Lepanto Police Department

  • Agency: Lepanto Police Department
  • Address: 113 Greenwood Ave, Lepanto, 72354 AR
  • Chief: Chad Henderson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-475-2566
Fax: (870)475-3566

Lepanto Police Department is located at 113 Greenwood Ave, Lepanto, 72354 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Chad Henderson. The Lepanto Police Department phone number is 870-475-2566.

Lepanto Police Department News

Starting December 3rd will be the first neighborhood watch meeting starting at 6pm. The Meetings will be first Monday of every month Meetings will be held in the court room at City Hall

Should we have meetings on a Monday night or Thursday night?

We are wanting to get together once a month and have a neighborhood watch meeting at city hall. Was wanting to get some feed back from people in Lepanto to see if what y’all think?


We are up and running out of our new Police Department!! Its at the end of our old building