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Area Police Stations

Barre City Police Department
Timothy Bombardier(Chief of Police)
15 Fourth Street,
Barre, VT, 5641

Bellows Falls Police Department
Ronald Lake(Chief of Police)
170 Rockingham St,
Bellows Falls, VT, 5101

Bennington Police Department
Richard B Gauthier(Chief of Police)
118 South Street,
Bennington, VT, 5201

Brandon Police Department
Chris Brickell(Chief of Police)
1 West Seminary Street,
Brandon, VT, 5733

Brattleboro Police Department
Eugene M Wrinn(Acting Chief of Police)
230 Main St,
Brattleboro, VT, 5301

Bristol Police Department
Kevin E Gibbs(Chief of Police)
PO Box 249, 1 South Street
Bristol, VT, 5443

Burlington Police Department
Michael E Schirling(Chief of Police)
1 North Ave,
Burlington, VT, 5401

Castleton Police Department
Bruce Sherwin(Chief of Police)
PO Box 727, 556 Main Street
Castleton, VT, 5735

Colchester Police Department
Charles A Kirker(Chief of Police)
PO Box 37, 835 Blakely Rd
Colchester, VT, 5446

Dover Police Department
Robert A Edwards(Chief of Police)
PO Box 124, Rt 100
West Dover, VT, 5356

Essex Police Department
Leo Nadeau(Chief of Police)
81 Main St,
Essex Junction, VT, 5452

Fair Haven Police Department
William Humphries(Chief of Police)
N Park Place,
Fair Haven, VT, 5743

Hardwick Police Department
Joe LaPorte(Chief of Police)
20 Church Street, PO Box 447
Hardwick, VT, 5843

Hartford Police Department
Glenn W Cutting(Chief of Police)
812 V A Cutoff Road,
White River Junction, VT, 5001

Hinesburg Community Police Department
Frank Koss(Chief of Police)
PO Box 1, 10298 VT RT 116
Hinesburg, VT, 5461

Ludlow Police Department
Jeffrey Billings(Chief of Police)
19 West Hill Street,
Ludlow, VT, 5149

Manchester Police Department
Manfred A Wessner(Chief of Police)
6041 Main Street,
Manchester, VT, 5255

Middlebury Police Department
Thomas Hanley(Chief of Police)
One Lucius Shaw Lane,
Middlebury, VT, 5753

Milton Police Department
(Chief of Police)
37 Bombardier Rd,
Milton, VT, 5468

Montpelier Police Department
Douglas S Hoyt(Chief of Police)
39 Main St,
Montpelier, VT, 5602

Newport Police Department
(Chief of Police)
74 Main St,
Newport, VT, 5855

Northfield Police Department
Jeffrey Shaw(Chief of Police)
51 South Main Street,
Northfield, VT, 5663

Norwich Police Department
Stephen J Soares(Chief of Police)
10 Hazen Street,
Norwich, VT, 5055

Randolph Police Department
James P Krakowiecki(Chief of Police)
6 Salisbury St, PO Drawer B
Randolph, VT, 5060

Royalton Police Department
Robert Hull(Chief of Police)
PO Box 680, 192 Chelsea Street
Royalton, VT, 5068

Rutland Police Department
Anthony Bossi(Chief of Police)
52 Washington St,
Rutland, VT, 5701

South Burlington Police Department
Leland Graham(Chief of Police)
575 Dorset St,
South Burlington, VT, 5403

Springfield Police Department
Douglas Johnston(Chief of Police)
96 Main St,
Springfield, VT, 5156

St Albans Police Department
Gary Taylor(Chief of Police)
30 Lower Welden St,
St Albans, VT, 5478

St Johnsbury Police Department
Richard M Leighton(Chief of Police)
1187 Main Street, Suite 1,
St Johnsbury, VT, 5819

Stowe Police Department
Kenneth G Kaplan(Chief of Police)
350 S Main St,
Stowe, VT, 5672

Swanton Police Department
Michael R McCarthy(Chief of Police)
120 1st St,
Swanton, VT, 5488

Thetford Police Department
James Lanctot(Chief of Police)
3910 Route 113, PO Box 126
Thetford, VT, 5075

Vergennes Police Department
Mike Lowe(Chief of Police)
120 Main St,
Vergennes, VT, 5491

Waterbury Police Department
William H Wolfe(Chief of Police)
PO Box 9,
Waterbury, VT, 5676

Williston Police Department
Osburn Glidden(Chief of Police)
7878 Williston Road,
Williston, VT, 5495

Wilmington Police Department
Joseph M Szarejko(Chief of Police)
2 E Main St,
Wilmington, VT, 5363

Windsor Police Department
Steve Soares(Chief of Police)
29 Union Street,
Windsor, VT, 5089

Winooski Police Department
Steve McQueen(Chief of Police)
27 West Allen Street,
Winooski, VT, 5404

Woodstock Police Department
Byron K Kelly Jr(Chief of Police)
Taftsville Rd,
Woodstock, VT, 5091

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The state of Vermont is also called "The Green Mountain State" . Their moto is Freedom and Unity. The official languages are English. Before statehood it was called Vermont Republic and it was admissed to union in March 4, 1791 (14th). Vermont's government is comprised of the Governor, who is currently Peter Shumlin (D), Lieutenant Governor, who is currently Phillip Scott (R), Senators: Patrick Leahy (D), Bernie Sanders (I), House Delegation: Peter Welch (D) (list).The legislature is General Assembly.

Total area for Vermont is 9,620 sq mi (24,923 km) (Ranked 45th in the U.S.). The width is 80 miles (130 km) and the length is 160 miles (260 km). In terms of latitude and longitude we have: 42° 44′ N to 45° 1′ N and 71° 28′ W to 73° 26′ W. According to the 2010 United States Census, the total population is 626,431 (2011 est) (Ranked 49th in the U.S.). The highest point is Mount Mansfield 4,395 ft (1339.69 m) and the lowest point is Lake Champlain 95 to 100 ft (29 to 30 m).

The local time zone is Eastern: UTC–5/−4. The abbreviations used for this state are US-VT. Additional information and the official website of the state is found at www.vermont.gov.

Vermont /vɜrˈmɒnt/ is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. Vermont is the 6th least extensive and the 2nd least populous of the 50 United States. It is the only New England state not bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Lake Champlain forms half of Vermont's western border, which it shares with the state of New York. The Green Mountains are within the state. Vermont is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, New York to the west, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north.

Originally inhabited by two major Native American tribes (the Algonquian-speaking Abenaki and the Iroquois), much of the territory that is now Vermont was claimed by France during its early colonial period. France ceded the territory to the Kingdom of Great Britain after being defeated in 1763 in the Seven Years' War (also called the French and Indian War). For many years, the nearby colonies, especially New Hampshire and New York, disputed control of the area (then called the New Hampshire Grants). Settlers who held land titles granted by these colonies were opposed by the Green Mountain Boys militia, which eventually prevailed in creating an independent state, the Vermont Republic. Founded in 1777 during the Revolutionary War, the republic lasted for fourteen years. Vermont is one of seventeen U.S. states (along with Texas, Hawaii, the brief Republic of West Florida, California, and each of the original Thirteen Colonies) to have had a sovereign government in the past. In 1791, Vermont joined the United States as the 14th state, the first outside the original 13 Colonies. It abolished slavery while still independent, and upon joining the Union became the first state to have done so.

Vermont is the leading producer of maple syrup in the United States. The state capital is Montpelier, which has a population of 7,855 and is the least populated state capital in the country. Vermont's most populous city is Burlington, with a 2010 population of 42,417, which makes it the least populous 'largest city of a state' in the United States. Burlington's metropolitan area is 211,261.