El Mirage Police Department

  • Agency: El Mirage Police Department
  • Address: 12401 W. Cinnabar Ave., El Mirage, 85335 AZ
  • Chief: Mike Frazier (Chief of Police)
Phone: 623-500-3000
Fax: 623-500-3001

El Mirage Police Department is located at 12401 W. Cinnabar Ave., El Mirage, 85335 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike Frazier. The El Mirage Police Department phone number is 623-500-3000.

El Mirage Police Department News

Governor Ducey proclaimed today as Law Enforcement Records Personnel Appreciation Day. Thank you to our fantastic staff that serves our community professionally everyday. I am proud of all of you. Chief M

From Chief Marzocca I can’t believe it has been almost six months since I became your Police Chief. I am humbled and honored to represent this professional police force. I want to thank our community for their support as we honored victims of Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer in the month of October. For the month of November our staff will be allowed to grow beards in support of men’s testicular cancer and we will be posting pictures throughout the month of their efforts. We will be having awards for best looking, worst looking and other awards to bring awareness to cancer. November 4th is a milestone here as we will be going from five patrol squads to six. Our El Mirage City Council was gracious enough to give us new officers this year and we have most of them hired and trained. (Training is upwards of 12-15 weeks) What this means is some overlapping of shifts and hopefully improved efficiency and communication. Officers will be assigned to beats and we want our officers to get to know the people who live in their beats and the citizens to get to know our officers. We will also focus on traffic enforcement which is one of the number one complaints to the PD. Our officers will be proactive and hopefully stop crime before it happens. This fall we will have two newly created Police Assistants joining our force who will assist officers in the field. One major task the PA’s will do is jail transport. To book a prisoner into jail in Phoenix usually takes a minimum of 4 hours with drive time. That’s 4 hours our officers are not available to patrol El Mirage. When our Police Assistants are on duty they will do the transports and a myriad of others tasks that will leave our officers in the city. We are improving efficiency to make El Mirage one of the safest cities on the west side. Take care and be kind -Your Chief

We Can Stand Together Against Domestic Violence