Clifton Police Department

  • Agency: Clifton Police Department
  • Address: 520 N. Coronado Blvd, Clifton, 85533 AZ
  • Chief: Andrew Britton (Chief of Police)

Clifton Police Department is located at 520 N. Coronado Blvd, Clifton, 85533 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Andrew Britton. The Clifton Police Department phone number is 928-865-4145.

Clifton Police Department News

This male chihuahua was picked up on Angus 11/06/18. If he is your dog or are interested in adopting please call CPD at (928)865-4145

This female chihuahua is up for adoption. She is super friendly and seems to get along with other dogs. Please contact CPD at (928)865-4145 if you can help her out;)

This female black lab is missing from Morenci. Contact CPD at (928)865-4145 or GCSO at (928)865-4149 if you find her.

Female puppy found near the greenlee county sheriffs office. Looks to be about 8-10 weeks old and well taken care of. Please contact the greenlee county sheriffs department at 928-865-4149 for more information.

This female husky was picked up on upper Malachite. Call CPD at (928)865-4145 to redeem her. She is quite a talker;)

This little female pup was picked up on Malachite. Contact CPD at (928)865-4145 to redeem her.

This little female was picked up by Mendoza’s. Please contact CPD at (928)865-4145 to redeem her.

This young female hound dog was picked up in Clifton over by the San Francisco River. Very friendly and good natured dog. Please contact CPD at (928)865-4145 to redeem her.

A husky and a pit were picked up on Yavapi yesterday and are currently at the G.C. Impound Facility. Please call CPD at (928)865-4145 to redeem them. The husky is silver and white with blue eyes. The other dog looks like a blue nose pit that is dark gray with white, both are males.

Flood Siren testing again tonight at 6:00pm

This is a male chi weeny that needs a home. He is very friendly and appears to get along with other dogs. Call CPD at (928)865-4145 if interested in adopting.

This is a one year old intact male blue nose pit that the owners are trying to rehome. He is very friendly and said to be current on all his vaccinations. Please call Nelly at (928) 215-2175 for additional information.

This cutie was picked up over by PJs in Clifton. The owner needs to call CPD at (928)865-4145 to redeem her. $15 pick up fee. Additional $10/daily impound fee if not picked up by today.

5 little kittens approximately 5-6 weeks old need homing. (2) Gray striped tabbies and (3) orange. Mixture of males and females. Please contact CPD (928) 865-4145 if interested in adopting.

Please be aware!!! Emergency responders were dispatched to the Morenci schools for alarms. The schools went into lock downs as per protocol. It is confirmed that the alarms are glitching, and it is confirmed that everyone is alright at this time. First responders are still performing their duties in accordance with protocol. Please do not call the dispatch centers asking for information, we are unable to release information for ACTIVE calls. We are also busy answering the 911 callers who are providing information. We understand that this is scary, but we all have tasks to perform. We will always let you know what we can, when we can. Thank you all for your patience.

This is a female x-breed under a year old. Very friendly and available for adoption. $10 adoption fee. Call CPD at (928) 865-4145.

We’re still having some issues with the train, however traffic can now resume, slowly, on Coronado Blvd. Please do not use park ave as a route as the train is still currently blocking that location. Railroad arms are still down at the Coronado Blvd location so please drive safely and follow the directions of traffic control.

The Clifton police department is currently accepting applications for the position of part time records clerk. Must be at least 18 years old, possess a high school diploma or equivalent, and pass a criminal background. Applications are available at the Clifton Police Department.

This is a 4-6 month old male husky that was picked up as a stray past the old Safford Bridge. Please call CPD at (928)865-4145 if interested in adopting.

This female lab/shepherd X is approximately 6 months old and is available for adoption. Please call CPD at (928)865-4145 if interested in adopting.

These brother and sister lab/pit X puppies are up for adoption. They look about 8 weeks old and will need their puppy shots. Please call CPD at (928)865-4145 if interested in adopting.

This large dog was picked up at Fairbanks last Friday. Please call CPD at (928)865-4145 if anyone knows where he belongs or if interested in adopting.

These two female labs were picked up at MHS. One has only three legs and both appeared heat stressed. They have been impounded, contact CPD at (928) 865-4145 to make arrangements to redeem them.

This female boxer-x was picked up this am on Holstein St. She looks like she may have mange and she is limping. Please call CPD at (928)865-4145 if this is your dog.