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Arkansas Department of Community Corrections is located at Two Union National Plaza, 105 W. Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, 72201 AR. The Arkansas Department of Community Corrections phone number is 501-682-9510.

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Officially, they are RSBT 5-18. But you can just call them graduates. Each one of the 23 graduates has completed the Residential Services Basic Training and are headed to careers in ACC’s residential centers. They did very well in training - earning an class average above 87%! The Honor Graduate is Michele Pyle and the Distinguished Graduate is Patrick Mead. The Character First Award went to Bre’Anna Bailey and the Leadership Award was presented to Aaron Jones. The commencement address was delivered by Chaplain Billy Davis, Sr. of the Northeast Center in Osceola. His message was powerful and personal, “It’s important that you know that regardless of what society thinks of those on the inside, your job is to come here and impact and empower somebody.” Congratulations to the graduates...your work is important and appreciated!

We had a new volunteer at the Mena office today. She just showed up to say hi to the community service workers. She really likes the workers, and she’s kind of attached herself to the crew. Paula Cox, who’s ACC’s Career Planning & Placement Specialist, says she was a big help cleaning out an old freezer at the church. Of course, she was! This girl actually lives at a house across the pasture. But you know, when the community service workers are out, she likes to come over and visit. That’s fine by us!!!

UPDATE!!! He's been found and is safe! Heads up, everyone! A five-year old boy is missing in Garland County. Elijah Moore went missing this morning. He disappeared this morning while playing in a yard along Natural Place in Royal. Here's his picture.

ACC’s Intensive Supervision Team in Pulaski County went to check on things at parolee Shon Haggans place because Jacksonville police wanted to talk to him about an incident. Haggans was home when the ACC officers arrived. Laci Hardy was there, too. Hardy is a parole absconder who did time for three drug and four forgery convictions. Haggans did time for aggravated robbery. Inside the home, the officers discovered a marijuana, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. They also found a semiautomatic pistol that had a round in the chamber. Haggans and Hardy were taken to jail. Both are going to have parole revocation hearings and they’ll face some new felony charges.

When ACC’s Intensive Supervision Team in Pulaski County went to a parolee’s residence, they suspected they might find something. And were they ever right. The parolee is Larry Brown, 30, who’s been to state prison a couple of times. When officer’s searched his place, they found three loaded firearms, including an AK47 assault rifle. Their search also turned up eight pounds of marijuana, which had been neatly divided into four plastic bags. Brown already has several felony convictions that included drugs, aggravated assault, firearm possession, terroristic threatening and aggravated assault on a family or household. After this visit to his home, Brown is now facing three drug charges and charges for firearm possession and simultaneous possession of drugs and a firearm. And, of course, Brown is also facing parole revocation.

They’re always doing something good at the Mena Parole/Probation office! Here are some shots from the local quilt show where once again, the. offenders doing community service work helped out. The quilt show is a great event that ACC has participated in for several years. Some of the offenders have even become experts at pinning and hanging. The quilters guild ladies are grateful for the help and as always, they thanked and bragged on the workers. Mena has many service opportunities for the offenders and getting them out in the community helps with the reentry process...along with their ability to find work and housing. Stay tuned because the holiday season is coming up, and the Mena group will be out hanging lights and hopefully helping the food bank and animal shelters. Because that’s how it’s done!

This picture was taken at Covenant Recovery in Malvern, which is part of ACC’s Reentry Program. The young man in the middle of the group is a resident’s son who is headed down the wrong road. The residents have been so concerned about this young man that they all sat down with him to explain the ugly consequences of continuing down this path. The residents openly shared their experiences and struggles and they told him about life in prison. They spoke of wishing someone would have done this for them back in the day. And how they hope someone has the same kind of talk with their kids to keep them out of trouble. The residents weren’t being mean in any way. This was done out of love and compassion. And nothing less.

Posting this calendar of great events at Our House because they’re open to anyone in need of them. So read through what’s being offered in November. You just might find something you need to attend!

Just received word that Justin Jordan and Sammy Tinsley were taken into custody about 10:00 tonight. They were caught on the Texas side of Texarkana...about a mile from the community correction center. Thanks to everybody for the quick response!

ACC and other law enforcement agencies are looking tonight for two offenders who bolted from the Southwest Arkansas Community Correction Center in Texarkana earlier tonight. The offenders were with a supervisor when they ran off while taking trash to a dumpster outside the building. Justin Jordan, 30, was a convicted in Miller county of drug possession. He was sentenced to five years. Sammy Tinsley, 19, was also convicted in Miller county. His crimes were breaking and entering and theft of property by credit card. Tinsley was sentenced to four years. If you see them, please call ACC, the Arkansas State Police or your local law enforcement agency.

If you’ve been to the Northeast Arkansas center in Osceola recently, you’ve seen ribbons all over the place. That’s this is the “Season of Hope” in the fight against cancer. A display board was put up that represents all types of cancer. And pink ribbons were placed by office doors and around the building in recognition of breast cancer awareness. Ribbons were available, for a donation, to place in honor or in memory of someone that has been through cancer. The woman in the picture is Phyllis Towery, the center’s Administrative Review Officer, who was the winning bidder of a beautiful wreath made and donated by Kim Mapes for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Important presentation this morning to the Board of Corrections by Col. Bill Bryant of the Arkansas State Police. The topic...K2. Prisons across the country are seeing an influx of the drug, and Col. Bryant says that’s due in large part to the difficulty of detecting it. K2 is basically odorless, it can be sprayed on vegetable matter or paper, and a small quantity goes a long way. And when a method of detection is developed, K2 makers just change the formula. Col. Bryant says the drug is usually made with ingredients from China and there’s no way to know what’s in the mix or how potent it is. That means users can die. And they have, including prison inmates. If you’re wondering how dangerous K2 is, Col. Bryant described it this way, “You don’t know how strong it is. It’s like playing Russian roulette. You’re messing with a loaded gun. There’s no quality control. And the people who make it around here have no idea what they’re doing.”

Tonight...Turn your clocks back one hour!!!

It’s two in a row for ACC! On the heels of perfect ACA audit scores at the Omega Center, we just earned another pair. The results of the Central Office audit were announced by the auditors earlier today and ACC earned 100% on the mandatory standards and 100% on the non-mandatory. Auditor James Allen of Michigan said, “This is probably one of the better central offices that I’ve had the opportunity to audit. Sometimes, the attitude and ability are not nearly as high as yours are.” And from auditor Ed Porter of Oklahoma, “You have to have good leadership and you have to have good people working in the agency. That’s what you have here. And that’s not BS. You are good people. You are doing good work. And it shows. It shows everyday.” We will take those compliments! Congratulations to everyone on two fantastic audits!!!

Here are the results of a national survey on corrections that was conducted by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The results are eye opening... 91% of Correctional Officers believe PTSD is a major concern among staff 94% feel their needs to be agency wide training on mental health 91% believe prisons are a government function and should not be privatized 87% believe segregation is an effect tool in maintaining a safe and secure facility 15% believe the corrections profession is respected

Parole absconder Leammon Lewellen Burnom was wearing face paint when he was arrested last night following a chase by the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team, which includes ACC officers. Burnom is the suspect of a late afternoon robbery of the Simmons Bank on Camp Robinson in North Little Rock. Officers spotted the stolen car Burnom was driving as it crossed the Main Street bridge into Little Rock. North Little Rock police and VCAT chased him as he tried to enter I-30 from Ninth Street. But Burnom crashed his vehicle on the rain-slick road and was forcibly removed by officers. Burnom has more than a half-dozen felony convictions that include drugs, firearms, escape, robbery and theft of property. He most recently paroled from prison in Sept. of 2017. He absconded supervision just four months after being released. Burnom is in the Pulaski County Jail on new felony robbery and fleeing charges. No bail has been set.

The results are in and they couldn’t be better! The Omega Center sailed thru its ACA reaccreditation audit, earning perfect 100% scores on 32 mandatory standards and 201 non-mandatory standards. At the closing today, the auditors had high praise for the center and its staff. Auditor Ed Allen of Oklahoma said, “You did wonderful...Your real mission is, the bottom line is, you’re trying to plant seeds of encouragement and hope in those you’re serving. I applaud you. I encourage you to carry on because you are doing all those things that impact lives.” Congratulations to Center Supervisor Phillip Glover and his outstanding staff for a tremendous accomplishment!!!

It's a big day in Malvern! Later this morning, the Omega Supervision Sanction Center will get its scores on the reaccreditation audit by the American Correctional Association. We are hoping for 100% on both the mandatory and nonmandatory cross your fingers!

Depending where you live, the kids will go trick-or-treating tonight on tomorrow night. Either way, remember to keep them and yourself safe. Cars and kids will be everywhere. Please don't let kids go out alone and do not let them eat any candy until you've checked it!!!

Time for a little, who's a candy suppler, has a compiled an interactive map of the most popular Halloween candy in all 50 states. The link will take you to the map...and you can click on any state to see what tops the list. Spoiler Alert: In Arkansas, it's not Reese's Peanut butter Cups. But it should be!

Nearly three decades later...a cold case is broken wide open. The brutal sexual assault and murder of a Greenbrier video store clerk horrified Arkansas back in 1990. It was a huge news story that dominated the headlines and newscasts for months and months. And for 28 years, it has baffled authorities. Investigators believe that shortly before the end of Pamela Felkins’ shift, she was kidnapped, raped and dumped. They found DNA evidence but the techniques available back didn’t provide much to go on. But now, new DNA “Snapshot Phenotyping” has pointed to a two-time state prison inmate named Edward Keith Renegar who was a frequent customer at the video store. Renegar had convictions in ‘92 for residential burglary and theft of property and in ‘99 for felony failure to appear. He discharged his last sentence in 2001. At the time of the murder, Renegar lived near the place was Felkins’ body was dumped. Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryalls says Renegar is the prime and the only suspect in Felkin’s murder. But he won’t be arrested. That’s because he died in 2002 of natural causes. Renegar was living in Utah at the time.

As promised, here are four hiring events coming up this week in Little Rock. Two will happen tomorrow. One takes place on Halloween and another on November 1st. So look them over and if any of them look good to you, please attend. There are jobs to be had!!!

Good things happening at Goodwill today and tomorrow to help get you job ready! There’s an interview prep class today and two resume classes tomorrow. And stay tuned...later this afternoon, we will post Goodwill job fairs!

The numbers aren’t in yet...but there’s already a ton of talk that this year’s Drug Take Back event might be the best ever! And of course, ACC officers across the state were out doing their part. In the top picture, that’s ACC Agent Brandon Peachey with Malvern Police Lt. Doye Delacruz at the Malvern Walmart. And the bottom picture shows Arkadelphia Police Chief Shorty Jackson, ACC Agent Crissy Hunt and Sheriff Jason Watson at Clark County’s take back event. Thanks to all who have of their time and energy to make Arkansas a safer place!!!