Mena Police Department

  • Agency: Mena Police Department
  • Address: 304 DeQueen Street, Mena, 71953 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-394-1212
Fax: 479-394-8311

Mena Police Department is located at 304 DeQueen Street, Mena, 71953 AR. The Mena Police Department phone number is 479-394-1212.

Mena Police Department News

Video 3 of 3, theft suspect. If you can identify, call our office 479-394-1212 Please share!

Theft suspect, if you have information to help identify, call the office at 479-394-1212 Please share! ( video 2 of 3)

Were asking for your help in identifying the suspect in these videos. There were two thefts early this morning. If you have any information please call the office. 479-394-1212 (1 of 3)

We were notified that someone is calling local numbers asking for donations for summer baseball leagues. They are wanting your credit card number. The City of Mena is not making these calls or asking for donations. If you receive one of these, let us know here at the office. 394-6225 Thanks, Brandon

***Please Share*** This is at our local hospital. If you know of someone who can benefit from this, share the information. The program is looking to have a good success rate so far.

From everyone at the police department, have a safe and Happy New Year!!

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

The police department will be giving out bicycles again this year, if you know of a child that could use one for Christmas please let us know. We had a great response last year and made a huge difference in some kids Christmas. Please follow the instructions below, we will distribute them on a first come basis. 1. age limit to 12 2. I need the name of the child, family, address, phone number of the family and size of bike. 3. 1 bike per family Please leave this information by message on the departments facebook page. The cutoff will be Monday the 18th Thank you to everyone who is helping us this year! Merry Christmas Brandon Martin

PLEASE READ AND SHARE We are currently working cases where someone had placed a "skimmer" on two separate gas pumps at the Exxon Station. Suspect is using this information and withdrawing money from peoples account. Please check your banking information to see if you have any suspicious activity. If you find that you have been a victim of this scam, contact Det. John Logan at the police department. We have informed all of the stations in town to be watching for this and have contacted the Secret Service to help track down the suspect. I left a picture of the skimmer in the comment section, this type is undetectable and works internally. Thanks, Brandon

On behalf of the Police Department, we want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe out there, this is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Brandon

Tonight the Bearcats play Waldron Bulldogs at Mena. We will be handing out drug free wristbands to the first 50 kids through the gate. Have a great weekend!! Brandon

This is body cam footage of the school traffic this morning at Dallas Ave. and Morrow Street. It gives you an idea of what the officers see when directing traffic.

ATTENTION!!! PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE!!! On the afternoon of August 27th, 2 men in the white, 4 door pick up seen in the video, stole several appliances from behind a local business. In the video you can see as the two men load a couple of the appliances. If you recognize either of the men or the truck please call the Mena Police Department at 479-394-6225. Ask for Detective Gray.

Thank you to everyone for a smooth first day of school. Traffic is always heavy the first couple of days and the rain doesn't make it any easier, we appreciate your patience! Brandon

ALERT!!!! PLEASE SHARE!!! We have received some reports of a 501 area code phone number calling people locally and soliciting donations. The caller is using Chief Martin's name to try to sound official and imply an endorsement. The Mena Police Department has NOT authorized anyone to use our name, or Chief Martin's name to solicit donations for ANY cause or reason. If you receive a call like this, they DO NOT have permission to use our department's name, Chief Martin's name, or to claim any affiliation with the Mena Police Department. Please disregard these phone calls! Again, PLEASE SHARE this so we can get the word out.

Mena PD has begun training a new crop of Reserve Officers. Starting tonight and running thru the end of May these candidates will be in class 3 nights a week for 4 hours each night and for 8 hours on Saturdays. Tonight Chief Martin is teaching Law Enforcement Standards, Criminal Justice Systems, and Ethics. Over the next six weeks the candidates will be trained in subjects ranging from firearms to first aid, and every aspect of police work. These future reserve officers are sponsored by the Mena Police Department, the Grannis Police Department, and the Montgomery County Sheriffs Office.

While conducting a search of a residence yesterday we located an archery bow in a case. This is possibly stolen property but no report has been made. Please check and see if you are missing any archery equipment, call the police department and describe the property. We will need to know the brand, model and serial number if possible or any identifying marks. Thanks, Brandon

We will be taking applications for Reserve Officers until March 24th. If you are interested, come by the office and talk to one of the guys on duty to get started. We will be holding a reserve class in April for those who have not had the training. This is a good opportunity to get involved in the community and help make a difference.