Charleston Police Department

  • Agency: Charleston Police Department
  • Address: 1418 E Main St, Charleston, 72933 AR
  • Chief: Rick Whittaker (Chief of Police)
Phone: (479) 965-7600

Charleston Police Department is located at 1418 E Main St, Charleston, 72933 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Rick Whittaker. The Charleston Police Department phone number is (479) 965-7600.

Charleston Police Department News

In the last week, we have received several calls of break-ins to vehicles and residences. Please secure your vehicles and homes. Keep belongings out of sight. Report any activity out of the ordinary. Charleston Police Department 965-7600 or Franklin County Sheriff’s Department for after business hours 479-667-4127. They will dispatch us to your location.

We have experienced a lot of reports concerning vehicles being broke into. Please pass the word around. Check your vehicles. The suspects have been caught. We are gathering information still. If you have not reported a theft and need to, please call the Franklin County Sheriff Office @ 479-667-4127 and ask to speak to a Charleston Officer.

Burn Ban has been lifted. Please use cation if you Burn. Don't forget to call in your control Burn to the Franklin County Dispatch center @ 479-667-4127.

The Burn Ban has been lifted. Please you cation if you need to burn. Thank you

Franklin County is now under a Burn Ban.

The Charleston Police Department is trying to identify the pickup in this picture. If you know who owns this truck, please contact Charleston PD at 479-965-7600. You can also message us on Facebook.

Two Rottweilers were picked up roaming in the N. School Street and Sharon Circle area. If you have information on who they belong to, please contact City Hall 479-965-2269. THE OWNER HAS BEEN FOUND.

Franklin County, has just now put the entire County under a Burn Ban until further notice! Call the Franklin County Sheriffs Office before you Burn. (479) 667-4127.

The City of Charleston is accepting applications for a full-time Police Officer. Candidates must be able to meet all requirements of law enforcement standards and training. The City of Charleston maintains a residency requirement on full-time officers. Contact Charleston City Hall at (479) 965-2269 or email for an application. The City of Charleston is an equal opportunity employer. Application deadline is November 20, 2015.

The Burn Ban has been lifted in Franklin County.

Judge Rickey Bowman has issued a Burn Ban for all of Franklin County effective immediately until further notice.

Franklin County Emergency Management has notified us that they are having technical issues with the storm siren on the west end of Charleston. Although a service technician is working on it, it may not be repaired in time for today’s possible weather event. We recommend you keep apprised of the weather through various media outlets but do not rely on the storm siren until further notice.

The Charleston Police Department would like to thank the public for their response to the photo posted regarding information needed as to a local theft.

Please note: the Charleston Police Department does not give out patches.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year! Please don't Drink and Drive.

Warning: Please lock your vehicles and do not leave valuables inside. There have been numerous reports of thefts from unlocked vehicles in Charleston over the past week.

Thanks for all the new likes.

The Charleston Police Department is initiating a Storm Shelter Registry for residents of the City of Charleston. This free, voluntary program will provide first responders with valuable timesaving location information should a storm shelter exit be blocked by debris or structural damage caused by severe weather. To register, please complete the form below and return to the Charleston Police Department by: dropping off at City Hall, 1418 E. Main Street; mailing to Charleston Police Department, PO Box 426, Charleston, AR 72933; or emailing to

Franklin County is now under a Burn Ban. You can call the Franklin County Franklin County Sheriff's Office @ 479-667-4127 for more information. Call before you burn. Thank you.