Hackett Police Department

  • Agency: Hackett Police Department
  • Address: 102 N Main St, Hackett, 72937 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-638-8107

Hackett Police Department is located at 102 N Main St, Hackett, 72937 AR. The Hackett Police Department phone number is 479-638-8107.

Hackett Police Department News

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Currently at Automation Engineering in Hackett. Is it yours?


Thanks to the Arkansas Masons for their donation of stuffed bears for officers to carry in their patrol cars.

Over the last several hours the Hackett Police Department has received information regarding rumors of a threat toward the school. The Hackett Police Department along with the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office have conducted an investigation into these rumors. Numerous interviews have been conducted throughout the evening. At this time there appears to be nothing credible regarding this rumor. During the day we have been in constant communication with school officials regarding this matter and following up on leads to identify the source. We appreciate all the information that we have received regarding this matter. We encourage parents and children to go about their normal routines tomorrow involving school. As a precautionary measure parents may notice additional officer presence at the school other than myself. Parents I would ask that you continue to encourage your kids to come to us regarding threats but also talk to them about the spreading of rumors via text and social media. Chief Spells Hackett PD


The tornado sirens will be tested at noon today.

The water department is currently working on a water leak in the south part of town. Areas affected include Wright Street, Kath CT, and Fatum Lane. Repairs should be completed within the hour.