Shannon Hills Police Department

  • Agency: Shannon Hills Police Department
  • Address: 11610 County Line Rd, Shannon Hills, 72103 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Shannon Hills Police Department is located at 11610 County Line Rd, Shannon Hills, 72103 AR. The Shannon Hills Police Department phone number is 501-455-3125.

Shannon Hills Police Department News


Good Moring!! If your if you enjoy yard sales, the City of Shannon Hills is hosting their city wide yard sale today. There is also a farmers market along with many vendors in the parking lot of Davis Elem. School. Come check for bargins and fresh produce!!

ATTENTION: As of now, ATV's will no longer be allowed on ANY road ways in the city of Shannon Hills. If you wish to ride on the local trails, you will have to get it there legally. Only a few warnings will be given over the next few days. We will impound the ATV's and issue citations for them being on the roadway. Please share this post to help get the word out. Assistant Chief Jeremy Brown

Just a reminder as severe weather season approaches to check the batteries in your weather radios.

The main roads are for the most part passable, however there are numerous spots of black ice. Also there is a lot of glazed over places on the roadways. This is nearly impossible to gain traction on, making it difficult to steer, brake, and accelerate on. If you can wait a couple hours to get out today it would be advised. If you have to get out allow enough time and space between other vehicles. Drive safely. Asst. Chief Jeremy Brown

Finally getting to call it a day. My travel down I-30 to Benton was slow and definitely not recommend, Vimy Ridge and Sardis Roads are still solid ice, and there won't be any change overnight. Tomorrow the roadways will be worse than they were today so once again, please adhere to the warnings and stay home if possible. I'll update again in the morning. Good Night All Asst. Chief Jeremy Brown

It seems that the precipitation has stopped. But remember this is ice not snow so it will all freeze together and become even more slick. Enjoy your day off if you one of the lucky ones. But if you need us we will be happy to help. Asst. Chief J. Brown

6:08am Update: Road conditions are continuing to worsen. Vehicle accidents are starting to come in as people attempt to make it to work. Please trust us when we say its not safe for travel and to please stay in if at all possible. Asst. Chief J. Brown

Update: Roads are the worst I have seen in a few years. And we still have several hours to go. Please stay home today if possible. Road crews are still hard at it but are having a tough time due to the amount still falling. Ill update again when possible. J. Brown

I was able to make it in this morning but ALL ROADWAYS are extremely bad as of 4:00am and the precipitation is continuing to fall heavy. Skyline Drive is closed at the entrance to Emerald Mountain, crews are attempting to keep Eastern Slope and the entrance to Carrington Place sanded but its becoming hard to keep up with the precipitation as hard as its falling. Ill update again when I am able. Asst. Chief Jeremy Brown

Winter weather is approaching, I'll do my best to keep everyone updated on the road closures and conditions. Remember if at all possible stay put and enjoy a snow day at home. Asst. Chief Jeremy Brown

Have a Happy New Year! Stay safe and designate a driver if you drink.

A HUGE THANK YOU to those who donated the gifts for the single father and daughter. Off. Dillavou, Ofc. Padilla, and myself were very lucky and fortunate to meet 7 year old Haylee. She was so sweet and thankful. We were able to visit with her and her dad and grandmother for about an hour and got to know her more than just a name. Haylee got to open one of the gifts and chose to save the rest for Christmas morning, and of course she got to play with the lights and sirens in the police cars. It's us the officers that are the lucky ones who get to meet people like Haylee. They teach us and remind us why we wear the badge. Merry Christmas Haylee!!! From SHPD!!

I was visited by these perfect children yesterday who wanted to stop by and donate a few toys for some in need along with a huge cookie for the department! They know the way to the officers heart!! Thank you all very much!!

With all the negativity stirring in the media about law enforcement, it was more than heart felt to find this on the police departments door step with a sack of goodies too. So to the anonymous lady (yes, we reviewed the security camera to attempt to identify lol) that left this, I am speaking on behalf of every officer here, thank you, thank you, thank you. You will never know what this meant to us. We would love to meet you and at the very least shake your hand. Again, a heart felt warmth THANK YOU. Asst. Chief Jeremy Brown

The NYPD is on the minds of officers across the nation tonight. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family of blood and blue. 110 officers have died in the line of duty thus far this year. 110 to many.

Ok facebook friends, a single father with a 7 year old daughter needs help providing her a Christmas this year as he is a full-time student and can only work 3 shifts a week. She loves toys that any girl that age would and she's size 7 in tops and size 8-10 bottoms. Please help us provide for this little girl so she has something to open Christmas Morning. Please leave donations at city hall 10401 High Road East, Mabelvale AR in Shannon Hills. Thank you all who can help this sweet girl have a Christmas. Please share so we can assure she gets a Christmas. Lt. Jeremy Brown

REMINDER: This page is not designed to contact the police, as this page is not monitored 24/7. We have received numerous of messages of people needing the police. If you have a emergency call 911. You can reach our dispatch center at non-emergency 501-303-5648. Thank you for your understanding. Lt. Jeremy Brown

Do you know me? I was found on Skyline Dr about a hour ago. I'll be hanging out with Officer Jester at the police department. Please spread my picture so I can get home! Call 501-455-3125. Lt. Jeremy Brown

If you haven't yet, make sure you exercise your right to vote!! It's a wonderful country we live in to be able to choose our leaders! Still have a little more than a hour and a half to make it to the poles! Get to it!!! Lt. Jeremy Brown

We've had several calls about people wanting to use 4-wheelers tonight due to the large volume of trick or treaters. The police department will allow this as long as you obey all traffic laws and remain cautious of others. This will only be allowed during the hours the trick or treaters are out. Please be safe and watch out for the children! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Lt. Jeremy Brown

Due to the number of complaints about vehicles speeding in the Emerald Mountain area, the police department will conduct a ZERO TOLERANCE campaign in this entire area. If you are caught speeding during this time, I guarantee you will receive a citation. LET IT BE KNOWN. Lt. Jeremy Brown