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  • Address: 301 Porter Industrial Rd, Clarksville, 72830 AR
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Johnson County Sheriff's Office is located at 301 Porter Industrial Rd, Clarksville, 72830 AR. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office phone number is 479-754-2200.

Johnson County Sheriff's Office News

Business Offfice - 754-7810 24 Hr - 754-2200 Emergency - 911

With all the accidents the last 5 days involving children being hit around the country at bus stops I felt the need to share again.

Thank You Sgt. Scott for sharing the beauty of our county.

Chief Weathers, Shannon Lemly, Frankie Tucker and I all teamed up and gave out a lot of candy and even some popcorn at the end to several children and adults at Safe Treat. Thank You all for coming out.

SAFETY TIPS FOR HALLOWEEN Tonight we expect large groups of children to be out and about that evening, enjoying the festivities. Our primary concern on Halloween, and any other time, is the safety of children. With that in mind, we would like to offer the following safety tips. It is a good idea to review these with your children before they begin their trick-or-treat adventure. 1. Fake knives, swords, guns, and other costume accessories can potentially cause injury. Make sure they aren’t too long for the costume and review with your child that they are part of the costume and not a weapon. Make sure they are made out of cardboard or other flexible materials. 2. Only purchase costumes and accessories that are marked flame-resistant. 3. Keep costumes short to prevent trips and falls. 4. Try using makeup instead of a mask. Masks can obstruct a child’s vision, which can be dangerous when kids are crossing streets and going up and down stairs. 5. Costumes with light colors and/or reflective tape are best. Someone in the group should carry a flashlight. Consider putting reflective tape on their candy bags too. 6. Children should always trick-or-treat in groups, rather than alone, preferably with adult supervision. Children should carry a cell phone for quick communication. 7. Parents should select the safest route for children to take. Children should stay on sidewalks (where available) or on the shoulder of the roadway facing traffic. Children should avoid walking in the roadway, in alleys or poorly lit areas, and be cautious not to dart from behind shrubs or parked vehicles. 8. Drivers should slow down and use extreme caution, especially in neighborhoods where children are sure to be located. 9. Children should be instructed to stop only at familiar homes where the outside lights are on. They should also be advised to NEVER go into a home or car to collect treats. They should not stop at houses that are dark or do not have the porch lights turned on. 10. As an alternative of going door-to-door, parents can take their children to community-sponsored events such as those hosted by community centers, churches, schools, etc. 11. Children should not eat any treats until they get home and a parent or adult can examine them. 12. Children (and adults) should only consume unopened candies and treats in original wrappers. Treats with open packaging or torn wrappers should be discarded. With a little preparation, communication and diligence, Halloween can be a safe and enjoyable evening. Of course, we will be on patrol and available to you and your children should you need us. Thank you for your cooperation. Sheriff Larry Jones

LOOKING FOR SECURITY CAMERAS ALONG HWY 64! Do you have a security camera outside your home or business? The Sheriff's Office is putting together a database of security cameras along Hwy 64 that could be utilized when looking for stolen vehicles or trailers. If you would like to be a part of this database, please call the Sheriff's Office at 479-754-7810 to provide your location and contact information.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office received a call at approximately 12:53am on October 21,2018 about shots being fire inside the building at Meetin on 64 while a party was being held. Deputies arrived and found that two males subjects had been shot. Both subjects were transported to area hospitals. Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office and Arkansas State Police are working on developing leads to identity the suspect. Sheriff Larry Jones

UPDATE: SUSPECT IS IN CUSTODY. At approximately 5:15pm Mr. Renken was taken into custody without incident by Johnson and Franklin County Deputies. Wanted for Aggravated Assault: State Police has obtained a warrant for the arrest of Levi Renken. He is still at large. The manhunt continues. He was last seen near Hwy 103 and Batson Road, north of Clarksville wearing a blue shirt and jeans. Do not attempt to make contact. He is armed and extremely dangerous. If you see the subject, please contact the Sheriff's office immediately at 479-754-2200.

UPDATE: Hwy 103 is open. The manhunt continues. Do not pick up anyone walking along that area. Contact the Sheriff's office if you see anyone, please. Johnson County Sheriff’s Office along with several other agencies are involved in a manhunt around 103 N and Batson Road area. The suspect is a white male last seen wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. He was involved in a pursuit where shots were fired. Keep doors and vehicles locked. If you see anyone matching this description call the Sheriffs Office at 754-2200. Don’t try to approach the guy he is armed and dangerous.

A news report published by the Washington Post on 9/19/18 suggests that "Scams will make up nearly half of all cellphone calls by 2019." Don't fall victim to these scams. We have a booklet here at the Sheriff's office to educate you on how to identify scam calls, how to handle those unexpected calls, as well as how to register complaints with the Federal Trade Commission. Stop by Mon-Fri (8a-4:30pm) to pick up your copy.

The homicide victim found in Knoxville on Monday, Sept 24, has been identified as 20-year-old Noah Hampton of Newton County. The investigation continues into his death. If you have any information you think might be pertinent, please contact Detective Johnny Gonzales at 479-754-7810.

At 7:39am Johnson County 911 dispatchers took a call regarding a naked man walking along the highway near the area of Hwys 352 & 164 north of Coal Hill. When deputies responded, Detective Buddy Beavers sustained stab wounds while attempting to arrest Mitchell Salito. Detective Beavers was treated and released at Johnson Regional Medical Center. He is back on duty. More information will be released as it becomes available.

At approximately 7:30am today, the Johnson County 911 received a call of a possible body in the yard at the residence, on the corner of Ash and Highway 64 in Knoxville. Deputies responded and found a deceased male subject in the yard. The Arkansas State Police and Johnson County Sheriff’s office are currently working on the investigation. Foul play is suspected. The male has not yet been identified. No other details are available at this time. More information will be released as it becomes available. We are working only ONE death investigation. No other bodies have been reported today. The shots fired in Knoxville this afternoon were the result of someone discharging their firearm at their residence. Although multiple officers and agencies responded, no foul play was suspected.

If you want Emergency Services to respond quickly to your home, it is imperative that your address is clearly marked. There was an incident recently where an ambulance crew was looking for an address for about 20 minutes, going from one unmarked drive to the next. Unmarked property delays response times. Here are some ideas for markings.

Thanks to Area Agency on Aging for bringing homemade goodies to the Office yesterday (09-11-2018). We appreciate you for your show of support. Sheriff Larry Jones