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Area Police Stations

Alstead Police Department
Robert L Bromley(Chief of Police)
PO Box 137,
Alstead, NH, 03602-0137

Alton Police Department
Philip Smith Jr(Chief of Police)
PO Box 240,
Alton, NH, 3809

Amherst* Police Department
Gary D. MacGuire(Chief of Police)
PO Box 703, 175 Amherst Street
Amherst, NH, 3031

Antrim Police Department
Brian Brown(Chief of Police)
Main St,
Antrim, NH, 3440

Ashland Police Department
J G Chivell, II(Chief of Police)
20 Highland St,
Ashland, NH, 3217

Auburn Police Department
Edward G.Picard(Chief of Police)
P0 Box 339,
Auburn, NH, 3032

Barrington* Police Department
Richard Conway(Chief of Police)
39 Province Ln,
Barrington, NH, 3825

Bartlett* Police Department
Timothy J Connifey(Chief of Police)
RR 1 Box 49,
Intervale, NH, 3845

Bedford Police Department
David C Bailey(Chief of Police)
55 Constitution Rd,
Bedford, NH, 3110

Belmont* Police Department
Vincent Baiocchetti(Chief of Police)
PO Box 320, 16 Fuller Street
Belmont, NH, 3220

Benton* Police Department
Stefan Cimikowski(Chief of Police)
221 Coventry Rd,
Benton, NH, 03785-6112

Berlin Police Department
Peter Morency(Chief of Police)
135 Green St,
Berlin, NH, 3570

Boscawen Police Department
Kevin Wyman(Chief of Police)
116 North Main Street,
Boscawen, NH, 3303

Brentwood* Police Department
Wayne Robinson(Chief of Police)
1 Dalton Road,
Brentwood, NH, 3833

Bristol Police Department
Barry Wingate(Chief of Police)
PO Box 543,
Bristol, NH, 3222

Brookline Police Department
Tom Goulden(Chief of Police)
1 Main St,
Brookline, NH, 3033

Campton Police Department
Christopher Warn(Chief of Police)
10 Gearty Way,
Campton, NH, 3223

Canaan* Police Department
Samuel W Frank(Chief of Police)
52 Route 118,
Canaan, NH, 3741

Charlestown Police Department
Edward Smith(Chief of Police)
Railroad St,
Charlestown, NH, 3603

Claremont* Police Department
Alexander W Scott(Chief of Police)
58 Opera House Square,
Claremont, NH, 3743

Colebrook Police Department
Michael J Sielicki(Chief of Police)
10 Bridge St,
Colebrook, NH, 3576

Concord* Police Department
John F. Duval(Chief of Police)
35 Green St,
Concord, NH, 3301

Conway Police Department
Jeffery L Dicey(Chief of Police)
PO Box 538,
Center Conway, NH, 3813

Danville* Police Department
Wade H Parsons(Chief of Police)
206 Main Street, PO Box 443
Danville, NH, 3819

Deerfield* Police Department
Michael P Greeley(Chief of Police)
PO Box 357, 8 Raymond Road
Deerfield, NH, 3037

Derry Police Department
Edward B Garone(Chief of Police)
1 Municipal Dr,
Derry, NH, 3038

Dover* Police Department
Anthony F Colarusso, Jr(Chief of Police)
46 Locust St,
Dover, NH, 3820

Dublin Police Department
James Letourneau(Chief of Police)
P0 Box 283,
Dublin, NH, 3444

Durham Police Department
David L Kurz(Chief of Police)
86 Dover Rd,
Durham, NH, 3824

Enfield* Police Department
Peter H Giese(Chief of Police)
PO Box 365, 19 Main Street
Enfield, NH, 3748

Epping* Police Department
Gregory Dodge(Chief of Police)
37 Pleasant St,
Epping, NH, 3042

Exeter* Police Department
Richard Kane(Chief of Police)
20 Court St,
Exeter, NH, 3833

Farmington Police Department
Scott Roberge(Chief of Police)
N Main St,
Farmington, NH, 3835

Franklin* Police Department
David Goldstein(Chief of Police)
5 Hancock Terrace,
Franklin, NH, 3235

Gilford* Police Department
John Markland(Chief of Police)
47 Cherry Valley Road,
Gilford, NH, 3249

Gilmanton* Police Department
Philip D O'Brien, Sr(Chief of Police)
P0 Box 10, 1800 NH Rte 140
Gilmanton, NH, 3837

Goffstown Police Department
Stephen R Monier(Chief of Police)
326 Mast Rd,
Goffstown, NH, 3045

Gorham* Police Department
PJ Cyr(Chief of Police)
20 Park St,
Gorham, NH, 3581

Groton Police Department
William White Jr(Chief of Police)
63-2 North Groton Rd,
Groton, NH, 3241

Hampstead Police Department
William Letoile Jr(Chief of Police)
Emerson Ave,
Hampstead, NH, 3841

Hampton* Police Department
James B Sullivan(Chief of Police)
100 Brown Avenue,
Hampton, NH, 3842

Hanover Police Department
Nicholas J Giaccone Jr(Chief of Police)
46 Lyme Rd,
Hanover, NH, 3755

Henniker* Police Department
Ryan Murdough(Chief of Police)
340 Western Ave,
Henniker, NH, 3242

Hillsboro* Police Department
Brian A Brown(Chief of Police)
22 Dump Rd,
Hillsboro, NH, 3244

Hinsdale Police Department
(Chief of Police)
102 River St,
Hinsdale, NH, 3451

Hollis* Police Department
Russell Ux(Chief of Police)
9 Silver Lake Rd,
Hollis, NH, 3049

Hooksett Police Department
Stephen M Agrafiotis(Chief of Police)
15 Legends Drive,
Hooksett, NH, 3106

Hudson* Police Department
Jason Lavoie(Chief of Police)
1 Constitution Dr,
Hudson, NH, 3051

Jackson Police Department
Karl Meyers(Chief of Police)
Rt 16A Box 187,
Jackson, NH, 3846

Jaffrey Police Department
Martin J Dunn(Chief of Police)
26 Main St,
Jaffrey , NH, 3452

Keene Police Department
(Chief of Police)
400 Marlboro St,
Keene, NH, 3431

Laconia* Police Department
Michael Moyer(Chief of Police)
126 New Salem Street,
Laconia, NH, 3246

Lancaster Police Department
Edward Samson(Chief of Police)
11 Mechanic St,
Lancaster, NH, 3584

Lebanon Police Department
Edward A Laurie(Chief of Police)
36 Poverty Ln,
Lebanon, NH, 3766

Lee Police Department
Chet Murch(Chief of Police)
20 George Bennett Road,
Lee, NH, 3824

Lincoln Police Department
Theodore Smith(Chief of Police)
148 Main St, PO Box 488
Lincoln, NH, 3251

Lisbon* Police Department
Tanis J Tavernier(Chief of Police)
46 School Street,
Lisbon, NH, 3585

Litchfield* Police Department
Joseph O'Brion, Jr(Chief of Police)
2 Liberty Way,
Litchfield, NH, 3052

Littleton Police Department
Louis P Babin(Chief of Police)
2 Union St,
Littleton, NH, 3561

Londonderry Police Department
William R Hart, Jr(Chief of Police)
268A Mammoth Rd,
Londonderry, NH, 3053

Loudon* Police Department
(Chief of Police)
Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053,
, NH,

Manchester Police Department
David J Mara(Chief of Police)
Ralph Miller Public Safety Center, 351 Chestnut St
Manchester, NH, 3101

Marlborough Police Department
Christopher J Lyons(Chief of Police)
236 E Main St,
Marlborough, NH, 3455

Meredith Police Department
Kevin Morrow(Chief of Police)
PO Box 1366, 400 Daniel Webster Highway
Meredith, NH, 3253

Merrimack Police Department
Mark E. Doyle(Chief of Police)
31 Baboosic Lake Rd,
Merrimack, NH, 3054

Milan Police Department
Dayna R Strout(Chief of Police)
Bridge St,
Milan, NH, 3588

Milford Police Department
Frederick Douglas(Chief of Police)
19 Garden Street,
Milford, NH, 3055

Milton Police Department
Mark A McGowan(Chief of Police)
Main St,
Milton, NH, 3851

Nashua Police Department
Donald F Conley(Chief of Police)
0 Panther Drive, PO Box 785
Nashua, NH, 03061-0785

New Castle Police Department
James Murphy(Chief of Police)
49 Main St,
New Castle, NH, 3854

New Hampshire Hospital State Office Park South Campus Police Department
Frank Harris(Chief of Police)
36 Clinton St,
Concord, NH, 3301

New Ipswich Police Department
W Garrett Chamberlain(Chief of Police)
659 Turnpike Road,
New Ipswich, NH, 3071

New London Police Department
David J Seastrand(Chief of Police)
120 Main St,
New London, NH, 3257

Newmarket Police Department
Kevin Cyr(Chief of Police)
70 Exeter St,
Newmarket, NH, 3857

Newport Police Department
David A Hoyt(Chief of Police)
59 Main St,
Newport, NH, 3773

North Hampton Police Department
Brian Page(Chief of Police)
P O Box 575, 233 Atlantic Ave
North Hampton, NH, 3862

North Haverhill Police Department
Jeffery Williams(Chief of Police)
James R Morrill Municipal Building, 2975 Dartmouth College Highway Route 10
North Haverhill, NH, 3774

Orford Police Department
Steven Calderwood(Chief of Police)
Route 25A,
Orford, NH, 3777

Pelham Police Department
Joseph Roark(Chief of Police)
14 Village Green,
Pelham, NH, 3076

Pembroke Police Department
Dwayne Gilman(Chief of Police)
Pembroke Safety Center, 247 Pembroke Street
Pembroke, NH, 3275

Peterborough Police Department
(Chief of Police)
73 Grove St,
Peterborough, NH, 3458

Piermont Police Department
Stephen Medeiros(Department Supervisor)
PO Box 57,
Piermont, NH, 3779

Pittsfield Police Department
Robert Wharem(Chief of Police)
59 Main St, PO Box 98
Pittsfield, NH, 3263

Plaistow Police Department
Stephen C Savage(Chief of Police)
27 Elm St,
Plaistow, NH, 3865

Plymouth Police Department
Steve Temperino(Chief of Police)
334 Main St,
Plymouth, NH, 3264

Portsmouth Police Department
Michael Magnant(Chief of Police)
3 Junkins Ave,
Portsmouth, NH, 3801

Raymond Police Department
(Chief of Police)
1 Scribner Rd,
Raymond, NH, 3077

Rochester Police Department
David G Dubois(Chief of Police)
23 Wakefield St,
Rochester, NH, 3867

Rollinsford Police Department
Robert Ducharme(Chief of Police)
667 Main St,
Rollinsford, NH, 3869

Rye Police Department
Kevin Walsh(Chief of Police)
555 Washington Rd,
Rye, NH, 3870

Salem Police Department
(Chief of Police)
9 Veterans Memorial Pkwy,
Salem, NH, 3079

Sanbornton Police Department
Stephen M Hankard(Chief of Police)
565 Sanborn Road,
Sanbornton, NH, 3269

Seabrook Police Department
Patrick Manthorn(Chief of Police)
7 Liberty Lane,
Seabrook, NH, 3874

Somersworth Police Department
Dean Crombie(Chief of Police)
12 Lilac Lane,
Somersworth, NH, 3878

South Hampton Police Department
Jonathon L Dennis(Chief of Police)
Jonathon L Dennis, Post Office Box 220
South Hampton, NH, 3827
(603)394-0105 xt109

Stratham Police Department
(Chief of Police)
10 Bunker Hill Ave,
Stratham, NH, 3885

Surry Police Department
Gerald Clark(Chief of Police)
1 Village Rd,
Surry, NH, 3431

Temple-Greenville Police Department
James H McTague(Chief of Police)
423 NH Rte 45,
Temple, NH, 3084

Tilton Police Department
Robert Cormier(Chief of Police)
179 E Main St, PO Box 292
Tilton, NH, 3276

Troy Police Department
(Chief of Police)
P0 Box 597,
Troy, NH, 3465

Wakefield Police Department
Kenneth G Fifield(Chief of Police)
2017 Wakefield Road,
Wakefield, NH, 3872

Warner Police Department
William Chandler(Chief of Police)
Route 103 West,
Warner, NH, 3278

Washington Police Department
Steven Marshall(Chief of Police)
5 Halfmoon Pond Rd,
Washington, NH, 3280

Waterville Valley Department of Public Safety
Christopher Hodges(Director of Public Safety)
2 Tripoli Road, PO Box 500
Waterville Valley, NH, 3215

Whitefield Police Department
William Colborn(Chief of Police)
7 Jefferson Rd,
Whitefield, NH, 3598

Wilton Police Department
Brent D Hautanen(Chief of Police)
7 Burns Hill Road, PO Box 183
Wilton, NH, 3086

Winchester Police Department
Gary A Phillips(Chief of Police)
6 Parker,
Winchester, NH, 3470

Windham Police Department
Gerald S Lewis(Chief of Police)
4 Fellows Rd,
Windham, NH, 3087

Wolfeboro Police Department
Stu Chase(Chief of Police)
251 S Main St,
Wolfeboro, NH, 3894

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The state of New Hampshire is also called "The Granite State" . Their moto is Live Free or Die. The official languages are English. Before statehood it was called Province of New Hampshire and it was admissed to union in June 21, 1788 (9th). New Hampshire's government is comprised of the Governor, who is currently John Lynch (D), Senators: Jeanne Shaheen (D), Kelly Ayotte (R), House Delegation: 1: Frank Guinta (R) 2: Charles Bass (R) (list).The legislature is General Court.

Total area for New Hampshire is 9,304 nh sq mi (24,217 km) (Ranked 46th in the U.S.). The width is 68 miles (110 km) and the length is 190 miles (305 km). In terms of latitude and longitude we have: 42° 42′ N to 45° 18′ N and 70° 36′ W to 72° 33′ W. According to the 2010 United States Census, the total population is 1,318,194 (2011 est) (Ranked 42nd in the U.S.). The highest point is Mount Washington 6,288 ft (1916.66 m) and the lowest point is Atlantic Ocean sea level.

The local time zone is Eastern: UTC-5/-4. The abbreviations used for this state are NH N.H. US-NH. Additional information and the official website of the state is found at www.nh.gov.

New Hampshire (/nuːˈhæmpʃər/) is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America. The state was named after the southern English county of Hampshire. It is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, Vermont to the west, Maine and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. New Hampshire is the 5th smallest and the 9th least populous of the 50 U.S. states.

It became the first of the British North American colonies to break away from Great Britain in January 1776, and six months later was one of the original thirteen states that founded the United States of America. In June 1788, it became the ninth state to ratify the United States Constitution, bringing that document into effect. New Hampshire was the first U.S. state to have its own state constitution.

It is known internationally for the New Hampshire primary, the first primary in the U.S. presidential election cycle. Concord is the state capital, while Manchester is the largest city in the state. It has no general sales tax, nor is personal income (other than interest and dividends) taxed at either the state or local level.