Crawford County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Crawford County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 409 Main Street, Van Buren, 72956 AR
  • Chief:
Phone: 479-474-2281
Fax: 479-471-3264

Crawford County Sheriff's Office is located at 409 Main Street, Van Buren, 72956 AR. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office phone number is 479-474-2281.

Crawford County Sheriff's Office News

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department will be testing for Dispatch and Detention Deputy Positions at 6pm on Thursday, August 16, 2018 at the Crawford County Justice Center located at 4235 Alma Highway, Van Buren, AR. Be prepared to present a photo ID prior to testing. The test will cover General Knowledge, timed typing, and physical agility. Please wear, or bring appropriate clothing for the physical agility portion of the test. If you qualify on all portions of the test, you will be provided an application packet. You may return the completed packet at your convenience, and will be eligible for an interview as positions become available. For information on salaries visit our website at

PLEASE BE AWARE!!!! If anyone reaches out to you for any reason: (Debt, late utility bill, there is a warrant for your arrest, your family member is incarcerated and you can have them released, your boss has been stealing from the company); DO NOT go to any local retailer, purchase a "Green Dot Card", and provide the numbers printed on that card to ANYONE, especially via a telephone conversation. No reputable business, or ANY law enforcement Agency will ever request that you settle a financial obligation via a "Green Dot Card"nor will the IRS. This is a Scam! If you receive a telephone call and the caller advises you to purchase a "Green Dot Card" and provide that person the numbers on the card, hang up immediately and call your local Law Enforcement Agency.

Update!!!! Suspect is in custody!!! The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office and Kibler Police Department are asking for your help in identifying this subject. This subject was involved in an armed robbery today in Kibler. If you have any information please contact 479-474-2261. Subject should be considered armed and dangerous.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hendrickson family and Van Buren Police Department.

Please feel free to share and advise your friends that do not have social media of this scam. We have been receiving numerous calls from subjects that have been victims of scams. This call involves the scam artist stating that you have a warrant and must take money to the Sheriff's Office. They then have you purchase gift cards and advise them the number so they can take the money. The Sheriff's Office will not request money via phone nor will the ask for gift cards. If you get a call and you are not sure it is a scam then please call 479-474-2581 and we will assist you. Thanks

The Crawford County Sheriff's Office is implementing a change in inmate mail procedures. Please read the attached memo for more information.

Huge thanks to everyone that participated in the Patrol Pals animal drive. We received approximately 50 animals Friday at the Alma VS. Morrilton Football game. Pictured is Gary Perry a lifelong resident of Alma along with an Alma Airedale student. If you were unable to donate and would like to we will have a barrel in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office. Any animal that can fit inside a ziploc bag is greatly appreciated.

Our Mounted Patrol Barrels for Patrol Pal Stuffed animal donation at tonights Alma football game.

Special thanks to Senator Bryan King, Senator Terry Rice, Representative Charlotte Douglas and Representative Charlene Fite . Their support resulted in the Crawford County Sheriff's Department receiving the WAPDD GIF Grant money which enabled the purchase of two Yamaha Vikings and a trailer.

**Scam Alert** We have received a call today that someone is posing as the Sheriff stating that the victim has a warrant. They are asking for money to void the warrant so they will not be arrested. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office will not contact you by phone to pay for a warrant. If you get this phone call do not give them any personal information.

The Crawford County Sheriffs' Dept. will be testing for Detention Deputy and 911 Dispatchers on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. Testing is at Crawford County Sheriffs' Administrative Offices at 4235 Alma Hwy Van Buren, AR . The Detention Deputy Test consists of three parts, a general knowledge test that includes grammar, basic math and reading comprehension. The second part of the Detention Deputy Test is a Physical Agility Test. The third part is a 2 minute Typing Test. Please bring or wear comfortable clothing for the Physical Agility portion of the test. The 911 Dispatcher Test is a two part test, the same written test as for Detention Deputy and a 2 minute Typing Test. You will be notified by mail of you test results. Those who Qualify will be eligible for an interview as positions become available. Applications must submitted before September 19, 2017.

Crawford County Sheriff's Office volunteers are headed to College Station, Texas. They Deployed through ADEM / EMAC emergency management assistance compact. Please pray for safe travels and for the citizens of Texas.

SUBJECT HAS BEEN LOCATED!!! The Crawford County Sheriff's Office is currently trying to locate Robert Ward Level 4 Sex Offender. He left his residence on Plymouth Road in Mulberry at approximately 1:30 P.M on this date. He was in the care of his court appointed caretaker with the Arkansas Support Network. If subject is seen or you have any information please contact the Crawford County Sheriff's Office at 479-474-2261. Please do not attempt to make contact. This subject is NOT wanted, but has been appointed supervision and has left the residence where the supervision is supposed to be provided. Please feel free to share.

A promotion ceremony was held yesterday at the Sheriff's Office. Congratulations to Corporal Beyerle and Corporal Larue. They were promoted from the Detention Center. Corporal Donna Lewis was promoted in the Civil Process Department and Corporal Matthew Langley was promoted from Transport.

Congratulations Corporal Donna Lewis on your promotion.

The Crawford County Sheriff's Office had the honor of eating lunch with the members of the Farm Club from the Alma Boys and Girls Club. What a great group of kids.

Proud of our Emergency Service workers.

Thank you for your support of Law Enforcement and the opportunity to take a picture with you. The support of Crawford County Citizens has been truly amazing.

There was a weedeater and blower located at Highway 64 and 28th street in Van Buren. If you have lost your weedeater and blower please call the Crawford County Sheriff's Office at 474-2581 to identify.

Thank you to Crawford County employees for wearing your blue on July 15th showing your support for Law Enforcement.

Sheriff Brown working with our children

The Sheriff and his Department working with the children in our County