Marianna Police Department

  • Agency: Marianna Police Department
  • Address: 35 South Polar Street, Marianna, 72360 AR
  • Chief: Martin Wilson (Chief of Police)
Phone: (870)295-2508
Fax: (870)295-5550

Marianna Police Department is located at 35 South Polar Street, Marianna, 72360 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Martin Wilson. The Marianna Police Department phone number is (870)295-2508.

Marianna Police Department News

On October 15, 2018, several reports were made of missing golf carts taken from the shed at the Marianna Country Club and a missing Honda Side x Side. The Side x Side was in St Francis County at the residence of Bryce Nealms. Later, one of the golf carts was seen being driven by Darby Ramsey on Wire Road in Lee County. That cart was located by Lee County Sheriff’s Office After speaking with Mrs. Ramsey and several other suspects, the investigation showed that Jimmy Dale Owens sold a stolen Golf cart to Zachary Buie. Mr. Owens stated that he received the golf cart from Terrye Ann Manasco who in turn stated that Nealms brought it to her residence and parked it. After speaking with Mr. Buie, we were able to recover the other stolen golf cart in Phillips County. He stated that Mr. Owens and another person of interest brought the golf cart to him and was selling it for $300.00. Terrye Ann Manasco, Darby Ramsey, Zach Buie, and Jimmy Dale Owens are all charged with Theft by Receiving a class C Felony. Other charges are pending in this case as we pursue other suspects. All property has been recovered in this incident. All individuals are innocent until proven guilty.

Marianna PD in the house at Delta Force 3 Radio Station!! SO MUCH FUN!

The 17th Annual Barnes Men's Retreat! 10/6/2018 We had a great time!

Sgt. Acosta receiving his certificate from Attorney General Leslie Rutledge!!!

More pictures from the brunch. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MPD OFFICERS

4 MARIANNA POLICE OFFICERS PROMOTED! On today we had a brunch for our newly ranked police officers at Sweet Temptations restaurant here in our great city. CONGRATULATIONS to Corporal Thomas and Corporal Pointer!!! Corporal Walton and Private First Class Holcomb will receive their official promotions at a later date. Thanks to family, friends and colleagues for your support!!! Special thanks to the manager and staff of this great restaurant for your hospitality and professional service!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Mayor Jimmy Williams has proclaimed September 29, 2018 as FIRST RESPONDERS APPRECIATION DAY in Marianna Ar. Thank you Mayor!!

Stop what you doing and help me to congratulate MPD'S Sgt. Dale Acosta for officially receiving his outstanding award from the ARKANSAS ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE of LESLIE RUTLEDGE!!! Sgt. Acosta along with 84 other law enforcement officers were hounered on yesterday in Benton AR. at the 2K ARKANSAS LAW ENFORCEMENT SUMMIT .

Royaltee thanks Chief Martin Wilson and MPD for their continued support in our efforts to empower young ladies here in the Delta. Memphis MidSouth Race for the Cure is October 27. There is still time to register, join our team or make a donation. Please contact the cofounder of Royaltee, Mrs. Jessica Pontoo, or check out the website below. Royaltee supports the fight against cancer. #FightLikeGirls

AUTUMN ON THE SQUARE We had a great time!

Stooppp what you’re doing and help me say congratulations to Sergeant Dale Acosta for being chosen as Lee County Officer of The Year! He, along with other chosen Officers from all over the state of Arkansas, will receive their commemorative lapel pins and be recognized as part of the annual Law Enforcement Summit on Tuesday October 2, at the Benton Event center in Benton Arkansas. We honor your service as Officer of the year for inspiring greatness within the department and community. Congratulations on a job well done!

Sickle Cell Awareness March 9/22/2018

World Alzheimer's Month, culminating in world Alzheimer's Day September 21, 2018

(Kids For the Future Career Day) We had a blast! The kids and staff are awesome!! YOU GUY'S ROCK!!!Thanks for inviting us.

It was really good to see my friend Chief Carter of UALR!!! We graduated together from the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy some years back. Be safe and god bless.

Stop what you doing and help me to congratulate MPD'S Sgt. Barbara Burnett for officially receiving her outstanding award from the Arkansas Department of Health Office of Alcohol Testing!!! Sgt. Burnett was hounered on yesterday in Little Rock AR. with a special luncheon as she received her reward.

Helena West Helena's Back to School Bash!!! Thanks for the invite.

Welcome Mr. Earnest Simpson, Lee High School Principal!!!

Lee High School 1st day back!!! 8/15/18

The Marianna Police Department would like to congratulate Sgt Barbara Burnett. She has been chosen to receive the Arkansas Highway Safety Combating Impaired Driving Service Award for her many years working as the department's liaison with the Arkansas Department of Health Office of Alcohol Testing. She will be honored in Little Rock with a special luncheon on September 6

On today Mayor Williams and me, (Chief Wilson) attended the Lee County School District’s 2018-2019 School Opening Celebration. During the program Sheila Whitlow, ADE Partner, gave a heartwarming presentation and presented this letter. Thanks Superintendent Johnson for inviting us. We had an awesome time!!!

Thank you Pastor Smith and welcome to Marianna, Lee County. It was a pleasure meeting you. I believe you are a courageous man of God, and of humility. God bless you.

Officer Thomas graduated from ALETA.

Officer Holcomb graduated from ALETA.

On Friday August 03, 2018 MPD Officer Holcomb and Officer Thomas graduated from the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy. Congratulations!!!