Police)
116 N Evans Ave,
El Reno, OK, 73036

Eldorado Police Department
Michael Tinney(Chief of Police)
PO Box 190,
Eldorado, OK, 73537

Elgin Police Department
(Chief of Police)
8183 State Hwy 17,
Elgin, OK, 73538

Elk City Police Department
William Putnam(Chief of Police)
422 E 3rd St,
Elk City, OK, 73648

Elmore City Police Department
Brynn Barnett(Chief of Police)
PO Box 99, Main St
Elmore City, OK, 73433

Enid Police Department
Brian O'Rourke(Chief of Police)
Post Office Box 649, 301 W Owen K Garriott Rd
Enid, OK, 73701-02

Erick Police Department
Mike Adams(Chief of Police)
206 S Main,
Erick, OK, 73645

Eufaula Police Department
Don Murray(Chief of Police)
107 McKinley,
Eufaula, OK, 74432

Fairfax Police Department
James L. Case(Chief of Police)
150 E Elm St,
Fairfax, OK, 74637

Fairland Police Department
Anthony "Tony" Wiseley(Chief of Police)
28 N Main,
Fairland, OK, 74343

Fairview Police Department
Robert Banks(Chief of Police)
203 E State Rd,
Fairview, OK, 73737

Fletcher Police Department
Jon Shepard(Chief of Police)
414 W Cole Ave,
Fletcher, OK, 73541

Forest Park Police Department
Amanda Bittle(Chief of Police)
4203 N Coltrane,
Forest Park, OK, 73121

Forgan Police Department
Benjamin W Montoya(Chief of Police)
PO Box 249, 105 SW Main Street
Forgan, OK, 73938

Fort Cobb Police Department
Gail Ballou(Chief of Police)
201 E Main St,
Fort Cobb, OK, 73038

Fort Gibson Police Department
Terry J Johnston(Chief of Police)
PO Box 218, 200 W Poplar St
Fort Gibson, OK, 74434

Fort Sill Police Department
Joe Glanzer(Chief of Police)
1649 Randolph Road,
Fort Sill, OK, 73503

Frederick Police Department
Rick Guill(Chief of Police)
208 South Main,
Frederick, OK, 73542

Gage Police Department
Tim Puclik II(Chief of Police)
507 N Main Street,
Gage, OK, 73843

Gans Police Department
Thell Riddle(Chief of Police)
209 East Cherokee,
Gans, OK, 74936

Garber Police Department
(Chief of Police)
437 Main St,
Garber, OK, 73738

Geary Police Department
Melvin Bates(Chief of Police)
PO Box 296,
Geary, OK, 73040

Glenpool Police Department
Dennis Waller Sr(Chief of Police)
140 W 141st St,
Glenpool, OK, 74033

Goodwell Police Department
(Chief of Police)
104 Main St,
Goodwell, OK, 73939

Gracemont Police Department
Tyler W Davis(Chief of Police)
100 Main St,
Gracemont, OK, 73042

Grandfield Police Department
William "Chip" Jones(Chief of Police)
223 S Main St,
Grandfield, OK, 73546

Granite Police Department
Frank Bone(Chief of Police)
301 N Main,
Granite, OK, 73547

Grove Police Department
Mark Morris(Chief of Police)
11 E 3rd St,
Grove, OK, 74344

Guthrie Police Department
Damon R Devereaux(Chief of Police)
101 N 2nd St,
Guthrie, OK, 73044

Guymon Police Department
Eddie Adamson(Chief of Police)
906 NW 5th,
Guymon, OK, 73942

Haileyville Police Department
Alan Epps(Chief of Police)
Post Office Box 316, 510 Main Street
Haileyville, OK, 74546

Harrah Police Department
Gary Morgan(Chief of Police)
1900 Church Ave,
Harrah, OK, 73045

Hartshorne Police Department
Jimmy Don Wilson(Chief of Police)
1101 Penn Ave,
Hartshorne, OK, 74547

Haskell Police Department
Kermit Thomas(Chief of Police)
101 West Commercial,
Haskell, OK, 74436

Healdton Police Department
Gus Handke(Chief of Police)
310 Franklin St,
Healdton, OK, 73438

Heavener Police Department
Ty Armstrong(Chief of Police)
105 East Ave C,
Heavener, OK, 74937

Hennessey Police Department
Hank Weber(Chief of Police)
110 East 2nd Street,
Hennessey, OK, 73742-1543

Henryetta Police Department
Aaron Graffman(Chief of Police)
PO Box 608,
Henryetta, OK, 74437

Hinton Police Department
Shanon Pack(Chief of Police)
115 E Main St,
Hinton, OK, 73047

Hobart Police Department
Dale Uptergrove(Chief of Police)
800 S Main Street,
Hobart, OK, 73651

Holdenville Police Department
Jerry Young(Chief of Police)
100 N Creek St,
Holdenville, OK, 74848

Hollis Police Department
Bobby Hawkins(Chief of Police)
105 W Jones,
Hollis, OK, 73550

Hominy Police Department
Charlie Arnold(Chief of Police)
201 North Regan,
Hominy, OK, 74035

Hooker Police Department
Larry Hinds(Chief of Police)
111 S Broadway,
Hooker, OK, 73945

Howe Police Department
Nick Yoakum(Chief of Police)
PO Box 98, Texas Avenue
Howe, OK, 74940

Hugo Police Department
(Chief of Police)
205 S 2nd St,
Hugo, OK, 74743

Hydro Police Department
Jimmy Murray(Chief of Police)
105 W 5th St,
Hydro, OK, 73048

Idabel Police Department
(Chief of Police)
207 S Central Ave,
Idabel, OK, 74745

Inola Police Department
Brad Craig(Chief of Police)
PO Box 249,
Inola, OK, 74036

Jay Police Department
Mike Shambauh(Chief of Police)
242 5th St,
Jay, OK, 74346

Jenks Police Department
Don Selle(Chief of Police)
211 N Elm St,
Jenks, OK, 74037

Jones Police Department
Thomas W Pletcher(Chief of Police)
PO Box 720,
Jones, OK, 73049

Kansas Police Department
Mike Wilkerson(Chief of Police)
150 S Cherokee St,
Kansas, OK, 74347

Kaw City Police Department
Robert Shaw(Chief of Police)
PO Box 30, 900 Morgan Square East
Kaw City, OK, 74641

Kellyville Police Department
W T McWhirt(Chief of Police)
PO Box 1260,
Kellyville, OK, 74039

Keota Police Department
Don Burton(Chief of Police)
PO Box 199,
Keota, OK, 74941

Keyes Police Department
Kelly Meeks(Chief of Police)
106 E 3rd,
Keyes, OK, 73947

Kiefer Police Department
Stacey White(Chief of Police)
15 South A Street, PO Box 369
Kiefer, OK, 74041

Kingfisher Police Department
Dennis Baker(Chief of Police)
117 W Miles Ave,
Kingfisher, OK, 73750

Kingston Police Department
John Canoe(Chief of Police)
24 N Main,
Kingston, OK, 73439

Kiowa Police Department
Tony Runyon(Chief of Police)
PO Box 69, One Harrison Street
Kiowa, OK, 74553

Konawa Police Department
Rick Brogdon(Chief of Police)
122 N Broadway St,
Konawa, OK, 74849
(580)925-3803 Ext 202

Krebs Police Department
Dennis Cook(Chief of Police)
5 NE Washington St,
Krebs, OK, 74554

Lahoma Police Department
Tim Puclik II(Chief of Police)
PO Box 443,
Lahoma, OK, 73754

Langley Police Department
Gary Hitchcock(Chief of Police)
PO Box 635,
Langley, OK, 74350

Langston University Campus Police Department
Michael D Storr(Chief of Police)
PO Box 718, Hwy 33 West
Langston, OK, 73050

Laverne Police Department
Dale Johnson(Chief of Police)
Box 430, 7th & Oklahoma
Laverne, OK, 73848

Lawton Police Department
Harold Thorne(Chief of Police)
10 SW 4th St,
Lawton, OK, 73501

Lexington Police Department
Deana Standridge(Chief of Police)
121 East Broadway,
Lexington, OK, 73051

Lindsay Police Department
Eric Dodson(Chief of Police)
101 E Kiowa Street,
Lindsay, OK, 73052-3215

Locust Grove Police Department
Wade Henderson(Chief of Police)
PO Box 246, 103 S Broadway
Locust Grove, OK, 74352

Lone Grove Police Department
Robert Oldham(Chief of Police)
US Hwy 70 City Hall,
Lone Grove, OK, 73443

Lone Wolf Police Department
Tom Hankins(Chief of Police)
1036 Main St,
Lone Wolf, OK, 73655

Luther Police Department
M Thurman(Chief of Police)
PO Box 56, 119 S Main St
Luther, OK, 73054

Madill Police Department
James Fullingim(Chief of Police)
201 E Overton St,
Madill, OK, 73446

Mangum Police Department
Jackie Jenkins(Chief of Police)
105 S Pennsylvania St,
Mangum, OK, 73554

Mannford Police Department
James Hillis(Chief of Police)
300 Coonrod Ave,
Mannford, OK, 74044

Marietta Police Department
Dustin Scott(Chief of Police)
105 Southwest Third,
Marietta, OK, 73448

Marlow Police Department
Jimmy D Williams(Chief of Police)
115 N 2nd Street,
Marlow, OK, 73055

Maysville Police Department
Randy Minyard(Chief of Police)
PO Box 536, 510 Main St
Maysville, OK, 73057

McAlester Police Department
Jim Lyles(Chief of Police)
PO Box 388,
McAlester, OK, 74502

McCurtain Police Department
Shane Duncan(Chief of Police)
308 W Main St,
McCurtain, OK, 74944

McLoud Police Department
Gary Roe(Chief of Police)
107 South Main,
McLoud, OK, 74851

Medford Police Department
(Chief of Police)
123 S Main St,
Medford, OK, 73759

Medicine Park PD Police Department
Rod Mckee(Chief of Police)
PO Box 231,
Medicine Park, OK, 73557

Meeker Police Department
Don Conner(Chief of Police)
510 W Carl Hubbell Blvd,
Meeker, OK, 74855

Miami Police Department
Gary Anderson(Chief of Police)
129 5th Ave NW,
Miami, OK, 74355

Mid-America Christian University Police Department
Michael Adams(Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police)
3500 SW 119th St,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73170

Midwest City Police Department
Brandon Clabes(Chief of Police)
100 N Midwest Blvd,
Midwest City, OK, 73110

Minco Police Department
(Chief of Police)
202 W Main, PO Box 512
Minco, OK, 73059

Moore Police Department
Jerry Stillings(Chief of Police)
224 S Chestnut,
Moore, OK, 73160

Mooreland Police Department
Stephen L Summerall(Chief of Police)
212 S Main St,
Mooreland, OK, 73852

Morris Police Department
Perry Wiggin(Chief of Police)
501 S Hughes St,
Morris, OK, 74445

Mounds Police Department
Chad Long(Chief of Police)
1317 Commercial Ave,
Mounds, OK, 74047

Mountain View Police Department
Eddie Williams(Chief of Police)
114 S 2nd Street,
Mountain View, OK, 73062

Muldrow Police Department
T D Lewis(Chief of Police)
PO Box 429,
Muldrow, OK, 74948

Muskogee Campus Police Department
Dan Hall(Chief of Police)
202 West Broadway,
Muskogee, OK, 74401

Muskogee Police Department
Rex Eskridge(Chief of Police)
112 S 3rd St,
Muskogee, OK, 74402

Mustang Police Department
David M Cockrell(Chief of Police)
470 W State Hwy 152,
Mustang, OK, 73064

Newcastle Police Department
Gary Norman(Chief of Police)
PO Box 179, 901 N Carr Dr
Newcastle, OK, 73065

Newkirk Police Department
(Chief of Police)
106 S Maple Ave,
Newkirk, OK, 74647

Nicoma Park Police Department
Tim Williams(Chief of Police)
2301 Nichols Dr,
Nicoma Park, OK, 73066

Ninnekah Police Department
Scott Miller(Chief of Police)
301 N Old Highway 81,
Ninnekah, OK, 73067

Noble Police Department
Keith Springstead(Chief of Police)
PO Box 557, 115 N 2nd St
Noble, OK, 73068

Norman Police Department
Phil Cotten(Chief of Police)
201-B W Gray Street,
Norman, OK, 73069-7121

North Miami Police Department
Rocky Ferdig(Chief of Police)
309 Pine,
North Miami, OK, 74358

Nowata Police Department
Charles L McClellan(Chief of Police)
113 S Pine St,
Nowata, OK, 74048

Oilton Police Department
George Hensley(Chief of Police)
PO Box 175,
Oilton, OK, 74052

OK Dept of Environmental Quality, Criminal Investigation Unit
Michael Freeman(Senior Criminal Investigator)
PO Box 1677, 707 N Robinson
Oklahoma City, OK, 73101-02

Okarche Police Department
Bob Gamble(Chief of Police)
116 Oklahoma Ave,
Okarche, OK, 73762

Okay Police Department
Fred Winters(Chief of Police)
PO Box 505,
Okay, OK, 74446

Okeene Police Department
(Chief of Police)
PO Box 800,
Okeene, OK, 73763

Okemah Police Department
Ed Smith Jr(Chief of Police)
502 W Broadway St,
Okemah, OK, 74859

Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission
Keith Burt(Director)
4545 N Lincoln Blvd, Suite 270,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73160

Oklahoma City Police Department
Bill Citty(Chief of Police)
701 Colcord Dr,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73102

Okmulgee Police Department
Joe Prentice(Chief of Police)
115 N Morton,
Okmulgee, OK, 74447

Olustee Police Department
(Chief of Police)
104 West 4th Street, PO Box 409
Olustee, OK, 73560

Osage Nation Police Department
John Drexil(Chief of Police)
1333 Grandview Avenue,
Pawhuska, OK, 74056

Owasso Police Department
Dan Yancey(Chief of Police)
111 N Main,
Owasso, OK, 74055

Panama Police Department
John Whittaker(Chief of Police)
309 Main,
Panama, OK, 74951

Pauls Valley Police Department
Scott Robbins(Interim Chief)
400 West Paul Avenue,
Pauls Valley, OK, 73075

Pawhuska Police Department
Scott Laird(Chief of Police)
128 W Main St,
Pawhuska, OK, 74056

Pawnee Police Department
Herb Adson(Chief of Police)
510 Illinois Street,
Pawnee, OK, 74058

Perkins Police Department
Robert Williams(Chief of Police)
PO Box 9, 120 N Main
Perkins, OK, 74059

Perry Police Department
Mike Thomas(Chief of Police)
312 N 8th,
Perry, OK, 73077

Piedmont Police Department
William (Bill) Ward(Chief of Police)
PO Box 488, 325 Piedmont Rd N
Piedmont, OK, 73078-0488

Pocola Police Department
Steve Howard(Chief of Police)
202 S Pocola Blvd, PO Box 397
Pocola, OK, 74902

Ponca City Police Department
Clayton Johnson(Chief of Police)
PO Box 1450, 200 E Oklahoma Ave
Ponca City, OK, 74602

Porter Police Department
(Chief of Police)
PO Box 149, 617 S Main St
Porter, OK, 74454

Poteau Police Department
(Chief of Police)
110 Peters St,
Poteau, OK, 74953

Prague Police Department
B J Dudley(Chief of Police)
1116 Broadway Ave,
Prague, OK, 74864

Pryor Police Department
Dennis Nichols(Chief of Police)
214 S Mill St,
Pryor, OK, 74361

Purcell Police Department
Kevin Williams(Chief of Police)
1515 N Green Avenue,
Purcell, OK, 73080

Quapaw Police Department
Ted Prewitt(Chief of Police)
PO Box 706,
Quapaw, OK, 74363

Quinton Police Department
John Barbee(Chief of Police)
PO Box 420, 1020 Main Street
Quinton, OK, 74561

Ramona Police Department
Steve Solomon(Chief of Police)
PO Box 204,
Ramona, OK, 74061

Ratliff City Police Department
Robert Thornton(Chief of Police)
Post Office Box 66, 32 Church Street
Ratliff City, OK, 73481

Rattan Police Department
Victoria Hendrix(Chief of Police)
PO Box 269, S.3-93JCT
Rattan, OK, 74562

Ringling Police Department
Cliff Boswell(Chief of Police)
PO Box 565, 21 North 5th Street
Ringling, OK, 73456

Rock Island Police Department
Michael Rothermel(Chief of Police)
12349 Hwy 120,
Cameron, OK, 74932

Roff Police Department
Glenn Bohanon(Chief of Police)
PO Box 323,
Roff, OK, 74865

Roland Police Department
Tommy Sessums(Chief of Police)
801 Roland Road, PO Box 49
Roland, OK, 74954

Rush Springs Police Department
Wayne Munn(Chief of Police)
110 N 3rd St,
Rush Springs, OK, 73082

Ryan Police Department
Morris Bryant(Chief of Police)
702 Washington,
Ryan, OK, 73565

Salina Police Department
Jason Treat(Chief of Police)
321 West Ferry,
Salina, OK, 74365

Sallisaw Police Department
Shaloa Edwards(Chief of Police)
101 West Chicksaw,
Sallisaw, OK, 74955

Sand Springs Police Department
Daniel Bradley(Chief of Police)
100 E Broadway,
Sand Springs, OK, 74063

Sapulpa Police Department
Rick Rumsey(Chief of Police)
20 N Walnut St,
Sapulpa, OK, 74066

Sawyer Police Department
Stewart Stanfield(Chief of Police)
PO Box 9, Hwy 70 & 147 Junction
Sawyer, OK, 74756

Sayre Police Department
Jeff Lambert(Chief of Police)
214 N 4th St,
Sayre, OK, 73662

Seiling Police Department
Kelly Meeks(Chief of Police)
315 N Main,
Seiling, OK, 73663

Seminole Police Department
Ed Smith(Chief of Police)
900 Harvey Road,
Seminole, OK, 74868

Sentinel Police Department
(Chief of Police)
203 S 3rd,
Sentinel, OK, 73664

Shattuck Police Department
Sam Hamilton(Chief of Police)
405 South Main Street,
Shattuck, OK, 73858

Shawnee Police Department
Russell Frantz(Chief of Police)
16 W 9th,
Shawnee, OK, 74801

Skiatook Police Department
John Lawrence(Chief of Police)
PO Box 399, 220 South Broadway
Skiatook, OK, 74070

Snyder Police Department
Joe Janz(Chief of Police)
721 E Street,
Snyder, OK, 73566

South Coffeyville Police Department
Wade Lamb(Chief of Police)
419 Willow,
South Coffeyville, OK, 74072

Spavinaw Police Department
Butch McDonald(Chief of Police)
103 Lake Avenue,
Spavinaw, OK, 74366

Spencer Police Department
William Ward(Chief of Police)
PO Box 660, 8300 NE 36th Street
Spencer, OK, 73084

Sperry Police Department
Mike Smith(Chief of Police)
116 N Cincinnati,
Sperry, OK, 74073

Spiro Police Department
Darrell E Barham(Chief of Police)
510 S Main St,
Spiro, OK, 74959

Stigler Police Department
Richard Dickson(Chief of Police)
115 S Broadway St,
Stigler, OK, 74462

Stillwater Police Department
Norman A McNickle(Chief of Police)
PO Box 1725, 701 South Lewis
Stillwater, OK, 74074-76

Stilwell Police Department
Daniel T Abbott(Chief of Police)
503 W Division,
Stilwell, OK, 74960

Stratford Police Department
(Chief of Police)
220 S Hyden St,
Stratford, OK, 74872

Stringtown Police Department
Michael Wilson(Chief of Police)
PO Box 98, 105 Pecan Street
Stringtown, OK, 74569

Stroud Police Department
Glover Crittenden(Chief of Police)
200 W 2nd St,
Stroud, OK, 74079

Sulphur Police Department
David Shores(Chief of Police)
600 W Broadway St,
Sulphur, OK, 73086

Tahlequah Police Department
Clay Mahaney(Chief of Police)
111 South Cherokee,
Tahlequah, OK, 74464

Talala Police Department
Phillip Coe(Chief of Police)
PO Box 52, 102 W Watova Street
Talala, OK, 74080

Talihina Police Department
Jack England(Chief of Police)
205 First St,
Talihina, OK, 74571

Tecumseh Police Department
Gary L Crosby(Chief of Police)
109 W Washington St,
Tecumseh, OK, 74873

Temple Police Department
David Hornbeck(Chief of Police)
114 E Main St,
Temple, OK, 73568

Texhoma Police Department
David Butler(Chief of Police)
PO Box 355, 221 West Main Street
Texhoma, OK, 73949

Thomas Police Department
Dan Deal(Chief of Police)
103 N Missouri St,
Thomas, OK, 73669

Tipton Police Department
Steven L. Baker(Chief of Police)
114 North Broadway,
Tipton, OK, 73570

Tishomingo Police Department
Shannon Smith(Chief of Police)
204 S Capital Ave,
Tishomingo, OK, 73460

Tonkawa Police Department
William (Bill) Ward(Chief of Police)
117 S 7th St,
Tonkawa, OK, 74653

Tulsa Police Department
Chuck Jordan(Chief of Police)
600 Civic Ctr Ste 303,
Tulsa, OK, 74103

Tupelo Police Department
Steven Jett(Chief of Police)
PO Box 360, 104 4th Street
Tupelo, OK, 74572

Tuttle Police Department
Donald Cluck(Chief of Police)
4 SE 2nd St,
Tuttle, OK, 73089

Tyrone Police Department
(Chief of Police)
102 W Main St,
Tyrone, OK, 73951

University Of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center Police Department
Edward Welch(Chief of Police)
PO Box 26901, 934 NE 8th Street
Oklahoma City, OK, 73104-126

Valley Brook Police Department
Melvin M. Fisher, Jr(Chief of Police)
1608 SE 59th St,
Valley Brook, OK, 73129

Valliant Police Department
David Carrell(Chief of Police)
111 N Dalton St,
Valliant, OK, 74764

Vian Police Department
Alan Ellis(Chief of Police)
PO Box 687,
Vian, OK, 74962

Vici Police Department
Donnie McDannald(Chief of Police)
PO Box 85, 104 West Broadway
Vici, OK, 73859

Vinita Police Department
Bobby Floyd Jr(Chief of Police)
PO Box 163,
Vinita, OK, 74301

Wagoner Police Department
Bob Haley(Chief of Police)
105 S Casaver Ave,
Wagoner, OK, 74467

Walters Police Department
Mike Carter(Chief of Police)
129 E Colorado St,
Walters, OK, 73572

Warner Police Department
Terry Thompson(Chief of Police)
208 8th St,
Warner, OK, 74469

Warr Acres Police Department
Roger Patty(Chief of Police)
4801 N Reeves Dr,
Warr Acres, OK, 73122

Watonga Police Department
John Massey(Chief of Police)
115 E 1st St,
Watonga, OK, 73772

Waukomis Police Department
Phillip Ott(Chief of Police)
121 S Main St,
Waukomis, OK, 73773

Waurika Police Department
Ernest Tolle(Chief of Police)
218 N Main St,
Waurika, OK, 73573

Wayne Police Department
Ron Reagan(Chief of Police)
117 N Shannon, PO Box 160
Wayne, OK, 73095

Waynoka Police Department
Larry Taylor(Chief of Police)
201 E Cecil St,
Waynoka, OK, 73860

Weatherford Police Department
Byron Cox(Chief of Police)
522 W Rainey Ave,
Weatherford, OK, 73096

Weleetka Police Department
Marlene Lawson(Chief of Police)
816 S Seminole,
Weleetka, OK, 74880

West Siloam Springs Police Department
Larry Barnett(Chief of Police)
4880 Cedar Drive,
Colcord, OK, 74338

Westville Police Department
Jarrod Brown(Chief of Police)
221 S Williams,
Westville, OK, 74965

Wetumka Police Department
Chris Berry(Chief of Police)
202 N Main St,
Wetumka, OK, 74883

Wewoka Police Department
Gregory K Brooks(Chief of Police)
114 W 4th Street,
Wewoka, OK, 74884

Wilson Police Department
Felix Hernandez(Chief of Police)
1065 US Highway 70a,
Wilson, OK, 73463

Wister Police Department
Larry Loomis(Chief of Police)
PO Box 370, 101 Caston St
Wister, OK, 74966

Woodward Police Department
Harvey K Rutherford(Chief of Police)
1219 8th St,
Woodward, OK, 73801

Wright City Police Department
(Chief of Police)
W 10th St,
Wright City, OK, 74766

Wyandotte Nation Tribal Police Department
Kendal Murphy(Chief of Police)
64700 E Hwy 60, Two Turtle Drive
Wyandotte, OK, 74354-70

Wynnewood Police Department
Ken Moore(Chief of Police)
117 E Robert S Kerr Blvd,
Wynnewood, OK, 73098

Yale Police Department
Philip C Keeling(Chief of Police)
209 N Main St,
Yale, OK, 74085

Yukon Police Department
John Corn(Chief of Police)
100 South Ranchwood,
Yukon, OK, 73099

LUIS MIGUEL LOPEZ Police Arrest Report

Record ID: 7567789
Case Number: 20109039
LUIS MIGUEL LOPEZ, 29 years old, was arrested on BURG/HAB charges in OK. LUIS was born on 03/30/1984, and. LUIS MIGUEL LOPEZ is described as a hispanic male, with black hair and brown eyes, a height of 504 and weights 162 pounds, according to OK Carter Arrest. The case number 20109039 was heard in carter court. The record ID number for this arrest is 7567789, according to ARSTcarterok.
OK Carter Arrest

The state of Oklahoma is also called "Sooner State". Their moto is Labor omnia vincit (Latin). The official languages are English. It was admissed to union in November 16, 1907 (46th). Oklahoma's government is comprised of the Governor, who is currently Mary Fallin (R), Lieutenant Governor, who is currently Todd Lamb (R), Senators: Jim Inhofe (R), Thomas A. Coburn (R), House Delegation: 4 Republicans, 1 Democrat (list).The legislature is Oklahoma Legislature.

Total area for Oklahoma is 69,898 sq mi (181,195 km) (Ranked 20th in the U.S.). The width is 230 miles (370 km) and the length is 298 miles (480 km). In terms of latitude and longitude we have: 33°37' N to 37° N and 94° 26' W to 103° W. According to the 2010 United States Census, the total population is 3,791,508 (2011 est) (Ranked 28th in the U.S.). The highest point is Black Mesa 4,975 ft (1516 m) and the lowest point is Little River at Arkansas border 289 ft (88 m).

The abbreviations used for this state are OK Okla. US-OK. Additional information and the official website of the state is found at www.ok.gov.

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