Douglas Police Department

  • Agency: Douglas Police Department
  • Address: 300 14th Street, Douglas, 85607 AZ
  • Chief: Alberto M Melis (Chief of Police)
Phone: (520) 417-7550

Douglas Police Department is located at 300 14th Street, Douglas, 85607 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Alberto M Melis. The Douglas Police Department phone number is (520) 417-7550.

Douglas Police Department News

Drop off your unwanted prescriptions, over the counter medication, vitamins and pet medication at the Douglas Police Department. 24-hour drop off! No Syringes! No Inhalers!

The Douglas Police Department is wishing everyone a safe Halloween. Here is a printable flyer you can share with your kids.

The American Red Cross is at the Douglas Visitor’s Center until 4:00pm today. One donation can save the life of 3 people! Stop by and be a hero!

Go Bulldogs!!

Chiricahua Community Health Centers held a Douglas Domestic Violence Vigil Event on October 18, 2018. Chief Kraig Fullen was the keynote speaker of the event.

Important Update*** The Douglas Police Department was made aware on a scam involving the City of Douglas Billing Department. The citizen received a phone call from 1-800-906-5529. The citizen did not answer the phone call and a voicemail was left. The voicemail claimed to be a person by the name of Victoria providing a final notice from the City of Douglas Billing Department. The voicemail included a reference number and requested a call back at 1-800-906-5529. When officers contacted the number provided (1-800-906-5529). A request for a three question survey was made and it said a prize would be given for a two person Caribbean cruise. The first question asked if anyone in the house hold is 55 years of age or older; press 1 for yes or 2 for no. Officers did not continue with the questionnaire. ***Please be advised, the City of Douglas does not conduct surveys over the phone. The City of Douglas also identifies as the City of Douglas Water Utility Department, and/or City of Douglas Finance Department when contacting their customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your bill, contact the City of Douglas Water Utility Department at 520-417-7334.***

Abuse is never a one-time event. Studies Suggest, up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence per year. If you are in danger call the police! The Douglas Police Department can help you and your children leave your home safely. Show the officers any marks left on your body; tell them what happened and how many times. If there is any property broken, show them. Domestic violence is a destructive cycle, break it!

Enjoying the evening at the City of Douglas tent for the Relay for Life.

Update 10/5/18 ***Fire is assessed at 137 acres. No threat to bisbee or structures. Anticipate moving to a monitor status in the next 24-48 hours.*** *** Those in the area of concern can cease preparations for evacuation. The "ready" status has been lifted. Bisbee Fire and Police as well as County Office of Emergency Services are monitoring the situation and will advise the public if the situation changes or action needs to be taken. Thank you for your patience and support.*** Update as of 5:27 P.M. ***Those living and working in the old Bisbee area, Tombstone canyon area, and Zacatecas canyon area are located in an area of concern for the Wildcat Fire. If you are in this area please get "ready" to leave if notified and be prepared to stay away from the area for 48-72 hours. Updates will be provided as additional information becomes available.*** Important information **If you are in Zacatacs Canyon area this is an area of concern for an active wildfire. Please get "ready" to leave your home in the event of an evacuation. More information will be provided once it is available. Be prepared to stay away from your home for 48-72 hours. Crews are on scene fighting the fire and making notifications. All others should avoid the area until further notice.*** Zacatecas Canyon is located near Bisbee,AZ.

Reminder: ***Today at 11:18 all cell phones will receive an emergency alert notification. This is a test of the nationwide emergency alerting system administered by FEMA.***

For daily bulletins, crime prevention tips and upcoming events, visit our webpage:

“Cochise County will host a town hall meeting at Naco Elementary School, 1911 Valenzuela St., Naco, on Friday at 6pm. The purpose of the meeting is to address local community concerns about public health and precautionary measures relating to the ongoing sewage flow from Mexico.”

Suicide Prevention Week Suicide can happen for many reasons. There are many factors that can increase the risk of suicide. It is important to be aware of the factors; for prevention and to seek help. One of the main factors is a change of behavior. Whether the person stops a behavior or suddenly adopts a new behavior. Check out the printable flyer for risk factors and hotlines.

In remembrance: September 11, 2001 “We shall keep this day, our tears, and the memories in our hearts. We shall take them as we carry on. We will never forget.” Photos courtesy of Vanessa Romero at the DFD 9/11 ceremony.

***update Exercise is complete please be advised that Northern Cochise Community Hospital is holding an emergency drill today until about noon in Willcox. *** ***NCCH, Wilcox FD, Wilcox PD, CCSO, Sunsites Pearce FD, HCI, Life Net, Southern Az Ambulance are participating. The scenario is a helicopter crash at NCCH.***

***update As of 09-09-18 1:30PM **There is an active leak flowing west from Mexico onto private property on the American side of the border. County Highway crews are expected to complete berms within the next 45 mins to prevent any overflow of pooled water from the first leak, which has been stopped. The active flow is being treated with chlorine by County Environmental Health, who will continue to assess the situation. International Boundary & Water Commission rep is en route to help with mitigation. Green Ave, Naco, remains closed. All other routes are open. No immediate threat to public health.** ***A temporary solution to stem the flow of sewage from Naco, Mexico, into Naco, AZ, has failed. The sewage is currently flowing west onto private property on the American side of the border. Authorities are continuing to monitor the situation and mitigate the flow. Work is ongoing to contain and chlorinate the pooled sewage from the first flow.*** As of 09-09-18 1120 hrs *** Pre-evac status has been cancelled. Flow has been stemmed. Naco Water Co. has increased its testing and treatment of the water supply. The drinking water is safe. Public advised to avoid the area and to avoid standing water. Road blocks at Naco Hwy & Green, and Valenzuela & Green. Both Naco & Valenzuela remain open to traffic.*** ***The public is advised to avoid the Naco POE area unless it is an urgent matter. The POE is still open at this time.*** ***Those living in the Naco POE area defined by Naco Hwy, Humfrey Drive, Friend Drive, and Domingez Street should be prepared to leave their homes for 24-48 hours if the flow of sewage from Mexico is not stopped in the next 4-6 hours. More information will be released as this situation develops. There is currently no immediate life threats.***

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We are at Buena High School for #freedomflag2018 there is still time to come out and join us.