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Area Police Stations

Alderson Police Department
Scott Miller(Chief of Police)
PO Box 179, 202 South Monroe Street
Alderson, WV, 24910

Anmoore Police Department
Chris Magee(Chief of Police)
Rt 58,
Anmoore, WV, 26330

Ansted Police Department
Dennis Spangler(Chief of Police)
E Main St 101,
Ansted, WV, 25812

Athens Police Department
C.T. Lowe(OIC)
PO Box 458,
Athens, WV, 24712

Barboursville Police Department
Alan Meek(Chief of Police)
721 Central Ave,
Barboursville, WV, 25504

Barrackville Police Department
Arnold Triplett(Chief of Police)
716 Pike St,
Barrackville, WV, 26559

Beckley Police Department
Timothy P Deems(Chief of Police)
340 Prince St,
Beckley, WV, 25801

Belington Police Department
Keith Rowan(Chief of Police)
505 Crim Avenue,
Belington, WV, 26250

Belle Police Department
D Cox(Chief of Police)
1100 E DuPont Avenue,
Belle, WV, 25015

Benwood Police Department
Frank J Longwell Jr(Chief of Police)
430 Main St,
Benwood, WV, 26031

Berkeley Springs Police Department
Craig A Pearrell(Chief of Police)
271 Wilkes Street,
Berkeley Springs, WV, 25411

Bethlehem Police Department
Daniel Griffin(Chief of Police)
PO Box 6339, 1 Community Road
Bethlehem, WV, 26003

Bluefield Police Department
J W Wilson(Chief of Police)
PO Box 4100, 200 Rogers St
Bluefield, WV, 24701

Bradshaw Police Department
Scotty Hughes(Chief of Police)
PO Box 455,
Jolo, WV, 24850

Bramwell Police Department
Edwin Vanover(Chief of Police)
PO Box 338,
Bramwell, WV, 24715

Bridgeport Police Department
John Walker(Chief of Police)
515 W Main St,
Bridgeport, WV, 26330

Buckhannon Police Department
Matthew Gregory(Chief of Police)
70 East Main St,
Buckhannon, WV, 26201

Camden on Gauley Police Department
Jamie Acord(Chief of Police)
PO Box 300, 9676 Webster Road
Camden on Gauley, WV, 26208

Cameron Police Department
Kristopher Osecky(Chief of Police)
44 Main St,
Cameron, WV, 26033

Cedar Grove Police Department
Wesley Smith(Chief of Police)
302 Alexander Street,
Cedar Grove, WV, 25039

Ceredo Police Department
Jack L Butcher(Chief of Police)
PO Box 691,
Ceredo, WV, 25507

Chapmanville Police Department
Elbert Vance(Chief of Police)
PO Box 426, 329 W Tiger Lane
Chapmanville, WV, 25508

Charles Town Police Department
L B Subelsky(Chief of Police)
114 W Liberty Street,
Charles Town, WV, 25414

Charleston Police Department
Brent Webster(Chief of Police)
PO Box 2749,
Charleston, WV, 25330

Chesapeake Police Department
Jack W Ice(Chief of Police)
12404 MacCorkle Avenue,
Chesapeake, WV, 25315

Chester Police Department
Ken Thorne(Chief of Police)
600 Indiana Avenue,
Chester, WV, 26034

Clarksburg Police Department
Marshall H Goff(Chief of Police)
222 W Main Street,
Clarksburg, WV, 26301

Clendenin Police Department
David Brinckman(Chief of Police)
PO Box 694, 103 First Street
Clendenin, WV, 25045

Danville Police Department
Phillip Boehm(Chief of Police)
PO Box 217,
Danville, WV, 25053

Davis Police Department
Larry Halstead(Chief of Police)
PO Box 207,
Davis, WV, 26260

Delbarton Police Department
Daniel T Slone(Chief of Police)
PO Box 730, 1 Riverside Drive
Delbarton, WV, 25670

Department of Veterans Affairs Police Department
Richard A Love, II(Chief of Police)
510 Butler Avenue,
Martinsburg, WV, 25401

Dunbar Police Department
Lt Bill Moss(Interim Police Chief)
210 12th Street,
Dunbar, WV, 25064

East Bank Police Department
Jess Inclenrock(Chief of Police)
201 Walnut Street,
East Bank, WV, 25067

Eleanor Police Department
W. R. Mullins(Chief of Police)
600 Roosevelt Blvd,
Eleanor, WV, 25070

Elkins Police Department
Jack Batdorf(Chief of Police)
401 Davis Ave,
Elkins, WV, 26241

Fairmont Police Department
Kelley D. Moran(Chief of Police)
500 Quincy Street,
Fairmont, WV, 26554

Farmington Police Department
Arnold Triplett(Chief of Police)
1314 Mill Street, PO Box 520
Farmington, WV, 26571

Fayetteville Police Department
P A Tygrett Jr(Chief of Police)
125 N Court St,
Fayetteville, WV, 25840

Follansbee Police Department
John W Schwertfeger(Chief of Police)
872 Main St,
Follansbee, WV, 26037

Gary Police Department
Daniel Mitchell(Chief of Police)
PO Box 310,
Gary, WV, 24836

Gassaway Police Department
William L Alderman(Chief of Police)
416 Elk St,
Gassaway, WV, 26624

Gauley Bridge Police Department
Sean Whipkey(Chief of Police)
PO Box 490,
Gauley Bridge, WV, 25085

Gilbert Police Department
Shirl Musick(Chief of Police)
PO Box 188, US RT 52 Main Street
Gilbert, WV, 25621

Glasgow Police Department
Dave Keeney(Chief of Police)
129-4th Ave,
Glasgow, WV, 25086

Glenville Police Department
John Moss(Chief of Police)
20 N Court St,
Glenville, WV, 26351

Grafton Police Department
Robert W Beltner(Chief of Police)
1 West Main Street,
Grafton, WV, 26354

Grant Town Police Department
Steve Harbert(Chief of Police)
Municipal Bldg,
Grant Town, WV, 26574

Grantsville Police Department
Andy Walker(Chief of Police)
229 Court Street, PO Box 146
Grantsville, WV, 26147

Hamlin Police Department
Bill Yeager(Mayor)
220 Main St,
Hamlin, WV, 25523

Handley Police Department
Essie Ford 281(Chief / Mayor)
PO Box 100, 56 2 Ave
Handley, WV, 25102

Harpers Ferry Police Department
Donald Buracker(Chief of Police)
1000 Washington St,
Harpers Ferry, WV, 25425

Harrisville Police Department
Mark Lamp(Chief of Police)
PO Box 243,
Harrisville, WV, 26362

Hinton Police Department
Johnny L Mann(Chief of Police)
322 Summer St,
Hinton, WV, 25951

Huntington Police Department
Skip Holbrook(Chief of Police)
675 10th Street,
Huntington, WV, 25701

Hurricane Police Department
Mike Mullins(Chief of Police)
3255 Teays Valley Road, PO Box 1086
Hurricane, WV, 25526

Kenova Police Department
Steven D Salyers(Chief of Police)
1501 Pine St,
Kenova, WV, 25530

Kermit Police Department
Ernie Chambers(Chief of Police)
PO Box 385, Logan Street
Kermit, WV, 25674

Keyser Police Department
Karen Shoemaker(Chief of Police)
111 N Davis St,
Keyser, WV, 26726

Keystone Police Department
William A Keller(Chief of Police)
PO Drawer C,
Keystone, WV, 24852

Kingwood Police Department
Dale M Davis(Chief of Police)
313 Tunnelton Street,
Kingwood, WV, 26537

Lester Police Department
Dustin Boggs(Chief of Police)
122 Grandison Street, PO Box 56
Lester, WV, 25865

Lewisburg Police Department
Tim Stover(Chief of Police)
119 W Washington St,
Lewisburg, WV, 24901

Logan Police Department
David White(Chief of Police)
219 Dingess St,
Logan, WV, 25601

Lumberport Police Department
Andy Walker(Chief of Police)
119 George St,
Lumberport, WV, 26386

Mabscott Police Department
Wayne Houck(Chief of Police/Mayor)
PO Box 176,
Mabscott, WV, 25871

Madison Police Department
Chet R Burgess(Chief of Police)
255 Washington Avenue,
Madison, WV, 25130

Man Police Department
W S Simpkins(Chief of Police)
105 Market St,
Man, WV, 25635

Mannington Police Department
David L James(Chief of Police)
206 E Main St,
Mannington, WV, 26582

Marlinton Police Department
Everette L Tinney(Chief of Police)
709 2nd Ave,
Marlinton, WV, 24954

Marmet Police Department
Fred D Maynor(Chief of Police)
9407 McCorkle Ave,
Marmet, WV, 25315

Martinsburg Police Department
Kevin Miller(Chief of Police)
232 N Queen St,
Martinsburg, WV, 25401

Mason Police Department
D. Woolard(Chief of Police)
PO Box 438,
Mason, WV, 25260

Masontown Police Department
Ken L Turchik(Chief of Police)
PO Box 340,
Masontown, WV, 26542

McMechen Police Department
George Paugh(Chief of Police)
47 9th St,
McMechen, WV, 26040

Mercer County Home Confinement
Bill Jesse(OIC)
108 South Walker St,
Princeton, WV, 24740

Metro 911 of Kanawha County
Carylon Charnock(Director)
200 Peyton Way,
Charleston, WV, 25309

Milton Police Department
Gregg F Mullins(Chief of Police)
1595 US Rt 60 East,
Milton, WV, 25541

Monongah Police Department
Douglas Montague(Chief of Police)
PO Box 9119,
Monongah, WV, 26554

Montgomery Police Department
Lawrence Washington(Chief of Police)
706 3rd Ave,
Montgomery, WV, 25136

Moorefield Police Department
Steven D Reckart(Chief of Police)
206 Winchester Ave,
Moorefield, WV, 26836

Morgantown Police Department
Edward "Ed" Preston(Chief of Police)
300 Spruce St,
Morgantown, WV, 26505

Moundsville Police Department
J Kudlak(Chief of Police)
800 Sixth Street,
Moundsville, WV, 26041

Mt Hope Police Department
Mitch Canterbury(Chief of Police)
609 Main Street,
Mt Hope, WV, 25880

Mullens City Police Department
Ray Toler(Chief of Police)
316 Moran Ave,
Mullens, WV, 25882

New Cumberland Police Department
Tim Hines(Chief of Police)
104 N Court St,
New Cumberland, WV, 26047

New Haven Police Department
Rich Gilkey(Chief of Police)
PO Box 217,
New Haven, WV, 25265

New Martinsville Police Department
Tim Cecil(Chief of Police)
193 Main St,
New Martinsville, WV, 26155

Nitro Police Department
J A Jordan(Chief of Police)
20th Street and 2nd Avenue,
Nitro, WV, 25143

Oak Hill Police Department
Michael Whisman(Chief of Police)
100 Kelly Ave,
Oak Hill, WV, 25901

Oceana Police Department
Jeff Barlow(Chief of Police)
PO Box 190,
Oceana, WV, 24870

Paden City Police Department
Scott Dalrymple(Chief of Police)
208 W Main St,
Paden City, WV, 26159

Parkersburg Police Department
Gerald Board(Chief of Police)
1 Govt Sq,
Parkersburg, WV, 26101

Parsons Police Department
Rocky C Hebb(Chief of Police)
341 2nd St,
Parsons, WV, 26287

Pennsboro Police Department
Jeff Kennedy(Chief of Police)
422 Main St,
Pennsboro, WV, 26415

Petersburg Police Department
John Shockey(Chief of Police)
21 Mt View Street, PO Box 143
Petersburg, WV, 26847

Philippi Police Department
Mitch Payne(Chief of Police)
115 Church St,
Philippi, WV, 26416

Piedmont Police Department
Ralph E. Rice(Chief of Police)
52 2nd St,
Piedmont, WV, 26750

Pineville Police Department
James Dan Phillips II(Chief of Police)
PO Box 220,
Pineville, WV, 24874

Poca Police Department
William Seanze(Chief of Police)
100 Main Street,
Poca, WV, 25159

Point Pleasant Police Department
John D Sallaz Jr(Chief of Police)
400 Viane St,
Point Pleasant, WV, 25550

Pratt Police Department
Eric Eagle 251(Chief of Police)
PO Box 128, WV Rt 61
Pratt, WV, 25162

Princeton Police Department
William "Bill" Harman(Chief of Police)
100 Courthouse Rd,
Princeton, WV, 24740

Rainelle Police Department
Michael W Harper(Chief of Police)
201 Kanawha Ave, PO Box 648
Rainelle, WV, 25962

Ranson Police Department
William Roper(Chief of Police)
700 N Preston St,
Ranson, WV, 25438

Ravenswood Police Department
Lance B Morrison(Chief of Police)
333 Virginia St,
Ravenswood, WV, 26164

Richwood Police Department
Dave Morris(Chief of Police)
6 White Ave,
Richwood, WV, 26261

Ridgeley Police Department
Eugene R Wright(Chief of Police)
1 Ridgeley St,
Ridgeley, WV, 26753

Ripley Police Department
T W McCrady(Chief of Police)
117 S Church St,
Ripley, WV, 25271

Romney Police Department
Donald E See(Chief of Police)
260 School St,
Romney, WV, 26757

Ronceverte Police Department
M L Smith(Chief of Police)
198 West Main Street,
Ronceverte, WV, 24970

Rowlesburg Police Department
Barbara Banister(Mayor)
PO Box 458,
Rowlesburg, WV, 26425

Salem Police Department
Ronnie LeJeune(Chief of Police)
Valley & Mill Sts,
Salem, WV, 26426

Shepherdstown Police Department
David Ransom, Jr.(Chief of Police)
104 N. King St. Suite 100, PO Box 237
Shepherdstown, WV, 25443

Shinnston Police Department
Michael Secreto(Chief of Police)
43 Bridge St,
Shinnston, WV, 26431

Sistersville Police Department
Benjamin Placer(Chief of Police)
200 Diamond St,
Sistersville, WV, 26175

Smithers Police Department
G.R. Proctor(Chief of Police)
PO Box 489,
Smithers, WV, 25186

Sophia Police Department
Tomi Sue Peck(Chief of Police)
PO Box 700,
Sophia, WV, 25921

South Charleston Police Department
Brad L Rinehart(Chief of Police)
235 Fourth Ave,
South Charleston, WV, 25303

Spencer Police Department
Roger Simons(Chief of Police)
207 Court St,
Spencer, WV, 25276

St Albans Police Department
Rodney Jones(Chief of Police)
51 6th Ave,
St Albans, WV, 25177

St Marys Police Department
Bill Stull(Chief of Police)
418 2nd St,
St Marys, WV, 26170

Star City Police Department
Victor Propst(Chief of Police)
370 Broadway Ave,
Star City, WV, 26505

Summersville Police Department
Jay Nowak(Chief of Police)
400 Broad St,
Summersville, WV, 26651

Sutton Police Department
Richard H Perkins(Chief of Police)
PO Box 366,
Sutton, WV, 26601

Sylvester Police Department
Andrew White(Chief of Police)
PO Box 10, 32832 Coal River Road Suite A
Sylvester, WV, 25193

Town of Junior Police Department
Carlton Haller(Chief of Police)
PO Box 247, 130 Row Ave
Junior, WV, 26275

Town of West Logan Police Department
Robert Ward(Chief of Police)
PO Box 5286,
West Logan, WV, 25601

Triadelphia Police Department
Mark C Hunter(Mayor)
207 National Rd,
Triadelphia, WV, 26059

Vienna Police Department
Steven A Stephens(Chief of Police)
604 29th St,
Vienna, WV, 26105

War Police Department
Ryan E Harman(Chief of Police)
PO Box 280,
War, WV, 24892

Wardensville Police Department
Jeffrey A Driskill(Chief of Police)
PO Box 7, 25 Warrior Way
Wardensville, WV, 26851

Wayne Police Department
Chris Bowen(Chief of Police)
PO Box 186,
Wayne, WV, 25570

Webster Springs Police Department
Thomas Dillon(Chief of Police)
146 McGraw Ave,
Webster Springs, WV, 26288

Weirton Police Department
Bruce Marshal(Chief of Police)
200 Municipal Plz,
Weirton, WV, 26062

Welch Police Department
Eugene A Muncy(Chief of Police)
88 Howard St,
Welch, WV, 24801

Wellsburg Police Department
Stanley Kins(Chief of Police)
70 7th St,
Wellsburg, WV, 26070

West Union Police Department
Gerald C Turner(Chief of Police)
PO Box 5,
West Union, WV, 26456

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
Col David E Murphy(Chief)
State Capitol, Building 3, Room 837
Charleston, WV, 25305

West Virginia Division of Protective Services
Carl Robert "Jay" Smither(Director)
State Capitol Complex, Bldg 1, Rm 152-A
Charleston, WV, 25305

West Virginia State Fire Marshal
Sterling Lewis Jr(Fire Marshal)
1207 Quarrier St 2nd Floor,
Charleston, WV, 25301

Weston Police Department
Roger D Clem Jr(Chief of Police)
102 W 2nd St,
Weston, WV, 26452

Westover Police Department
James W Smith(Chief of Police)
500 Dupont Road,
Westover, WV, 26501

Wheeling Police Department
Kevin M Gessler, Sr(Chief of Police)
1500 Chapline St,
Wheeling, WV, 26003

White Sulphur Springs Police Department
William F. Wallcoen(Chief of Police)
34 West Main St,
White Sulphur Springs, WV, 24986

Whitesville Police Department
Andy Averson Jr(Chief of Police)
PO Box 475,
Whitesville, WV, 25209

Williamson Police Department
Roby Pope Jr(Chief of Police)
PO Box 1517,
Williamson, WV, 25661

Williamstown Police Department
Bill D Adkins(Chief of Police)
100 W 5th St,
Williamstown, WV, 26187

Winfield Police Department
Harrison Lucas(Chief Unit 931)
PO Box 596, 1 Main St
Winfield, WV, 25213

WVU Institute of Technology Campus Safety
Donald Pomeroy(Director)
PO Box 33,
Montgomery, WV, 25136


Record ID: 32124441
Case Number: 3683551
MICHAEL KANE SMOTHERS, 30 years old, was arrested in WV. MICHAEL was born on 10/24/1982, and. MICHAEL KANE SMOTHERS is described as a male,, a height of 600 and weights 200 pounds, according to WV Regional Jail Arrest. The case number 3683551 was heard in Wvregional court. The record ID number for this arrest is 32124441, according to ARSTwvregionalwv.
WV Regional Jail Arrest

The state of West Virginia is also called "Mountain State". Their moto is Montani semper liberi (Mountaineers Are Always Free). The official languages are none (de facto English). Before statehood it was called Virginia and it was admissed to union in June 20, 1863 (35). West Virginia's government is comprised of the Governor, who is currently Earl Ray Tomblin (D), Lieutenant Governor, who is currently Jeff Kessler (D), Senators: Jay Rockefeller (D), Joe Manchin (D), House Delegation: 1: David McKinley (R) 2: Shelley Moore Capito (R) 3: Nick Rahall (D) (list).The legislature is West Virginia Legislature.

Total area for West Virginia is 24,230 sq mi (62,755 km) (Ranked 41st in the U.S.). The width is 130 miles (210 km) and the length is 240 miles (385 km). In terms of latitude and longitude we have: 37° 12′ N to 40° 39′ N and 77° 43′ W to 82° 39′ W. According to the 2010 United States Census, the total population is 1,855,364 (2011 est) (Ranked 37th in the U.S.). The highest point is Spruce Knob 4,862 ft (1482 m) and the lowest point is Potomac River at Virginia border 240 ft (73 m).

The local time zone is Eastern: UTC-5/-4. The abbreviations used for this state are WV US-WV. Additional information and the official website of the state is found at wv.gov.

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