Manila Police Department

  • Agency: Manila Police Department
  • Address: 214 N. Baltimore, Manila, 72442 AR
  • Chief: J W Hill (Chief of Police)
Phone: (870) 561-4437
Fax: 870.239.9913

Manila Police Department is located at 214 N. Baltimore, Manila, 72442 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is J W Hill. The Manila Police Department phone number is (870) 561-4437.

Manila Police Department News

Press release from the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office on the Joshua Runyan arrest.

Our department may soon be looking to hire another police officer. We would prefer a certified officer, but anyone interested can drop off a resume with references at the Manila City Hall. A possible starting date is the middle of April.

We have recently had a theft of power tools from a remodelling work site here in town. A suspect has been developed, but we need more information before an arrest can be made. If anyone has purchased a Dewalt cut-off saw, a Milwaukee circular saw, or a Cobalt radial arm saw from a young Manila man, please contact Delbert Carter at the Police Department with this information.

We have recovered a 9mm pistol that was probably stolen from the Leachville/Manila area, but hasn't been reported yet. It was likely taken from a vehicle. If you keep a gun in your car, and haven't checked it in the last week or so, please do. If you find one missing, you can contact the Manila PD with proof of ownership, and we will return your gun. You MUST be able to prove it is your weapon, before it can be released.

Just a reminder to the citizens of Manila! Always make sure your vehicles are secure at night, and never leave valuables in them that can be easily stolen. Several of the towns east of us have been hit by a rash of vehicle break-ins, most likely by the same group of suspects. Also, especially during the Holiday season, always be aware of your surroundings when walking to your cars at a store or even at home! It only takes a moment of surprise for a predatory person to strike! Stay safe out there!

Congratulations to our brother officer, James Littlefield! He is the proud father of a newborn baby boy, Konner Eli Littlefield, born 10:50 pm, 7lbs 2oz.! Oh yeah, and his wife helped too! Lol

Sorry for all the confusion, folks, but we weren't advised of the parade cancellation until the last minute. The new date for the parade will be posted as soon as we are advised.

As far as we have been told, the Manila Christmas Parade is still on for 5pm today.

The Manila Christmas Parade tomorrow night has been moved up tp 5PM, due to the chances of rain. Float entries will begin lining up at around 4pm. The entries for spots in the parade has more than doubled this year, so y'all come on out at watch!

Well, the Christmas season is upon us again. Just a little reminder to keep the holidays happy and your cup of cheer running over. Remember to always lock your car, especially when shopping. Never leave packages, purses, and big ticket items where they can be easily seen through your car windows. No need to tempt fate and that certain person who is snooping around your car! Most of us like to have our trees in the window, so our neighbors can see how beautifully we have decorated them. Just remember that potential thieves can also see what's under your tree! If you have to leave, ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for you, and keep your house well lit. Better to be safe than sorry. Have a safe and Merry Christmas, and God bless us, every one!

As most of you have already heard from the news and talk around town, there was a police investigation conducted at Manila Pro Hardware Friday. While it is still an ongoing investigation, the Police Department has been asked that if we are contacted by any of our citizens about the possibility of retreiving the confiscated guns that were pawned at the store, or about any guns pawned or purchased there within the last year, to advise them to bring copies of the pawn tickets and their contact information, to either the Police Department or to Capt. Robb Rounsavall at the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office. To those persons who had a gun at the store on pawn, every effort will be made to get your property back to you, but please understand, it will be a time consuming process.

Well, today is Halloween. The beginning of this year's holiday season, While you're driving around town this afternoon, please keep in mind all the little ghosties and ghoulies running here and there in search of treats. Keep this a safe and happy All Hallows Eve. Boo!

Today, we celebrated the ending of one journey and the beginning of another for Brenda Watson. She has worked here and been in our lives for so long, nothing will be the same without her. This December will be forty years she has served Manila in one way or another. She has been our Den Mother, our Momma Brenda, and our caretaker for so long. Now she moves on to another adventure. I'm sure where ever she goes, someone will have the best little woman in town taking care of them! We love you, Brenda Watson, and you will be missed dearly!

The PD has been getting several calls from our citizens about phone calls from the IRS advising they have a warrant and will arrest them if they don't pay. This is a phone scam. Hang up. Do not give them any information, or send them any money. The IRS, or any Law Enforcement agency, will not contact you in this manner. In our modern information age of cell phones, computers, and scanners, it is too easy for these people to perpetrate these scams, and unfortunately some people respond. If the scammers didn't make money, they wouldn't scam. Millions of dollars have been stolen from honest people who fell prey to these people. If you receive a call like this, and you're not sure about it, feel free to call the police department for advice before doing anything.

Yesterday, I was called to the Exxon station about a lady that needed to see an officer. They didn't know why, so I went straight there, expecting anything. When I arrived, I was met by a woman who asked me to come over to her car. She then explained that she just wanted to take a few minutes of my time, and told me her name was Donna. She explained that her father used to be a Chief of Police, and she had grown up around officers. Now she was battling cancer. She had decided, in this world of violence and police haters, to make it her mission to make sure we as officers knew we were loved and appreciated. She told me I was the shield that stands between her and the darkness. She explained she was travelling around different police departments, meeting officers, and telling them this. She gave me a card, with a hand-written message, a Police Officer's Prayer card. and a St Michael's/Guardian Angel medallion. She gave me four more for the other MPD officers. She explained that this was her self-appointed task, and that she wasn't part of any official organization. She said all she wanted in return was a hug, and to pass it on to the other officers. In today's atmosphere of Cop baiting, hatred, and violence, this came as a tremendous surprise to me. I was dumbfounded, and almost in tears. For this woman to tell me she loved me, and wanted a hug, meant more to me than you can ever know. It definitely made my day, and will have a lasting effect. Capt Delbert Carter

Congratulations to the Manila Police Officers who were recently promoted. Great job!

This morning the Manila PD, Leachville PD, and the Sheriff's Office have had several reports of break-ins to vehicles on Hwy 77 around Wise Ln, to the Buckeye area and Leachville. Everything from money and cigarettes, to a pistol and a laptop, have been reported stolen. Our only lead so far is a description given by a homeowner of a subject that stopped at his house this morning at around 5:30am and asked for a ride to Steele, saying his truck had broken down in Manila. The subject was described as having the disheveled appearance of a drug user, about 5'8", medium build, no facial hair, wearing a tan ball cap, greyish shirt with writing on it, and faded and torn jeans. When a ride was refused, the subject left walking north. Please, do not leave valuables in your vehicles, even if they are parked in your yard, and keep your vehicles locked. If you have any information on these incidents or any other, please contact the Manila PD at 870-561-4777.

I read about the shootings in Dallas, and it saddens me. Most officers are like me, We don't see just race. We see actions. Almost every time I stop a car, I have no idea what race or sex you are when I initiate the stop. I stop the car because of some type of infraction. I don't see the driver until after the car stops, and I start contact. I take into consideration age, actions, and whether they can even afford to pay a ticket. Sometimes a warning will do the trick, where a ticket will just cause the person more problems. Remember, we are human, too, and react to what we encounter. Please pray for the families of those fallen officers.

As the construction on Hwy 18 progresses, the possibility for accidents will increase. Please always be aware in these areas, and realize the construction personnel may not always see you before you see them. Traffic laws, such as speeding and passing on the shoulder, will be strictly enforced. Officers would rather write tickets than work fatality accidents, so please be careful in these areas.

In the past, Manila has always had an ordinance against door-to-door sales. However, we have recently been advised by an attorney for Interstate Commerce that such an ordinance is illegal. We, as a law enforcement agency, can no longer stop door-to-door sales. You, however, as private citizens, still have the right to call the police about nuisance sales-persons. We can still check and monitor anyone attempting to do door-to-door sales, to make sure they are legitimate. If you need us, we will be there.

Last week we had a burglary of a residence on Alan St. The homeowner was away for medical reasons, and someone broke into his garage and took several thousand dollars in tools. The biggest was a very large black Craftsman rolling tool cabinet containing air tools, an Edelbrock carbuerator, and a small table-top Bud Lite refrigerator. Suspects were developed and interviewed, but so far, the case has stalled. If anyone has any information on these items, please contact the Manila PD.

We have recenty been getting reports of someone roaming around different parts of town late at night rummaging through vehicles and looking for property easy to steal. Please keep your vehicles secure, leaving nothing in them worth taking, and if you have any property, such as lawn mowers, atv's, etc in your yard, make sure these items are secured. Don't make it any easier for theives. If you see someone suspicious around your neighborhood, memorize all you can about the subject, such as clothing, hair color, etc, and call us!