Arkansas Forestry Commission

  • Agency: Arkansas Forestry Commission
  • Address: 3821 W Roosevelt Road, Little Rock, 72204 AR
  • Chief:
Phone: 501-296-1940

Arkansas Forestry Commission is located at 3821 W Roosevelt Road, Little Rock, 72204 AR. The Arkansas Forestry Commission phone number is 501-296-1940.

Arkansas Forestry Commission News

Arkansas Forestry Commission partnered with the Arkansas World War I Centennial Commemoration Committee to plant trees during 2017 and 2018 to honor the 71,862 Arkansans who served during the Great War. Seventy-five willow oaks were provided by the AFC to foster the goal of planting one memorial tree in each of Arkansas's 75 counties, which was achieved in March of this year. For more information on the World War I Memorial Tree Project and a full listing of tree locations: Thank you, veterans, for your service and Happy Veterans Day!

Ozark Acres (Sharp County), Lonsdale (Garland County), and Alread (Van Buren County) fire departments received equipment from the Rural Fire Program this week. Learn more about equipment and programs available to statewide fire crews through the Rural Fire Program:

Sponsored by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Quail Forever and Central Arkansas Water.

Northeast Greene County Fire District added this truck from the Rural Fire Program to their fleet last week. Learn more about equipment and programs available to statewide fire crews through the Rural Fire Program:

Find AFC Wildland Classes this week in Carroll County, more details:

Trick or treat! Urban trees provide wonderful treats for urban wildlife. Fruits of hollies (Ilex sp.) and many other soft mast-producing trees are cherished by countless species of birds and small mammals. Squirrels, chipmunks and other small mammals rely heavily on nuts and acorn-producing trees to fortify their diets with rich fats and protein. #healthytreeshealthylives Learn more about our Urban and Community Forestry Program:

Another year, another great Rural Fire Show! Thank you to all that attended, our vendors, and everyone that worked to make today possible. Firefighters, we thank you once again for all that you do. Be safe and we'll see you again next year!

Don't forget to join us for our annual Rural Fire Show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow!

We are in the middle of National Forest Products Week, which also happens to be Bioenergy Day. Learn more about the U.S. Forest Service's work to expand renewable wood energy markets:

Last week, Ranger Randy Coy spoke to firefighters of Henderson VFD about watch-out situations to be aware of when responding to wildfires in Baxter County. This information and much more is discussed further in the AFC eight-hour Wildland Firefighting Class. Stay up-to-date on the class schedule:

Check out this infographic from that breaks down some common misconceptions about paper production and its impact on North American forests.

Come work with us! The Arkansas Forestry Commission in Greenbrier is looking to hire a full-time Auto/Diesel Mechanic. Applicants must apply through, select Agency as Arkansas Agriculture Department. Applicants must apply by October 29th. All positions are subject to a pre-employment background check. The Arkansas Agriculture Department is an equal opportunity employer.

The hickory twig girdler loves pecan but can girdle other hardwood species. While it can have an effect on nut yields, it is not a problem for overall tree health. Larvae of the beetle develop in fallen twigs, so some control can be achieved by destroying the fallen limbs. Learn more about Southern Forest Pests:

Viola Headstart and Salem Headstart received a visit from Smokey Bear and our Fulton County personnel during Fire Prevention Week. We'd like to thank these classes for allowing Smokey and his friends to share the importance of wildfire prevention. As FPW draws to a close, please take a moment to explore the valuable fire safety resources and tips available through the National Fire Protection Association if you haven't already.

AFC Forest Health Specialist, Chandler Barton, assisted with a forest insect booth at the 16th Arkansas Insect Festival. The display featured walking sticks, wood wasps, and pine sawyer beetles. Hosted by the University of Arkansas's Department of Entomology, this educational festival introduces roughly 3,000 students to various insects and the study of entomology. Learn more about Arkansas Forest Health highlights and forest pests of the South:

Door prizes have been announced for our upcoming Rural Fire Show! Don't forget to join us on October 27th for a chance to win tools, tool boxes, generators, or Power Hawk Rescue Tools for your fire department. For more information about this FREE firefighter appreciation day:

Fire Prevention Week is nationally observed this week in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. One of the most famous fires in history, the Great Chicago Fire started on a farm and travelled into the city, destroying nearly one-third of Chicago in a day and a half. Just as that fire spread from a more rural area to the inner city, wildfires can easily be spread from surrounding wooded areas to homes through various fuels (grass, limbs, leaves, etc.). We hope you take Fire Prevention Week as an opportunity to learn more about how you can protect your home. Visit for more information about wildfire prevention efforts and to learn more about Fire Prevention Week.

Cove Creek Pearson VFD (Cleburne County) received the generator pictured through the AFC Rural Fire Program. Learn more about fire department services and equipment available through the Rural Fire Program, here:

The Arkansas Prescribed Fire Council's 2018 Arkansas Prescribed Fire Course was held at Camp Robinson on September 24 - 28. A total if 50 students and 49 cadre members from the Arkansas Forestry Commission, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, Cooperative Extension Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service, National Weather Service, Resource Management Services, The Nature Conservancy, University of Arkansas - Monticello, Arkansas Fire Land Management, Arkansas State Parks, Camp Robinson, US Army Corps of Engineers, and US Fish and Wildlife participated in the school which included classroom and field exercises involved in writing and implementing a prescribed burn plan and evaluating the results of the prescribed burn.

Many may not realize how many wildland calls fire departments respond to, but for Wooster and many other departments they rank second only to medical emergencies. We offer our thanks to firefighters across the state for their tireless efforts!

Our State Forester, Joe Fox, is doing great work at the National Association of State Foresters' meeting this week!

Arkansas Agriculture Department Law Enforcement Officers recently attended training at the Regional Organized Crime Information Center in Nashville, TN. Our AAD officers are part of the Southeast Law Enforcement Task Force, which is comprised of forestry and agriculture officers throughout the southeast region. Other states represented included Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia.

We're a week away from the 2018 Firewise USA renewal deadline. If you have any questions or need assistance with paperwork, please contact our Arkansas Firewise representatives: All forms required for renewal applications can be found on our website: