Sitka Police Department

  • Agency: Sitka Police Department
  • Address: 304 Lake St, #102, Sitka, 99835 AK
  • Chief: Sheldon Schmitt (Chief of Police)
Phone: (907) 747-3245
Fax: 907) 747-1075

Sitka Police Department is located at 304 Lake St, #102, Sitka, 99835 AK. The Chief of Police of the department is Sheldon Schmitt. The Sitka Police Department phone number is (907) 747-3245.

Sitka Police Department News

Look for McGruff during downtown Trick-or-Treating tonight, October 31st, from 4-6 PM and get a glow stick. And everyone please use extra caution tonight as the there will be lots of foot traffic trick or treating. Happy Halloween!

Another nice note from the public about our Crew in Blue (the Chief says it's the Crew 😁)

A nice note from a citizen about Lt. Ewers.

*****PSA***** Want a cat? We have cats. Need a cat? We have cats. Did I mention we have cats?? The Animal Shelter recently took in a very large number of surrendered cats and they are looking for both foster homes and furever homes. If you’d like to check out these snuggle bugs give ACO Buxton a call at 747-3567. He’s purry busy right meow but leave a message and he will return your call. Interested in being a volunteer at the Shelter to get your cat fix? Stop by the Police Department and pick up a volunteer application.

*****PSA***** DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back Day will take place Saturday, October 27th from 10 AM to 2 PM at Harrigan Centennial Hall. Great way to properly dispose of any expired, unused or unneeded prescription or over the counter drugs.

*****Press Release***** On 10/4/18 an assembled metal pipe bomb was found by a member of the public and brought to the Sitka Police Department. Following an investigation, officers were able to determine that 28 year old Zachary Loewen was the manufacturer of the pipe bomb. Loewen was arrested on one felony count of Misconduct Involving Weapons in the Third Degree.

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October 14th will mark the sixth anniversary of the disappearance of Lael Grant. This remains an open case and the Sitka Police Department is urging anyone with any information on Lael’s disappearance to come forward and share that information. Information can be shared anonymously by calling 747-8980. Help us bring closure to Lael’s family.

*****Press Release***** On 10/9/18, at approximately 6:30 AM the Sitka Police Department arrest 54 year old Vicente Carlos on one felony count of Misconduct Involving Weapons in the First Degree, one felony count of Misconduct Involving Weapons in the Second Degree, one felony count of Burglary in the First Degree, one felony count of Assault in the Second Degree, four felony counts of Assault in the Third Degree, one felony count of Misconduct Involving Weapons in the Third Degree and one count of Driving Under the Influence of an Intoxicating Controlled Substance. Carlos is currently being held at the Sitka Jail on a $25,000 bail.

*****Press Release***** On 9/30/18 the Sitka Police Department arrested 25 year old Jarred Davidson on one felony count of Misconduct Involving a Weapon in the Second Degree, one felony count of Assault in the Third Degree Causing Fear with a Weapon, and one felony count of Tampering with Evidence.

*****PSA***** The bears are back. SPD has recently been receiving an increasing amount of calls regarding bears raiding garbage cans. Time to take those extra steps to help keep our furry friends and ourselves safe. • Store garbage inside secure buildings or bear-proof containers • Only put garbage to the curb on the day of collection • If unable to secure garbage, you can always take it to the Transfer Station for disposal • Store all animal feed inside secure buildings or bear-proof containers • Properly dispose of all fish waste • Install an electric fence to protect outside domestic animals As long as there is a steady food source, bears are less likely to hibernate.

*****Press Release***** On 9/19/18 the Sitka Police Department arrested 18 year old Terry Carlson Jr, 23 year old Matthew Hartshorn, 22 year old Bradley Ross and 18 year old Terrance “Damien” Roth in connection with burglaries and thefts that took place in the Edgecumbe Drive area. Carlson and Roth were release on their own recognizance, Ross was released on bail, and Hartshorn is being held on a $1,500 bail.

*****PSA***** Annual Public Bicycle Auction The Sitka Police Department will hold a public bicycle auction Saturday, September 22, 2018 @ 10:00AM. Location of the bicycle sale is The Mini Storage Units, located at 310 Jarvis Street. There may be other miscellaneous items up for auction such as; Fishing pole, Magic Cards, Crab Pot, Play Station Pocket etc. The bicycles & other items will be sold as is, with all sales being final. Payment will be due at the time of the sale by cash or check only. To claim any bicycle or other item mentioned above, you must contact the Sitka Police Department no later than 4:00PM, September 20, 2018 with proof of ownership.

Our officers handle a wide variety of calls but this one was a new one for us...

*****PSA***** The Sitka Police Department would like to remind everyone the new school year begins this Thursday, August 23rd and admittedly, this time of year can be frustrating for drivers when back-to-school vehicles significantly increase traffic on city streets. Allow a bit of extra time for your commute so that everyone’s kids can get to their destinations safely. Here are some tips for navigating buses on the road: • Allow a greater distance between your car and the school bus so you can stop when the bus flashes its lights. • Be aware that it is illegal in all 50 states to pass a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading children. • If the yellow or red lights are flashing and the bus driver extended the stop-arm, you must stop and wait for the children to load or unload. Remember to be more mindful while driving during this time, especially during the first few weeks after school starts when young, teenage drivers are venturing out on their first drives to schools; and plenty of kids are walking and biking to school on busy roads.

*****PSA***** As we head into the darker, rainier, foggier months, the Sitka Police Department would like to remind motorist that it is required by law to have their headlights on at all times when traveling on the State Highway, i.e. Halibut Point Road, Sawmill Creek Road and Airport Road. Having your headlights on not only makes your vehicle more visible to other motorists, bikers and pedestrians but can reduce the number of vehicle accidents. And a reminder that parking lights are not a replacement for headlights and should only be used when the vehicle is parked. Remember - Be Seen and Be Safe.

Looking for a rewarding career? Want to give back to your community? The Sitka Police Department is currently hiring police officers and 911 dispatchers. Click here to apply:

*****PSA***** The Sitka PD is aware of and is currently working on the bear nuisence along Sawmill Creek Road. Residents can help keep everyone safe by securing any and all garbage and not putting the can to the curb until the morning of garbage day. By not creating a reason for the bears to investigate an area it will keep the bears out of neighborhoods. Citations will be issued if garbage is found to be creating an attraction for bears.

*****PSA***** Have expired medication? Unused prescription drugs? Over-the-counter meds that are unneeded? Thanks to Sitka Counseling and the HOPE Coalition there are now options of how to properly dispose of medication and drugs. A medication drop box was recently installed in the Sitka Police Department’s lobby on Oja Way. Any and everybody is welcome to come in and drop drugs or medication in the box, no questions asked.

*****PSA***** The Sitka Police Department would like to remind everyone that the two extended time parking lots at the Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport, located adjacent to the terminal and down the road near the runway, are 7-Day Parking Only.

*****PSA***** Eleven drownings have happened in the Sitka Harbors since 1995. Don't become a statistic. Had too much to drink? Walk to your boat with a sober friend. See someone on the dock that is unsteady or intoxicated? Call: Sitka Harbor Department 738-0835 or Sitka Police Department 911

*****PSA***** Please join the City and Borough of Sitka and the United States Coast Guard in honoring the 75th Anniversary of Coast Guard Helicopter Operations.

*****Press Release***** On 6/7/18, 40 year old Reuben Yerkes, in a plea deal, pled guilty to one count of Murder in the Second Degree for the killing of Ali Clayton in May of 2017. The plea deal, once signed off on by the judge, would carry a 60 year sentence with 15 years suspended, leaving 45 years to serve. As part of the plea deal, Yerkes is required to appear in person in the Sitka Court in September 2018 for sentencing.

*****Press Release***** SEVEN INDIVIDUALS INDICTED ON FEDERAL DRUG TRAFFICKING AND FIREARMS CHARGES Anchorage, Alaska – U.S. Attorney Bryan Schroder announced that seven individuals have been indicted on federal drug trafficking and firearms charges.