Clarksville Police Department

  • Agency: Clarksville Police Department
  • Address: 1008 W Main St, Clarksville, 72830 AR
  • Chief: Greg Donaldson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-754-8100

Clarksville Police Department is located at 1008 W Main St, Clarksville, 72830 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Greg Donaldson. The Clarksville Police Department phone number is 479-754-8100.

Clarksville Police Department News

The Clarksville Police Department would like to congratulate Patrolman Lance Clubb for being chosen to receive the Officer of the Year Award from the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police. The award was presented to Patrolman Clubb by Clarksville retired Chief Kyn Wilson at the annual Chiefs Association Conference this past Wednesday (09/26/2018).

Parents please take notice of this video and monitor your child's internet use.

**09/12/2018 3:45 P.M. Release** Today at about 11:30 A.M. the Clarksville Police Department responded to Walmart for male subject suspected of Theft of Property. Officers arrived on scene and found Probable Cause to arrest Jacob Wayne Card (38 Year old Male). Mr. Card was transported to the Johnson County Detention Center and during the inventory search of Card’s personal belongings stored in a backpack was a suspicious device. The device was relocated from the intake area of the Johnson County Detention Center to a secured area of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. The Arkansas State Police and Fort Smith Bomb Squad responded to the scene. The Fort Smith Bomb Squad inspected the suspicious device and took custody for destruction at a later time. Jacob Wayne Card will be held at the Johnson County Detention Center awaiting a Bond Hearing on preliminary Felony charges and Misdemeanor Theft of Property.

Thanks to Area Agency on Aging for bringing homemade goodies for our Officers in remembrance of 9/11! We have also received donuts from Arvest bank but they were gone before a photo could be taken!

I wanted to share this story with you. The person that sent us this was a 31-year-old female, that had just given birth, when she experienced some complications. At least one of the blood products that she used came from the Clarksville Boots & Badges Blood Drive. Patients can send a “Thank the Donor” message back to us with the unit number of the blood bag. This allows us to track the donation process and spread the word to donors and donor groups. Thank you for everything. Message: Thank you for giving the blood donation that was used to care for me when I lost too much blood delivering my son. As both a physician and someone who has O negative blood type, I have donated blood multiple times in the past knowing how needed our particular blood type is, never expecting that I would one day need a blood transfusion myself. Because of your selflessness and generosity, I was able to recover quickly and start this new journey of motherhood. I don't remember much of the first day of my son's life due to my severe blood loss, but now I will be able to be there for all the days ahead. There are no words that can fully express my gratitude for your donation, just know that somewhere out there is a new mom and baby who cherish the stranger whose kindness will never be forgotten.

On 08/29/2018 the Clarksville Police Department accepted a check for $400 dollars from the Deputy Sonny Smith Memorial Foundation for the Shop with a Cop Program. This money was half of the proceeds from this year’s Monday night fishing tournaments that has took place at the Spadra boat ramp. The other $400 dollars from the proceeds of the fishing tournaments went to the Deputy Sonny Smith Memorial Foundation to be used for school scholarships.

The Clarksville Police Department would like to say Thank You to The Mustard Seed Ministries First United Methodist Church for making a $2000 dollar donation to the Shop with a Cop Program!!

Wednesday 08/22/2018 @ 12:00 P.M.

THIS WEEK, August 21st - 25th, is the Johnson County Fair. Head on over to enjoy local entertainment, pageants, livestock, carnival rides, and food! August 9th - 11th Please use extreme caution when traveling on Highway 64 during Bargains Galore. Due to the nature of the sale it can be dangerous to follow the vehicle ahead too closely because of sudden stops, slow-downs, and possible foot traffic.

School is about to be in full swing so here are a few tips we would like to share with you. Give yourself extra time, especially during the first week of school Drive slow and aware Stop for pedestrians in crosswalks Do not pass stopped school buses when lights are flashing red. Stay off your phone in school zones. Don't text and drive Clarksville Police Deparment and the Arkansas State Police will be enforcing traffic and safety laws in school zones. We have a zero tolerance policy for violators. Be safe, and welcome back to school!!!

Don’t make it easy for criminals to take your hard earned property! ✔️🔒Lock up your 🚗 + 🏠 & Garage ✔️Remove all weapons from your vehicle ✔️🔐Secure all valuables!💰💍📦 ✔️Turn on outside lights💡 ✔️ 📞Report any suspicious activity 🚔

Friday the Clarksville Police Department was blessed with a visit from several children enrolled in Vacation Bible School. The School included kids from the First United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Holy Redeemer Church of Clarksville and the Harmony Presbyterian Church. The kids have had a busy week volunteering in our community at various organizations and let's not forget bringing fresh baked cookies and homemade cards to share with the Police Officers! #thankyou #blessed