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Knowing a person’s complete criminal history is very important when trusting them around your family, hiring them for a job or even just checking out a new neighbor or acquaintance. If you want to research a person’s criminal record, you can search Arkansas arrest records very quickly with a free search online right here.

Searching Arrest Records and Warrants in Arkansas

Arkansas arrest records maintains very detailed records about all arrests, regardless of the ruling. It is essential to know if someone you trust has been arrested for a suspected sex offense or other violent crime. When you search for Arkansas arrest records, you will find mug shots, the perpetrator's full name, age, address, gender, charges, date of the crime, the arresting agency and the amount of any bonds. You will also see details of any open warrants on the suspect by doing a Arkansas arrest records lookup. 

Arkansas Background Checks 

Employers have to protect their businesses and other employees, and this is where a full background check, including complete criminal history, is critical. Schools and other public agencies in charge of people’s safety cannot be too careful and must screen every applicant and volunteer to make sure they are free of any criminal past.

Arkansas Criminal Records Search

State and local law enforcement have compiled and stored years worth of records online and made them easily accessible to the public. You can search for anyone using their first and last names, but if you have their county or city of residence, it will be easier to find them. By doing an Arkansas criminal records search on an online search portal like, you can find someone who committed a crime in Arkansas and view all the details.

Prison and Inmate Records

Arkansas Department of Corrections has made inmate records available online to anyone in need of searching and finding out if someone is doing time. Search results will show you who is in prison, for what offense and when they are scheduled to be released. You can also view details about their race, gender, hair color, eye color, height and weight, birth date and their complete sentencing history.

Crime Rate

Total reported incidents in Arkansas in 2016 increased by 7.24% compared to 2015 and is higher than national average of 3,311.69 per 100,000 people. Violent crimes increased from 11,008 to 11,875 while non-violent crime increased by 7.13% from 67,882 to 72,724.

5 Crimes In Arkansas 2016 with most arrests

Crime Arrests
Larceny-theft 51,460
Burglary 16,333
Aggravated assault 8,428
Motor vehicle theft 4,931
Robbery 1,907

Counties in Arkansas with the Highest Crime Rate

Among the 64 counties the most dangerous is the Pulaski county with 375 violent crimes that’s 3.16% of the total of 11,875. Boone County has the highest number of records per 100,000 residents that is below the state average of 700 and higher than national average of 469.

County Arrests
Pulaski 375
Garland 357
Washington 188
Boone 179
Saline 158

Safest Cities in Arkansas

Are you planning a move to Arkansas? Here are the safest cities in Arkansas with the lowest crime rates. You chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Arkansas is 1 out of 143 up by 0.03% compared to previous year. The lowest rate of violent crime is in Shannon Hills and safest city to encounter a property crime is Amity.

City Crime Rate
Mammoth Spring 4
Amity 4
Swifton 5
Luxora 6
Greenwood 6

Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes rates in AR increased by 7.88% from 2015 and increased by 15.28% in the last 5 years since 2011 from 10,301 to 11,875. In 2016 violent crimes in AR was 49.24% lower than the national rate. Your chances of being a victim of violent crimes in Arkansas is 0.7%.

Property Crimes

Property crime rate in Arkansas increased by 7.13% from 2015 and decreased by 7.51% in the last 5 years since 2011 from 78,633 to 72,724. In 2016 property crimes in AR was 50.89% lower than the national average. Your chances of being a victim of a property crime is 4.289%.

How Arkansas stands up against other states

Arkansas vs. Nevada

You’ll be in more danger in Arkansas compared to Nevada. Nevada had an 30.98% lower crime rate than Arkansas. Mississippi scored the lowest with a 9.8% lower crime rate according to the FBI. Assault rates of 497 per 100,000 people is higher than national of 284 per 100,000 people and higher than average 422 in Nevada. Larceny rates of 3,035 per 100,000 people is higher than national of 2,054 per 100,000 people and higher than average 1,531 in Nevada.

Arkansas vs. Mississippi

You’ll be in more danger in Arkansas compared to Mississippi. Mississippi had an 9.8% lower crime rate than Arkansas. Kansas scored the lowest with a 26.65% lower crime rate according to the FBI. Rape rates of 0 per 100,000 people is lower than national of 2 per 100,000 people and lower than average 18 in Mississippi. Burglary rates of 963 per 100,000 people is higher than national of 502 per 100,000 people and higher than average 955 in Mississippi.

Names with the most arrests in Arkansas

Crime rate by age group, gender, and race

The most crimes, that's 34% of all records in state are committed by the people aged between 21-30. Felonies are committed more by men. Misdemeanor records are popular among white population of the state.

DID you know?

  • The overall crime rate in Arkansas is 0.36% lower than the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people, there are 13.67 daily crimes that occur in Arkansas.
  • Arkansas is riskier than Nevada.
  • In Arkansas you have a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • Year over year crimes in Arkansas have increased by 7.24%.

Arkansas Police Arrest Records by Counties