Marshall Police Department

  • Agency: Marshall Police Department
  • Address: 100 College St, Marshall, 72650 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (870) 448-2888
Fax: 870-448-5692

Marshall Police Department is located at 100 College St, Marshall, 72650 AR. The Marshall Police Department phone number is (870) 448-2888.

Marshall Police Department News

Lieutenant Patterson and K9 officer Holliman had the opportunity to go and visit with 1st grade about the harmful effects of drugs and why it is best to just say no and stay drug free! Thank you for having us you guys were awesome!

Monday Oct. 29th, following the report of a stolen 30-06, An investigation was opened. After questioning 2 suspects, Lt. Patterson recovered the stolen firearm, with pending charges and the gun returned to its owner.

We have had a recent increase in break ins. If you have any information on this please contact the Marshall P.D.. To protect yourself lock your vehicle and all out buildings. The latest item stolen is a KAHR 9mm serial#EG9074 matching the photo below and also a Montgomery Ward 30-06 with a wood stock and tasco scope. Please contact us if you have information.

The Marshall Police Department would like to advise everyone especially business owners to watch for these fake $100 bills if some one tries to pass them to you please notify the Marshall PD or Searcy County Sheriff's Department as soon as possible

Today after taking a report of stolen vehicle Marshall police department and Searcy county deputies responded to a reckless driver matching the vehicle description of the stolen vehicle. The pursuit ended on air port road. Resulting in several felony charges. Good job Marshall Police Officer L. Baker Searcy county deputies E. Ragland and T. Dye! Thank for all the help

Tonight after a tip from an honest citizen and with the help of Searcy Count Deputies Terherst and Dye. Lt. Patterson was able to recover a stolen ATV. Thanks for all the help!

Tonight Searcy county deputy Daniel Terherst attempted to pull a vehicle over on fair street the vehicle fled down old 27 were the pursuit finally ended. Marshall police department Lt.Patterson along with 2 other deputies assisted in the pursuit and after a search of the area the suspect was located and brought in on several felony charges along with several outstanding warrants!

Thank you Heather Nkevin Mcclung these are amazing department pictures!!

We would like to thank Sozo for all their hard work for us. They have been awesome to work with and very patient with us. They have great designs and amazing work. Thanks again sozo

Great times at the fair thanks for all the help!

We want to say congratulations and welcome aboard Logan Baker! Logan is a great young man and very respectful. Please help us welcome him to the force.

Last night there was a thief roaming the streets and stole over $1,000 dollars worth of tackle and tackle boxes from Andy Wades shop. They resemble the pictures below. Mr. Wade is offering a $100 reward for the return of his tackle and boxes or any tip that helps lead to the return of his boxes.

Last night while on patrol officer Holliman made a traffic stop resulting in several felony charges.

To the Marshall senior class of 2019 Have a great year! Be safe, pay attention, make great memories, and make the most of every moment of this year! Trust us and your parents when we say “you’re going to miss this” it’s your year enjoy it!

Tonight while on patrol officer Holliman made a traffic stop resulting in felony drug charges!!!

Just want to take a quick minute to thank air vac life team for all the lives they have saved by being there for outlet community when seconds do count!!! We have a great medical team here in Searcy County that works with air vac and can tell you first hand how big of an asset they are to the people!!! Justin Dearing

Thank you to every agency that has helped in this man hunt!! Newton, Boone,van Buren, Marion, pope, stone, county sheriff offices, Arkansas state police, Arkansas game and fish, ACC probation and parole, and anyone we may have forgot!! Your help and hard work is appreciated. Thank you again so much!!!!

Inmate Mathew Clayton Armstrong is back in custody!!!!! Thank you so much for everyone’s help!! Thank you to the public who has been patient and helpful!!!!

Marshall police department chief Kevin Trammell arrested inmate JASON BRANNON at approximately 5:30 this morning and he is back in custody thanks to several different agencies as well who have helped through out the night. Inmate Armstrong is still at large and info will be appreciated!!!!


We would like to welcome our new patrol officer for the city of Marshall SamAnd Daneisha Holliman. We will miss officer Ragland and proud that he is still serving you as a county deputy. Sam will be a great addition to our team and looks forward to meeting all of you.

Tonight while on patrol officer Patterson along with Searcy County Sheriff's Department made a felony stop on a vehicle that had a felony warrant. The two occupants were arrested for multiple felony drug charges and are awaiting first appearances.

If you have lost a phone at daisy queen please call the sheriff office with a name, number, and description of the phone 870-448-2340