Chicot County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Chicot County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 513 Main Street, Lake Village, 71653 AR
  • Chief:

Chicot County Sheriff's Office is located at 513 Main Street, Lake Village, 71653 AR. The Chicot County Sheriff's Office phone number is 870-265-8020.

Chicot County Sheriff's Office News

If you are trying to call the Sheriff's Office by any cell phone service, you will have to dial 911 in order to reach us. The 870-265-8020 is not working at this time. Thank You, Sheriff Ronald Nichols

Good morning everyone! I want all to know we are receiving many calls and complaints about a caller who is stating that he is with the Social Security Administration Office. He is stating it is very important that he speaks with you immediately. The name he is using is Shawn Murphy. One of the numbers he has called from is 972-763-9927. I called the young man and identified who I was!!! I asked him why is he calling residents in my County and asking them for personal information!!! He hung upon me, so I kept calling back and calling back to let him know we are onto his scam!!! I will continue to aggravate him too!!! Shows me he is a SCAMMER!!! If Shawn Murphy calls you, stating that he is with Social Security Administration asking you for your personal information, please hang up immediately!!! Do not ever give your personal information, checking account information, or a credit card to anyone calling you, that you haven’t actually contacted them yourself!!! There is so many scams going on and they seem to be preying on a lot of our elderly residents!!! Please get word out to everyone you know, to never share Information on the phone to all these scammers!!! There are many saying you have won something, need your checking account to deposit money in, IRS or we are coming after you!!! We have new ones everyday!! My advice hang up immediately!!! If you have any questions or need help contact my office at 870-265-8020. May God Bless, Sheriff Ronald Nichols

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