Greenlee County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Greenlee County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 824 S, Coronado Blvd, Clifton, 85533 AZ
  • Chief:
Phone: (928) 865-4149
Fax: (928) 865-4161

Greenlee County Sheriff's Office is located at 824 S, Coronado Blvd, Clifton, 85533 AZ. The Greenlee County Sheriff's Office phone number is (928) 865-4149.

Greenlee County Sheriff's Office News

Checked on our Deputy Cadet in the police academy today. He is doing well and they were qualifying with firearms today after laps on the driving track. We look forward to the possibility of becoming fully staffed and having 24-hour coverage.

The U.S. Forest Service - Apache Sitegreaves National Forest area has issued closures for certain areas due to high fire danger. They have also opened a 311 call center for public utilization and information. If you are planning outdoor activities for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and/or Graduation celebrations, be sure to check area closures and critical fire restriction and/or danger areas prior to your activities.

*Road closed - Update - Delay with the equipment so road will close later and morning traffic should not be affected* We have been moving around to work different Focus areas due to problems with traffic or drugs. Recently worked Wards Canyon for a week and had many enforcement contacts. This double stop was a result of the efforts. This morning Wards Canyon will be closed for sealing so please use Skyline.

Thank you for all the public assistance and our Silent Witness Hotline callers - CAPTURED!

Today starts off National EMS Week. Be sure to thank your EMS Professionals and let them know you appreciate them.

A York Valley man brought a new dimension to throwing someone off your property. Due to a domestic dispute, the intoxicated man used a front end loader to remove three vehicles that belonged to a female off of his property. Michael Hernandez was arrested and booked for Domestic Violence Criminal Damage.

Another prom is upon us this evening for Morenci High School and we would like to thank Tom Powers, Greenlee County Superintendent of Schools, for the gifts handed out in support of students choosing to be alcohol and drug free and we would also like to wish the students attending the Morenci High School Prom a safe and exciting evening!!

Motors from many different agencies lined the walkway and started the procession for the Peace Officer Memorial last night at the Capitol in Phoenix. May we never forget those who have lost their life serving others!

***UPDATE - AMBER ALERT CANCELLED - UPDATE*** **Khaleesi Morales has been found and Luis Morales is in custody** We have an active AMBER ALERT out of Peoria, AZ - Subject may possibly be headed toward the Tucson area. Please read the information below on vehicle, suspect, and child involved. PLEASE SHARE THIS POSTER! Suspect is thought to be headed to Tucson but that is unconfirmed so please pay attention when you are traveling today or around the community.

Great time with the Duncan K-3rd grade yesterday. We had as much fun as the kids did talking to them about safety and following rules. They all got to get on Lil' Joe and check out the patrol vehicles while using the intercoms for some games of Simon Says. Even got some staff on the horse as well.

There was a mock car crash today at the County Fairgrounds for the Duncan HS students. There were many agencies / businesses involved who all care about our students and want them to stay safe, make good choices, and have a long and healthy life. This was set up two days before the Prom to help students see the dangers of poor choices. Morenci will have Prom coming up soon as well and both schools are one month away from Graduation. Please speak with the students in your life to encourage them to enjoy a safe lifestyle with good decisions. We don't want to have to respond to a real crash with another young person whose life was cut short from wrong decisions. Thanks again to the many people who helped make this event possible and to the 6 young DHS drama students.

Dispatchers truly are the lifeline for deputies and citizens in times of distress. We greatly apprectiate our dispatchers and what they do every day, 24/7/365! This past week was national telecommunicator week, and we wanted to thank and appreciate our dispatchers during a recent meeting. Had to get a picture while we got them in one place too :) These few dedicated people ensure there is never one second without someone to speak with in an emergency. They also answer hundreds of non-emergency calls and questions. Dispatchers are truly behind the scenes people that take care of what needs to be done to protect all first responders and citizens. Thank you!!!!!!

Thank you Duncan Valley Rural Fire District for keeping us updated!! Everyone please educate yourselves on what these Redflag warnings entail and share this information.

Today starts the Javelina Chase cycling event in Greenlee County. Use caution and be patient today as there will be hundreds of cyclists scattered on several different roadways. All races start from the Fairground and the affected roads will include SR 75, SR 78, Virden Road, and US 70 from Duncan into New Mexico. Officers will be on these roadways and at intersections to help ensure safety. The off-road cyclists will be on Carlisle, Goat Camp, Bittercreek, and Line Canyon Roads. Search & Rescue volunteers will be on these back roads for assistance. There will also be many runners around the Fairgrounds and a Bike Rodeo at the Fairgrounds to teach kids about bike safety. Enjoy the event and use caution today as you are out on the roadways around Duncan to 3-Way.

We took a patrol car, detention car, McGruff, and Lil' Joe to the Headstart today. The kids had a blast climbing through the cars, riding a horse, and giving McGruff high-5's!

Two traffic stops led to two arrests yesterday. One stop in Duncan resulted in an Aggravated DUI arrest. Ramiro Gonzalez was booked for Aggravated DUI and Driving Suspended. Gregory Aguilar was booked for Possession of Dangerous Drugs / Paraphernalia and Driving Suspended in a later stop in Clifton resulting in 7 grams of Meth and some paraphernalia. Some meth being tested and weighed is pictured here.

Our Community has suffered the loss of a great man. Mayor Felix Callicotte Thank you for your many years of dedication and service and the kindness that you have shown to so many. Your presence will truly be missed. It is with a heavy heart that we say Goodbye Sir, and may you Rest In Peace. The Greenlee County Sheriff's Office

Glad for all the training and drills our Office and CPD have been conducting this past year in the schools.

Duncan and Virden volunteer Fire Departments are actively working a structure fire in Franklin just off U S 70. Morenci Fire is also en route to assist. We appreciate our volunteer fireman!

A truck had a tire blowout and struck an embankment this morning on US191 north of Skyline. A toolbox fell out scattering nails and screws over the highway. We are glad that ADOT was able to respond right away with a street sweeper and made sure the road got cleared of debris.

One traffic stop was conducted near the end of that heavy traffic and drug dog Chase alerted. Meth was located in the pickup and the driver had smoked meth before driving. He was arrested for DUI Drugs and Possession of Dangerous Drugs.

I-10 was shut down and the traffic has been routed through Duncan. There are also numerous cyclist between Duncan and Safford so please use caution. We are trying to get ADOT to go offer rides to the cyclists since that could be dangerous for them.

An early morning traffic stop resulted in meth and paraphernalia being located in Loma Linda. We have increased presence early in the mornings in some different areas and on the highways. Deputies can't be everywhere all the time, but try to spread around the county at different times to make a difference.

The testing of the Levee gates on US 191 in Clifton just finished and the highway is reopened.