Globe Police Department

  • Agency: Globe Police Department
  • Address: 175 North Pine Street, Globe, 85501 AZ
  • Chief: Lee N Kinnard (Chief of Police)
Phone: (928) 425-5751
Fax: (928) 425-5094

Globe Police Department is located at 175 North Pine Street, Globe, 85501 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Lee N Kinnard. The Globe Police Department phone number is (928) 425-5751.

Globe Police Department News

Globe Police Department is currently hiring both laterals and recruits. We have current open vacancies Please check out the link below!

The Globe Police Department wishes everyone a SAFE and happy Labor Day weekend, a day to remember all hard working people!

On 08/26/2018 Jonathan Swann was taken into custody without incident. The Globe Police Department thanks our community for your tips and assistance with helping get Mr. Swann back in-custody.

Thank you Debbie Cox and the entire Globe Community for your support on this very important project!!! We LOVE serving and protecting our great community.

On 08/21/2018 at approximately 2200 hours, Jonathan Swann escaped custody from the backseat of a patrol vehicle at the 100 Block of Ruiz Canyon Road. Jonathan Swann is a fugitive from justice and wanted for numerous felony charges including Escape. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Jonathan Swann please contact the Globe Police Department.

On August 14th 2018 Interim Chief Robert Folker formally introduced new patrol officer Jeff Adcock to the City Council. Officer Adcock joins the Globe Police Department with over fifteen years of previous police experience. Janice Power was also present to reaffirm her oath of office during her promotion ceremony to Sergeant. Both officers reaffirmed their oaths in-front of Judge John Pearlman. Please say hello and congratulate both officers if you see them out on our streets.

Please use alternate routes as there has been a fatality accident at the US 70 / 77 Junction. The highway will be closed for the next few hours.

On July 8th 2018 officers from the Globe Police Department attended the virtra training simulator at the Mesa Police Department. While completing the annual de-escalation training, officers also completed judgmental use of force and firearms training. The use of force de-escalation, training improves officers tactics, confidence and communication skills when assessing subject’s verbal and non-verbal threat cues. The judgmental use of force scenarios also utilize multiple screens with immersive audio engagement for unparalleled virtual reality training and realism.

Officers McCall and Hudson are representing the Globe Department at the “Celebration of Life”, honoring Trooper Tyler Edenhofer in Peoria. Trooper Edenhofer will never be forgotten.

The Globe Police Department sends our deepest condolences to the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the family of Trooper Tyler Edenhofer. We also wish a quick recovery for Trooper Dalin Dorris who was wounded during last nights incident.

The Globe Police Department would like to sincerely thank the Nob Hill Community Block Watch Program for their donation to the Globe Police Department Canine Program at tonight’s City Council meeting. The Globe Police Department thanks you very much for your kind assistance, it’s wonderful people like you that make the Globe Police Department very proud to serve you. Below Denise Burke and Ginny Sonne present Officer McCall and K9 Aires with their donation.

**Crime Update**

***Crime Alert***

***Traffic Alert*** Please stay clear of the 2300 Block of U.S. 60 near Vonnie’s pizza as emergency personnel are working a multiple injury vehicle accident in the area.

The Globe Police Department would like to thank Rodger Smith for buying one of our officers lunch today, your kind gesture was very thoughtful and does not go unnoticed by our department. Our Officer wanted to express his sincere appreciation and let you know it’s a pleasure to serve amazing Globe Citizens like you.

On 06/29/2018 citizens from the City of Globe and the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation identified the suspect as a fifteen year old juvenile who was arrested on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation for a tribal offense. The juvenile is currently awaiting extradition to State jurisdiction for the charges of attempted armed robbery and aggravated assault. The Globe Police Department thanks the San Carlos Police Department and community for their assistance in this case.

On 6/28/2018 Officers from the Globe Police Department and Arizona Department of Public Safety Gang Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GIITEM) located and apprehended Isiah Gilmore. Gilmore was taken into custody without incident and is no longer a fugitive from justice.

*******CRIME ALERT****** On 06/29/2018 at approximately 0230 hours, the subject pictured below attempted to rob two pedestrians at the 1500 block of Ash Street, this subject was unsuccessful during the robbery and fled the scene south near an adjacent neighborhood. Approximately thirty minutes later the same subject attempted to rob the Circle K located at 990 E. Broad Street using a machete. The clerk sustained minor injuries by the subject during the robbery. If anyone sees or knows the subject below please call 911 or contact the Globe Police Department. The subject is armed and dangerous.

Today we recognize all dads in our community. We hope that you will be surrounded by loved ones throughout the day. For those who will put on the uniform and head off to work, we sincerely thank you for what you do. On behalf of the Globe Police Department Family, we send nothing but the best to all the hard working fathers in our community. Happy Fathers Day

The Globe Police Department would like to thank Ginny and the Nob Hill Community Block Watch Group for inviting our officers to attend tonights neighborhood watch meeting at Lighthouse Church. Interim Sergeants Janice Power and Steve Williams along with Officer Jesus Verdugo were glad they were able to answer your questions and address concerns in your neighborhood. The Globe Police Department thanks you for allowing us to better serve you.

On 06/13/2018, three recently hired police officers from the Globe Police Department were formally introduced to the city counsel and members of our community. The officers were sworn into their new positions at the City of Globe Counsel Meeting by City Magistrate Judge John Perlman. The Globe Police Department would like to formally welcome Officer Cody Hudson,Officer Angel Perez and Officer Jesus Verdugo and their families to our department and community. All officers began their field training in May. During this ceremony Interim Police Chief Robert Folker along with numerous members of the Globe Police Department and family members, were also in attendance showing support for our officers. Please help us welcome the newest members of the department by saying hello if you see them out on the street.

****CRIME ALERT**** The Globe Police Department is actively searching for the location of Isaiah Gilmore. Gilmore has 3 active felony warrants including Burglary and Aggravated Assault. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Isaiah Gilmore please contact the Globe Police Department.

"SAFE GRAD-NIGHT 2018" The Globe Police Department will be conducting a Graduation Night Detail tonight Thursday May 24th (6pm to midnight) During this detail police officers will focus on providing security for a safe graduation at the Globe High School ceremony at Harbison Field. GPD will also be taking a zero tolerance approach for any minors under the influence of any alcoholic beverage. The GPD expects a large volume of vehicle traffic that will be present at the Globe High School graduation and throughout local neighborhood streets. The objective of this detail is to conduct vehicle enforcement around the graduation area and provide a safe environment for everyone attending the Globe High School graduation ceremony. The Globe Police Department congratulates the Globe High School Class of 2018 for their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Go Tigers!

Memorial Day and Weekend DUI Enforcement As part of the Globe Police Departments ongoing traffic safety campaign, we will be conducting intense DUI enforcement this Memorial Day weekend in an effort to detect, stop and arrest alcohol and drug-impaired drivers. Not only will police officers be increasing patrols throughout the City of Globe but they will also be targeting areas with a high rate of recurrence for DUI-related collisions and/or arrests. The Globe Police Department aggressively enforces the state’s 0.08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC) law, Administrative Per Se laws (immediate driver license suspension), 0.04 percent BAC law for commercial vehicle drivers and the 0.01 percent BAC limit for drivers under 21 years of age ('zero-tolerance'). The Globe Police Department would like to encourage all citizens to be safe this holiday weekend. If you plan to drink, please use a designated sober driver.