San Luis Police Department

  • Agency: San Luis Police Department
  • Address: 1030 E. Union St., San Luis, 85349 AZ
  • Chief: Edward A Muñoz (Chief of Police)
Phone: 928-341-2420
Fax: 928-627-5436

San Luis Police Department is located at 1030 E. Union St., San Luis, 85349 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Edward A Muñoz. The San Luis Police Department phone number is 928-341-2420.

San Luis Police Department News

The San Luis Police Department thanks those who served in the armed forces and those that paid the ultimate prize of freedom🇺🇸

“November 9th is the Law Enforcement Records Personnel Appreciation Day.” The San Luis Police Department would like to recognize Lizeth Laguna, Elizabeth Bonilla and Socorro Ayala! They are without a doubt a great team that is an essential component that helps build the success of the SLPD. Ladies we thank you all for your hard work and dedication, the SLPD could not function without you!

The San Luis Police Explorers attended the 1st Annual Police Explorer Olympics this weekend. The event was held at the Phoenix Regional Police Academy and there were 60 participants with 9 different law enforcement agencies that participated. The San Luis Police Explorers took 1st Place in the 500 Yard Run, The Body Drag, 1st Place Team Finish in Polie Vehicle Push and Tug-A-War. Chief Richard Jessup: "Congratulations, we're very proud of you guys, what a better way to represent not only yourselves as police explorers, but also proud members of the San Luis Community." The SLPD thanks Police Explorer Advisors Officer Ben Gomez and Detective Bobadilla for their support on this great program.

The San Luis Police Department would like to thank the Police Explorers for working on today’s Carwash and Denny’s Restaurant for allowing the San Luis Police Explorers to have their Carwash on their property along with the use of their water and electricity to use the power-wash machines! It was a very successful morning for the Carwash as many community members brought their cars to get them washed! Thank you to all those that donated money to help keep this program going. Money collected from these Carwash events is used for equipment to include uniforms for the Explorers and to help for expenses in their field trips as well!

The San Luis Police Department would like to invite everyone to attend and help with great cause for our community’s youth! Thank you 👍

Beginning November 1st and running through the end of March, San Luis Police Department officers will be sporting a new look to support a worthy cause. The No-Shave November is a national movement that encourages men to raise awareness and funding for cancer-related charities, including the American Cancer Society, non-profit organizations related to domestic violence awareness and local youth organizations among others. [ 142 more words ]

The San Luis Police Department would like to remind everyone that there are very important safety tips we recommend during Halloween! Most importantly have fun, but be safe! Halloween Safety Tips: MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDREN DRESS SAFELY Check that costumes are flame-retardant so little ones aren't in danger near burning jack-o-lanterns and other fire hazards Have them wear light-colored clothing that's short enough to prevent tripping, and add reflective tape. Try make-up instead of a mask - masks can be hot and uncomfortable and - more importantly - they can obstruct a child's vision (a dangerous thing when crossing streets and going up/down stairs). Put reflective tape on costumes. Trick-or-treaters always should be in groups so they aren't a tempting target for real-life goblins. Parents should accompany young children. Avoid hard plastic or wood props such as daggers or swords. Substitute with foam rubber, which is soft and flexible. MAKE TRICK-OR-TREATING TROUBLE FREE Make sure older kids trick-or-treat with friends. Map out a safe route so you will know where they will be, and tell them to stop only at familiar homes where the outside lights are on. Watch for traffic. Trick-or-treat while it is still light out. If it's dark, make sure someone has a flashlight and only pick well-lighted homes. Make sure children know not to enter strange houses or a stranger's car. TREATS Children need to know not to eat their treats until they get home. One way to keep trick-or-treaters from digging in while they are still out is to feed them a meal or a snack beforehand. Parents should check all treats at home in a well-lighted place. Report any suspicious treat or packaging to the San Luis Police Department. What to eat? Only unopened candies and other treats that are in original wrappers. Don't forget to inspect fruit and homemade goodies for anything suspicious. By all means, try not to let them eat everything all at once, or they could get sick!

The San Luis Police Department would like to thank Raising Dollars for Dogs & Cats, a non-profit organization that is supervised by Juanita Sanchez-Moore and Sherrell Judish. This great organization that was formed by many great donors such as Patricia Rodriguez from Pioneer Title and Tony Ponsiglione (retired police officer) among many other, that donate money for good causes involving dogs 🐕 and cats 🐈 and in this case, this great organization donated a total of $1177.00 dollars to buy a bulletproof vest for our police canines. The SLPD thanks you all greatly for your generosity!

The San Luis Police Department would like to thank everyone that stopped by at our station this past Saturday October 27th, 2018 to drop off old/expired medication and supported the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day!

The San Luis Police Department would like to remind everyone about tomorrow Saturday’s take back medication day from 10am to 2pm here at the San Luis Police Department!

On 10-23-2018, during evening hours, a 16 y/o male subject was arrested by San Luis Police Officers after making threats of a shooting in a school on the social media platform Snapchat. San Luis officers arrested the male juvenile with the assistance of the Yuma Police Department, when the juvenile turned himself in at their facility. The male juvenile was ultimately booked into the Yuma County Juvenile Detention Center under the felony charge of interference with or disruption of an educational institution. [ 69 more words ]

The San Luis Police Department in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), invite you to clean out your medicine cabinets of any unwanted and/or expired medication. By removing unwanted/expired medication, it helps make our community safe and drug free! The San Luis Police Department will have a police officer and an evidence techinican in the San Luis Police Department Lobby to collect the unwanted/expired medication on OCTOBER 27th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Any questions please contact Officer Ben Gomez or Evidence Technician Michael Navarro.

This weekend the San Luis Police Department assisted in the Family Fun Ride Event! Somerton’s Economic Development Department, Somerton Police Department and Arizona Department of Transportation and San Luis, AZ Walmart also assisted in the success of this event, which was formulated from community members from all of Yuma County!

The San Luis Police Department would like to thank Denny’s Restaurant and their personnel for allowing us to conduct our 5th Coffee with a Cop event that was held this past weekend. We also want to thank the community members that attended and shared their thoughts with San Luis police officers including the San Luis Police Chief Richard Jessup, who was in attendance.

The San Luis Police Department would like to thank Officer Ben Gomez and the San Luis Police Explorers for participating in the 2018 GAIN Event (Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods).

The San Luis Police Department would like to recognize the City of San Luis Facilities Department for their hard work and dedication. A well deserved day of National Custodian Workers Recognition Day! Thank you to an awesome team!!

Today San Luis Police Department took part in the Domestic Violence Awareness photo with all the Yuma County law enforcement agencies at Amberly’s Place. We would like to thank Amberly’s Place for their continued support with our San Luis community and Yuma County as well. The SLPD will be present during the Domestic Violence Awareness event that will be held at Amberly’s Place on Monday October 1st in support of all victims of DV.

The San Luis Police Department would like to invite everyone to attend our next Coffee with a Cop event, which will be held on October 6th at our local Denny’s Restaurant! This will be a good time to bring your questions for the officers including the San Luis Police Chief Richard Jessup, who will also be there. We’ll see you there!

Car seat safety.

To apply:

The San Luis Police Department in conjunction with the City of San Luis Parks & Recreation Department would like to thank all the agencies that took part in this year’s “Safety Event,” which has been a great program for this great community.

City of San Luis - Use of Communication Device while vehicle or bicycle in Motion is PROHIBITED under Ordinance No. 336. Please Don’t Text and Drive!