Ash Flat Police Department

  • Agency: Ash Flat Police Department
  • Address: 869 Ash Flat Dr, Ash Flat, 72513 AR
  • Chief: Anthony Wiles (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-994-3061

Ash Flat Police Department is located at 869 Ash Flat Dr, Ash Flat, 72513 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Anthony Wiles. The Ash Flat Police Department phone number is 870-994-3061.

Ash Flat Police Department News

To many bad accidents this week around the Ash Flat City area! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!!! To many distractions, phones, kids not in their seats and impaired driving! So please put that phone down, Buckle those kids up and give them some ice cream to shut them up and if you take prescription meds use as directed and don’t drive impaired just because the doctor prescribes them to you doesn’t mean you can legally operate a vehicle while taking them. Have A Safe and Fun Weekend, In God We Trust!

Sun setting over Ash Flat please drive safely!!!

As everyone gets geared up to start the holiday weekend we want everyone to know the Ash Flat PD will be out in full force. Please obey traffic laws! We will be watching for impaired drivers,reckless drivers gas drive offs and shoplifters. We want everyone to enjoy the kick off of summer in a SAFE manner. God Bless!

We would like to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mothers Day!!! God Bless you without mothers where would we be?

As most of you know the empty slot was filled by Officer Steve Powell. Steve started his law enforcement career here in Ash Flat back in 2008. Steve is a life long resident of Ash Flat and we are proud he is back serving in the city he calls home.

May is traffic safety month for the AFPD please slow down and obey speed limits. Several warnings were issued along with citations in April. We are dedicated to keep travelers safe while traveling across Ash Flat highways and city streets. You may not see us but we are definitely watching you!!! Please Slow Down getting somewhere isn’t worth losing a loved one for! Stay Safe and God Bless!!!

Only in a small town would a kind person bring you a fresh bbq hamburger,chips and a drink while ur setting along side the road. Thanks Geary!!! Ain’t that America!!! One of the leading causes in Police Officer deaths starts at home at the hands of domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence there is help! 1-800-799-7233 God Bless!

R.I.P Officer prayers to his family.

As most of you know we had a deadly travel season last year. Several people lost their lives right here in town in those accidents. We are dedicated this year in seeing that everyone stays safe! The Ash Flat Police Dept. are looking for several factors that play a major part that cause accidents. So when you see us setting along side of the road we will be especially watching for these types of driving characteristics. 1. Excessive speed, the speed limit on highways in town is 40 mph unless marked otherwise. 2. Texting,Drinking,Drugs and driving. (Impaired driving) 3. Aggressive driving. (passing illegally,weaving in and out of traffic speeding. Careless driving putting others at risk. 4. Children not properly in child seats. 5. Trucks of all sizes pulling trailers tailgating and failing to give themselves time to stop at the stoplight because they're going to fast to stop. So when you see the Ash Flat Police cars and trucks setting along side of the road, we are watching with radar and our eyes. Please take note if you won't obey traffic laws we will stop you!!!

Storm forecasters are calling for t-storms and possibly a tornado this afternoon so please take note and be prepared! Stay Safe!

Just a small reminder we are in a winter weather advisory for after midnight until tomorrow morning. Just when we thought spring had sprung old man winter still reminds us he’s still alive and well!!! Stay Safe!!!

To those who think this is just a job, please think again! Happy retirement Trooper!!! That bitter sweet day we all hope to see....

Please Help get this guy!!!

Good Morning America we hope everyone has a safe and great Easter weekend! “In God We Trust”

So who is on duty today?