De Witt Police Department

  • Agency: De Witt Police Department
  • Address: 120 Court Square, De Witt, 72042 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-946-2496
Fax: 870-946-1106

De Witt Police Department is located at 120 Court Square, De Witt, 72042 AR. The De Witt Police Department phone number is 870-946-2496.

De Witt Police Department News

October 27th is the National Drug Take Back day. We have a drop box located in the Police Department lobby 365 days a year. The 27th is a Saturday so the doors will be locked but you may still come by entering through the alley door located between Kelly’s on the Square and the Police Department. Let’s do all we can to prevent the misuse and/or abuse of prescription drugs. Drop ‘em in the box!

A couple of guys came to De Witt last night and stole some cars. I can’t express enough what a great crew I have working here. All cars are recovered and one man is in jail. Looking for the other one but he has been identified so it’s just a matter of time for him. Super job guys! We can’t leave out the Deputies who were involved. Working together hasn’t been better! Since we are here, we have made 13 felony drug arrests in the last 30 days. These guys are working hard to get the drugs off the street and are making a serious dent. I have faith that they will continue the hard work and continue cleaning our streets. Again, fantastic job guys!

The Arkansas Department of Health will be giving free flu shots at the Arkansas County Fairgrounds tomorrow, 09/25/2018, from 8:30am to 5:30pm. If you have an insurance card, please bring it. If not, you're still good.

Who’s missing a Church Flag?

Carts are found. Now to find the guys who took them. Thanks to the Arkansas County Sheriff’s office for your good work.

The golf cart we are looking for is a Yamaha. It’s camo colored and has a lift kit and aggressive tires. If you have any information or see it, please let us know.

Owner of the one golf cart we found has been located. BUT there is another one missing. If you see it, please give us a call.

If you’re missing a golf cart, give us a call.

Hope everyone is having a great time at the fair! I know I am. Come out and support the Arkansas County Fair. Have some fun, eat some carnival food, ride the rides. Be sure to stop by the exhibit building and sign up for a free chance to win a boys or girls bicycle. We will be drawing for the bicycles at the Derby between heats. See you at the Fair!!

The De Witt Police Department is giving away a new boys bicycle and a new girls bicycle. Come to the Arkansas County Fair. Check out the Exhibit building and locate our booth. Fill out an entry and maybe you’ll WIN!! See you at the Fair!!

The De Witt Police Department is taking applications for a Police Officer. You must be 21 years old, possess a High School diploma or GED equivalent, have a valid driver's license, have no criminal convictions in your past, be of good moral character, have good work ethics, and be self motivated. If this describes you, come apply for this exciting career opportunity. Applications may be picked up from the Dispatcher 24/7.

Traffic backed up past the middle school because you want to turn left. Pre-plan your route in the other direction and they’re all right turns and it flows better.

Reminder to everyone about afternoon school pick up and blocking the highway. You cannot park or stop and sit still on the highway. If you utilize the routes the school has provided this will not be a problem.

Soooo this is going on now. PCCUA is having lunch for YOU! Right now on the square at I.M.A.G.E. They have burgers and hot dogs. Come get a plate and sign up for a door prize! Thank you PCCUA!

Many are asking me about the accident today. It did appear bad so I’ll let all of you know. Mr. William Wood had an accident today. He is fine. Not injured at all. Will probably be sore tomorrow but that should be it.

PSA for PCCUA De Witt Campus: Pay them a visit this week.

We would like to welcome I.M.A.G.E. Inc to De Witt. They are located at 200 Court Square. They offer youth activities and more for most age groups. We hope their business is a success! Support this new local business so they can continue to provide entertainment and learning to our youth.

ALL CLEAR Officers spotted a funnel cloud on the northeast corner of town headed south Southeast about 10:06 pm. As far as we can tell it’s safe to return to normal activities now.

I felt it was necessary to clarify some things: 1. The Police Department does not make decisions concerning who can be where. But we do enforce the decision of a property owner or manager to remove unwanted guests. You become unwanted when you fail to respect another person’s property or are disruptive. 2. One person starting a fire did not cause everyone to be banned from the property. It was merely the straw that broke the camels back. At the direction of the property owner we have asked and then told the persons who hang out not to make a mess with the expectation that someone else should have to clean up after you. Yet the group continues to leave trash on the ground. They have also asked repeatedly for groups to leave the wash bays open for customers who want to use the car wash which has gotten better. This is part of their business. Be respectful of another person’s property. Don’t throw trash on the ground! There are trash cans very near by. And don’t block the business from making money. That’s why they are there. 3. The Square is open to the public. No one has been banned from the square, to my knowledge, since 2011. One officer who is no longer employed here admitted to running kids off the square. I was not made aware of this until within the last 6 months. The only way you will be asked to leave the square is if you are there after curfew, continually making a mess and leaving it, or being disruptive to others. The pictures attached show why Conoco no longer wants teens congregating on their lot. Food containers, drink cups, cigarette butts, and this time ashes from a fire. (Parents please note the cigarette butts.) All left for someone else to clean up. Over and over again. Some claim they want something to do in De Witt. But some have made it clear that if it was there, they would just treat it like a dump. There are new businesses here aimed at the younger crowd. We should support them the best we can and encourage more new businesses.

Well parents, if your kids hang out at Conoco, they don’t anymore. They had a small fire burning on the parking lot. They’ve been told before about making messes and leaving them and not respecting other people’s property. Conoco has had enough and I have had enough. They are not welcome back.

The City Park bathrooms are closed until further notice because of vandalism. The City does all it can to provide services for the citizens. Don’t let scumbags take that away. If anyone has information about who did this, please come forward.

We are proud to announce the retirement of Mrs. Rita Wolfe. She served the De Witt community and Arkansas County as a Dispatcher for 21 years. She has always been cheerful, giving, caring, and so much more. We thank you for your dedication and hard work. Although you will be missed, I wish you the very best and happiest retirement.