Texarkana Police Department

  • Agency: Texarkana Police Department
  • Address: 100 N Stateline Ave., Texarkana, 75504 AR
  • Chief: Robert H Harrison (Chief of Police)
Phone: (903)798-3130
Fax: (903)798-3023

Texarkana Police Department is located at 100 N Stateline Ave., Texarkana, 75504 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert H Harrison. The Texarkana Police Department phone number is (903)798-3130.

Texarkana Police Department News

What do you think? Should Lt. Atchley "just for men" his beard?

Getting ready for dinner time here at On the Border! Come out and join us!

Awesome thank you to Ashley Cooper with Superior Auto for $500 donated to the Shop with a Cop program. Ashley delivered to us while at On the Border.

It's people Like Tony Langford that make Christmas so amazing. Tony delivered a check for $500 to us at On the Border for the Shop with a Cop program. Thank you Tony for your continued support!

We are ready to see you out at On the Border for Shop with a Cop day!

It’s update time!!!! Here we are at week 3. Halfway there already! As you can tell these guys are doing a fab job of growing it out for a great cause. Let’s keep it up with the support and cheering them on.

Thank you to the amazing sponsors who came on board with us this week! Farmers Bank & Trust for $500.00 Legacy Concrete Company for $700 Route 67 Convenience $201.99 Jake Hambleton State Farm $200.00 Care Pet Clinic Dr. Kemp $100 Texas Tire for $100 The Dugout for $100 WOW what a week! Thank you again for the continuous support we are so very grateful for you in making this program so successful!

It’s that time again!! For the annual Back the Blue Shop with a Cop fundraiser out at On the Border this Thursday! We hope to see you there!

Officer Cockrell teaching improvised medicine to Forman High School Foundations of Healthcare and pharmacology students. The course is called TECC for Mass Casuatly Events and is designed to teach students traditional and improvised ways to save lives in any situation as disaster events like a traffic accident, work place accident, or active shooter. Very cool class, thank you for the invite.

With the rain expected Wednesday many are planning for trick-or-treating tonight! Weather you chose to go out tonight or/and tomorrow the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department want for all children and parents a safe and happy Halloween. We would like to recommend the following safety tips to parents and trick-or treaters to raise safety awareness. Motorists are urged to be especially alert on Halloween. • Watch for children darting out from between parked cars • Watch for children walking on roadways, medians and curbs. • Enter and exit driveways and alleys carefully. • At twilight and later in the evening, watch for children in dark clothing. Before children start out on their "trick or treat" rounds, parents should: • Make sure that an adult or an older responsible youth will be supervising the outing for children under age 12. • Plan and discuss the route trick-or-treaters intend to follow. Know the names of older children's companions. • Instruct your children to travel only in familiar areas and along an established route. • Teach your children to stop only at houses or apartment buildings that are well lit and never to enter a stranger's home. • Establish a return time. • Tell your youngsters not to eat any treat until they return home. • Review all appropriate trick-or-treat safety precautions, including pedestrian/traffic safety rules. • Pin a slip of paper with the child's name, address and phone number inside a pocket in case the youngster gets separated from the group. • Only fire-retardant materials should be used for costumes. • Costumes should be loose so warm clothes can be worn underneath. • Costumes should not be so long that they are a tripping hazard. (Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injuries on Halloween.) • If children are allowed out after dark, outfits should be made with light colored materials. Strips of reflective tape should be used to make children visible. • Masks can obstruct a child's vision. Use facial make-up instead. • When buying special Halloween makeup, check for packages containing ingredients that are labeled "Made with U.S. Approved Color Additives," "Laboratory Tested," Meets Federal Standards for Cosmetics," or "Non-Toxic." Follow manufacturer's instruction for application. • If masks are worn, they should have nose and mouth openings and large eye holes. • Knives, swords and other accessories should be made from cardboard or flexible materials. Do not allow children to carry sharp objects. • Bags or sacks carried by youngsters should be light-colored or trimmed with retro-reflective tape if children are allowed out after dark. • Carrying flashlights will help children see better and be seen more clearly. Children should understand and follow these rules: • Do not enter homes or apartments without adult supervision. • Walk, do not run, from house to house. Do not cross yards and lawns where unseen objects or the uneven terrain can present tripping hazards. • Walk on sidewalks, not in the street. • Walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic if there are no sidewalks. To ensure a safe trick-or-treat outing, parents are urged to: • Give children an early meal before going out. • Insist that treats be brought home for inspection before anything is eaten. • Wash fruit and slice into small pieces. • When in doubt, throw it out.

Way to go Texarkana!!! We collected 559 pounds of prescription medication from Bowie, Miller, and Lafayette Counties on Saturday for the National Drug Take Back event. Thank you Texarkana Emergency Center for hosting Saturday's event. And thank you Texarkana for making it a huge success!

Congratulations to Detectives Shane Kirkland and Wayne Easley as TAPD Officers of the Year. Congratulations to all the many recipients today. Thank you Texarkana Rotary for the lovely ceremony and lunch.

Thank you Texarkana Emergency Center for the continuous support and dedication to our agency and our community.

Kicking off Red Ribbon Week at College Hill Middle School this morning. Sgt. Briggs, along with TAPD Pride officers, encouraging our kids to be drug free! Hope you are too!

On Saturday, October 27th, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department, Miller County Sherriff Officer, Miller County Prosecutor Office, and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), in partnership with the Texarkana Emergency Center, will give the public another opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs for the 13th annual Drug Take Back Day. Bring your medications for disposal to the Texarkana Emergency Center. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse, and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including from the home medicine cabinet. In addition, Americans are now advised that their usual methods for disposing of unused medicines—flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash—both pose potential safety and health hazards. Currently in Texarkana we have received several reports of individuals using K2, synthetic marijuana, which is highly dangerous. One time use can cause devastating medical issues, including death. Anyone with K2, or even suspected K2, is strongly encouraged to turn it in during this event. Items Accepted for the Program; • Prescriptions • Liquid medications (in leak-proof containers) • Medicated ointment, lotions, or drops • Pills in any packaging (glass bottles, plastic containers, plastic bags, etc.) • Over-the-counter medications Liquid medications (in leak-proof containers) • Pet medications Items Not Accepted in the Program; • Blood sugar equipment • Sharps/needles • Illegal drugs & narcotics (although police will accept these items if placed in the container) • Thermometers • IV bags • Bloody or infectious waste • Personal care products (shampoo, lotions, etc) Contact Information Officer Kristi Bennett Public Information Officer 903-798-3187 (office) 903-824-4199 (cell) 903-798-3023 (fax) Kbennett@txkusa.org

Thank you Cooper Union 752 for the amazing fish tonight! And to United Way of Greater Texarkana for the continuous support. We very much appreciate you all!

Sergeant Chris King spoke with Queen City elementary Monday about education in law enforcement. He covered how reading, writing, math, science, and technology is so important as a law enforcement officer.

It’s Fire Prevention Week! Take a moment to check out the info from Texarkana Arkansas Fire Department

Welp, the secret is out Texarkana! Big things are happening here at TAPD and it’s starting to get a little hairy!! 😱 Stay Tuned for our OFFICAL announcement!! #beardON

Taco eating competition was lots of fun! We’re all preparing for Shop with a Cop night coming up November 8th. So make plans to attend On the Border and support a great cause! Thank you Fernando Rosales at On the Border and Tony Langford for the awesome shirts!

TAPD is at On The Border with TTPD for a taco eating contest for National Taco Day!

TAPD would like to thank each one of our residents that participated in National Night Out 2018. Most certainly was a huge success. We are so thankful for the show of community support demonstrated by each and every one of you. It was an incredible night to see every party was well attended with fantastic food shared. Thank you to all of the planners that worked so hard. Your effort was appreciated by all. TAPD is looking forward in continuing to build on newly formed relationships and strengthening already made bonds last night in our great city. Lets keep it going all year Texarkana!

We are pleased to report that our agency has been accredited by the Arkansas Association of Chief’s Police. This award was presented to TAPD by the Governor last week at the Chief’s Convention in Rogers. Many of you are probably unaware that our agency has been preparing for this process for over a year. The standards were carefully developed by Arkansas Law Enforcement Professionals to assist agencies in the efficient delivery of police service and the protection of the citizens that we serve. Working through this process did reveal that we had many area’s in our policies and procedures that needed revision, and updating.. Receiving the accreditation gives TAPD recognition throughout our state, as well as to the citizens that we serve, our department is operating in a manner that reflects the current best practices for the Law Enforcement Profession. There are only 14 accredited agencies in the State of Arkansas. The Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police will be presenting our certificate in an official manner sometime in the next few months to the City Board of Directors.

On Tuesday, Sept 25th, 2018, Texarkana Arkansas Police received information in reference to threats made by a student in a class room during school hours. After initial investigation it was determined the suspect made several alleged threats of violence toward students and the school district during his 8th period class. Threat Investigator Rick Cockrell spoke with several witnesses with corroborated statements of the alleged threats. An arrest warrant for Terroristic Threats 1st degree, was issued. The suspect, 17yoa, juvenile male, was located and arrested at his residence by 10:30pm that evening. The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department will continue to aggressively pursue any reported threats within the community to determine if a serious crime has taken place. If a credible threat has been made the parties responsible will be arrested….without exception. TAPD would like to encourage anyone who has any information to call 903-798-3154 or the Texarkana area CrimeStoppers at 903-793-STOP. Thank you and you can visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department online at http://www.txkusa.org/arkpolice.