Show Low Police Department

  • Agency: Show Low Police Department
  • Address: 150 N. 6th St., Show Low, 85901 AZ
  • Chief: J Jeffrey Smythe (Chief of Police)
Phone: 928-537-5091
Fax: 928-537-8346

Show Low Police Department is located at 150 N. 6th St., Show Low, 85901 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is J Jeffrey Smythe. The Show Low Police Department phone number is 928-537-5091.

Show Low Police Department News

Two years.

Darrin's Dodge Durango patrol car, Unit 69, follows the vehicle carrying his remains as it leads the rest of the procession through the Salt River Canyon.

Two years.

Spread the word.

SLPD and PLPD chiefs talking dispatch consolidation - great information for anyone wondering about how your calls get answered!

Hello everyone - Chief Shelley wanted to remind everyone that if you have any concerns about crime or suspicious behavior, we encourage you to let us know. Please remember that you can call us anytime - your help is essential to keeping our community safe, and we couldn't do this job without you.

Would have been nice to hang on to the trophy, but there is always next year! Thanks to everyone who made this possible and raised money for a great cause.

There once was a little shepherd boy who grew bored while watching over the flock. For his own amusement, he cried "WOLF! WOOOOLF!" until some villagers in the valley below came up to help him. When the villagers arrived, there was no wolf, just a smug little boy mocking the villagers he so easily fooled. The villagers returned home, and even though nothing actually happened, word of a wolf spread throughout the town like a panic. Those who actually checked quickly learned there was no wolf, but the gossips of the town made no effort to learn the truth and kept sharing the story. They were less concerned with the truth than they were with having an interesting tale to tell. Sure, it was just a story, and some of the people sharing it were probably only trying to help. Even so, the spread of lies accomplished nothing useful. No one was made safer, but the credibility of those who repeated the lie as truth was forever tarnished. All that was accomplished was one little troll of a boy, laughing at the gullible who were now tricking others on his behalf. ------------------ Don't encourage trolling and damage your reputation by sharing the fabrications of Internet trolls. VERIFY before you share!

FYI to everyone sending us the VERY enthusiastic messages - we are very aware that we have been challenged, and we are working on some ideas... That said, this will definitely be a tough act to follow, so give us some time to come up with something good! 😃

With so many graduates of this program, we're proud to see our own Officer Hatch featured here!

Still plenty of great things to do, we hope everyone has a great time this Independence Day!

Let's solve this - spread the word and help get justice for Michael!

Fire information - be sure to follow the Forest Service page for up to date information.

The Citizens Academy is coming up! This fun program fills up fast, so sign up while you can.

Another #throwbackthursday to when Detective Rosales was honored for his hard work with the gang task force! "Detective Richard “Richie” Rosales began working for Show Low Police Department on August 10th, 2012. For the first three years he excelled as an officer, showing his passion and dedication to the job. He was consistently the highest, pro-active officer in the Patrol Division. In October, 2015, Officer Rosales tested for the position of GIITEM (Gang & Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission) Detective. This position is part of a multi-agency task force headed up by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Officer Rosales was selected, and approached the new position with his characteristic focus and determination. Everyone he has worked with in the State Task Force has commented on how hard he works. Several have stated “He never slows down!” During Detective Rosales’ time at GIITEM he’s been making gang related arrests rivaling those in the valley’s metro area. It’s no surprise to anyone that knows him that Richie was recognized as the 2017 Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) GIITEM Detective of the Year. He also received the following awards at the DPS annual banquet on April the 11th, 2018: -Criminal Investigations, Northern Investigations Bureau Detective of the Year. -Northeast District Detective of the Year -Detective Rosales’ squad was also recognized as the Northeast District Squad of the Year Our congratulations go to Detective Rosales for a job well done and an award well deserved!"

#throwbackthursday to when our dispatcher Maria Garvin (hiding in the back) met Pinetop Lakeside Police and DPS with Special Olympics athletes Cheryl and Susie for the Law Enforcement Torch Run handoff! We're proud to be a part of this event and raise money for the Special Olympics every!

CANCEL - Child found safely! Thank you to all who shared! Original post --------------------------------- MISSING CHILD Charity Hobbs, 10 years old 4'10", 100 lbs, has epilepsy Last seen around 7:30 am, near 9th Pl in Show Low. Wearing a red dress with black & white polka dots, carrying an aqua polka dot backpack.

Our dispatch center has been receiving calls with concerns about a fire in Lakeside. A single business near the fire was evacuated, but THERE ARE NO OTHER EVACUATIONS. Please help control the spread of rumors by only sharing accurate information. Thank you!

Our home was looking good during this morning's sunrise! 🖤💙🖤

Chief Shelley had the privilege of standing watch at this incredible traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Oro Valley this weekend. If you're in the area, you still have time to check it out. More information can be found in this article:

Two weeks ago, we said goodbye to K9 Officer Ruger. Ruger gave many years of service to SLPD before health issues led to his retirement. Thankfully, Ruger was able to spend his retirement with his handler, Officer Huser. Thank you Ruger for all you did to make our community safer, you will be missed. @ Show Low, Arizona

Be prepared! These principles will help keep you and your family safe if fire comes our way.

The best way to prevent trouble is to plan ahead and be prepared!

Screenshots of a facebook post from "Ray Andres" making an implied threat against "SHS" have been getting shared across the country, from South Carolina all the way to Guam. If you come across this post, please know it is already being investigated, and at this time there is no reason to believe the post is related to any of our local schools. If any cause for concern is discovered, it will be shared immediately.