Saint Paul Department of Public Safety

  • Agency: Saint Paul Department of Public Safety
  • Address: 100 Municipal Plaza, Saint Paul Island, 99660 AK
  • Chief: K.C. Alberg (Director/Police Chief)
Phone: (907) 546-3100
Fax: (907) 546-3188

Saint Paul Department of Public Safety is located at 100 Municipal Plaza, Saint Paul Island, 99660 AK. The Director/Police Chief of the department is K.C. Alberg. The Saint Paul Department of Public Safety phone number is (907) 546-3100.

Saint Paul Department of Public Safety News

..BLIZZARD WARNING.. In effect from 3am - 4pm AKST Thursday ……………................................ The national weather service in Anchorage has issued a blizzard warning.. Which is in effect from 3am - 4pm AKST * Location… Pribilof Islands * Snow … 2 to 4 inches * Visibility reduced to one quarter mile or less at times * Wind East 30 to 40 MPH with gusts to 50 MPH * Impacts… snowfall combined with strong winds and blowing snow may produce white-out conditions at times. Driving may become very difficult. All travel and outdoor activity is strongly discouraged!

Position Opening: Type: Volunteer _________________________ Saint Paul EMS is seeking : EMS Drivers * Must be 21 years of age or older. * Must have valid Alaska State drivers license. EMS ETT : * Must be state certified ( if not training and state certification will be provided at no cost to you) * Must be available when on-call. 3 Driver Positions Open= includes driving for EMS calls. Each driver will be on call 1 week a month depending on personnel. 4 ETT positions= 1 week oncall per month depending on personnel. These positions need filled immediately!! If anyone is interested in any of these positions contact Officer Bresnahan at 907-546-3115.

From all of us at Public Safety.. Have a safe and Happy New year!!! Most of all.. Remember to Have a sober driver!

On Friday November 15 Officer Bresnahan and 26 other graduates from other police departments including Alaska State Troopers graduated from the Alaska Law Enforcement Academy session #1302. Congratulations to all!

On Friday November 15th, Officer Bresnahan will graduate the ALET (Alaska Law Enforcement Training) academy in Sitka Alaska. Where he has been through a intense 15 week training, to better serve our community!

On August 24th at 8:30pm, officers with the Department of Public Safety responded to an unknown 911 call. Upon arrival officers discovered that an individual had been stabbed in the hand. After a short standoff with the assailant, he was brought into custody. The victim lost approximately 3-4 cups of blood on scene and at the clinic an received numerous stitches to close the arteries in the hand. Much thanks to St Paul Medical Clinic and Officer Candyfire from the Saint Paul Department of Community Safety and Peace for the medical assist. Stay safe folks.

Officers conducted a traffic stop in conjunction with a complaint of a slow moving vehicle. The vehicle was stopped and the driver given a warning pending a license check. Upon contacting Soldotna AST the driver and passenger both did not have driver's licenses, only instructional permits. According to the statue, persons with only an instructional permit may drive, however, there are some caveats. You must have your permit on you while you drive, you must also be accompanied by a driver over the age of 21 who also has a drivers license for at least one year prior and they must sit directly next to the permit holder while driving. If there are people that have permits and drive on a regular basis, please make sure you are conforming to the law and as always, drive safe.

This evening, officers with public safety conducted a traffic stop on a suspected drunk driver, the individual was arrested after failing several field sobriety tests and transported to our office where the individual registered a .223 breath alcohol concentration. We make these stops not only for the safety of other cars on the road, but also to protect those people walking who could've been hurt. Stay safe and stay sober.

Today the department completed some firearms training. This unfortunate target is from a barricade drill where the officer would fire from 21 feet away when told to draw from the holster.

Ladies and gentlemen, drugs are bad, especially those you inject into yourself. Stay safe and stay off drugs.

Officers Jameson, Bresnahan, and Kennedy has completed day one of the Tribal Community Policing class held here in St.Paul. A special thanks to Phil for setting such a good class up!

Officer Bresnahan and Officer Kennedy's patrol cars.

Yesterday, Officers Bresnahan, Kennedy and Jameson completed a CPR and AED refresher course at the clinic. These training events help keep us fresh and ready should an incident occur where these skills are needed.

Your Saint Paul Department of Public Safety.

Officer Bryce Kennedy was hired in May 2013 and enjoys law enforcement and the community.

Officer Wayne Jameson was hired in March 2013, Jameson has 2 years of Law Enforcement experience and enjoys the community and town.

Officer Chase Bresnahan was hired in December 2012, and enjoys working in Saint Paul.

Notice : Effective May 17th 2013 RE: Summer Curfew * Children 12 and under should be in from 9pm - 7am Sunday through Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10pm - 7am. * Children 13 through 17 should be in from 10pm - 7am Sunday through Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12am (midnight) to 7am. Community extensions for special community events are allowed. Sponsors should contact Public Safety @ 546-3130

We will soon have more photos up for everyone to see. We're also going to put public announcements on here. We hope you enjoy our page. Have a great day! And most of all... Be safe!

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