Forrest City Police Department

  • Agency: Forrest City Police Department
  • Address: 225 North Rosser, Forrest City, 72335 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Forrest City Police Department is located at 225 North Rosser, Forrest City, 72335 AR. The Forrest City Police Department phone number is 870-633-3434.

Forrest City Police Department News

Concealed Handgun Course Where: FCPD Date: 09/22/2018 Time: 0900 Cost: New $75 Renewal $50 11-734

We would like to gauge the public's interest in a program that would allow more non-enforcement interactions with the public. If you would be interested in Coffee with a Cop or some other form of non-enforcement interaction please like/comment below.

Chief Lee would like to congratulate the home town team on an outstanding victory tonight!!! Mustangs 46 Cardinals 8

Chief Lee "I would like for everyone to come out and support our High School Football Players tonight as they host the Pine Bluff Dollarway Cardinals. The new field and scoreboard look really nice. Go Mustangs Beat the Cardinals!!!" We do not own the rights to this music

Congratulations to the Forrest City Jr. High Mustangs on an outstanding 34-6 win over West Memphis!!!

We hope to see everyone out at the stadium this Friday night rooting for our hometown MUSTANGS! The new field looks absolutely magnificent.

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PRESS RELEASE Forrest City Police Department *225 N. Rosser Street* Forrest City, Arkansas 72335 For Immediate Release Date: August 13th, 2018 Contact: Lt. Eric C. Varner Murder 1st Arrest On August 11th, 2018 at approximately 0720 hours officers responded to a report of a male being shot at the corner of Williams and Powell streets. Upon their arrival they encountered Benny Word suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Mr. Word was transported to the Forrest City Medical Center by ambulance where he was pronounced deceased. Officers at the scene were familiar with Mr. Word and had knowledge of previous incidents at a nearby residence. Officers attempted contact at the residence after receiving information at the scene but were unable to get the occupants to open the door. Family members of the occupants, Hosea Metcalf, arrived at the scene and were able to get him to come outside peacefully. There was also another female located inside the residence during the time of the incident. Criminal Investigators then executed a search warrant where evidence was collected. One article of evidence retrieved was a 9mm High Point believed to be the same caliber used in the murder of Benny Word. After interviews were conducted, an affidavit was presented to the First Judicial Districts Prosecuting Attorneys Office and a charge of murder in the first degree was approved for Hosea Metcalf. He was transported to the St. Francis County Jail where he is currently awaiting trial.

#Mindful_Monday We have recently fielded questions about U-turns in Forrest City. The major problem area appears to be at the intersection of Washington and Holiday streets. That area specifically has a sign that prohibits U-turns. Likewise, U-turns are also prohibited on all city streets by City Ordinance. As defined by city Ordinance 1283 no such turns are allowed under the law. These turns are dangerous and have been the cause of many accidents in the past. Please continue to drive with care for other drivers and pedestrians during your daily travels.

Just a reminder, this page is not monitored 24-7. If you have an emergency or need assistance, please contact our dispatch center at (870) 633-3434 or if it is an emergency dial (911). You can send a message to the page administrator with any questions, comments, or tips, but this is not the proper outlet for an emergency situation. The Forrest City Police department does not engage in any political, religious, philosophical or legal debates and will delete any comments of this nature and the poster may be banned at the discretion of a page administrator. Furthermore, this site is intended to give limited information pertaining to felony arrests and other positive movements by the Forrest City Police Department. Any derogatory statements toward the Forrest City Police Department or the City of Forrest City will result in deletion and banning of the poster. Complaints should be handled in a formal setting with a Sergeant or person of higher rank. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing positive things within our community.

From 08/03/2018 to 08/10/2018 There were 813 calls for service 59 Official reports filed 25 Field contacts filed 349 Neighborhood park and walk/business checks 16 Accident reports filed 71 Arrest and booking reports filed 24 Traffic citations issued from 08/03/2018 to 08/05/2018

It has been brought to our attention that two of our officers were voted as St. Francis Counties Best Officers. According to the 2018 Readers Choice Sgt. Michael Thomas and Sgt. Ruben Ivey were selected as the best officers in the county. We would like to take this time to acknowledge Sgt. Thomas for being listed as the best officer and Sgt. Ruben Ivey as the runner-up. Chief Lee would like to congratulate these two officers for their nominations and to thank the citizens that acknowledged these two officers with their votes.

The individual in the red shirt used a credit card at local convenience stores and again in West Memphis that did not belong to him.If you can identify this individual please contact the Forrest City Police Department at (870)633-3434 or Crime Stoppers at (870)261-1499 and get a CS number.

We regret to inform you that the summer vacation from school is nearly over and with that will follow the back to school trips. It is our duty to remind you that there is a great responsibility to protect the children of our school district and to maintain a certain degree of safety in their travels. This post is designed to inform you that the speed laws will be strictly enforced with zero tolerance around our schools. Speed limit signs will be clearly readable and individuals should take all the necessary steps to leave early enough so as to prevent being late and speeding. Please share this post with your loved ones so that they are aware of this announcement.

#Mindful_Monday Are you aware that when you park on a street that you are required by law to be facing the flow of traffic and be no more than 18 inches from the curb. This allows for safer passage of vehicles traveling on the roadway and makes for greater visibility. This is required by both State Law and City Ordinance as stated below. 27-51-1301 - Restrictions on stopping, standing, or parking generally. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, every vehicle stopped or parked upon a roadway where there are adjacent curbs shall be stopped or parked with the right-hand wheels of the vehicle parallel to and within eighteen inches (18'') of the right-hand curb. (b) Local authorities may, by ordinance, permit parking of vehicles with the left-hand wheels adjacent to and within eighteen inches (18'') of the left-hand curb of a one-way roadway. (c) Local authorities may by ordinance permit angle parking on any roadway, except that angle parking shall not be permitted on any federal-aid or state highway unless the State Highway Commission has determined by resolution or order entered in its minutes that the roadway is of sufficient width to permit angle parking without interfering with the free movement of traffic. (d) (1) The commission, with respect to highways under its jurisdiction, may place signs prohibiting or restricting the stopping, standing, or parking of vehicles on any highway where in its opinion, as evidenced by resolution or order entered in its minutes, stopping, standing, or parking is dangerous to those using the highway or where the stopping, standing, or parking of vehicles would unduly interfere with the free movement of traffic thereon. (2) Signs shall be official signs, and no person shall stop, stand, or park any vehicle in violation of the restrictions stated on the signs.

Starts Wednesday

Speed enforcement to start on Wednesday. Pay close attention to the speed signs and drive with safety. In accordance with City Ordinances, if there is no posted speed limit sign the max speed is 35 miles per hour. Please share this post.

It has been brought to our attention that some people have been confused by the flashing yellow lights at traffic control devices. First, if there is a stop sign placed at the intersection it is because the system is not functioning properly and the stop signs should be adhered to by the driver. However, in the absence of stop signs a flashing red light means stop and a flashing yellow light means that you may proceed with caution. This is defined by 27-52-108. We are posting a pic from the current traffic law book for reference.

Chief Lee would like to thank all of the organizers and volunteers for assisting with making food available to the the citizens of Forrest City. Also, there is ice available at the Forrest City Fire Department.