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Wyoming has a population of 582,658, clustered around major municipal centers and the capital, Cheyenne. The state nickname is Equality State (official); Cowboy State; Big Wyoming; Wonderful Wyoming. We’re not sure what the signature crime is in Wyoming, but they logged 453 property crimes arrests in 2014, including 2,418 arrests for thefts, from 225 arrests for burglaries to 66 arrests for buying, selling or receiving stolen property. Motor vehicle theft accounted for 84 arrests that year, while embezzlement notched 12 arrests and prostitution netted 54. State and local police policies as well as the presence of social service safety nets are reflected in the 2,404 arrests for drunkenness, 62 vagrancy arrests and 211 loitering arrests because some states report thousands while others report none (some states do not categorize drunkenness or loitering as crimes). In Wyoming, 3,742 were arrested in 2014 for DUI. Violent crimes, including murder and non-negligent manslaughter accounted for 19 arrests. There were 39 rape arrests. There were nearly 100,000 arrests nationwide for violent crimes in these categories reported by the FBI in 2012. Three of the country's largest states routinely report more than 1,000 murder and non-negligent manslaughter arrests each year: California, Texas and Florida. Many other mid-size states, including Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania often report more than 500 crimes of that type annually – but the highest murder and non-negligent manslaughter rate per 1,000 residents is a dubious title held by some smaller states like Louisiana, with 10.8 and the District of Columbia with 13.9 per 1,000 residents, respectively. The violent crime rate for Wyoming was 201 per 1,000 residents in 2012, and the total number of arrests reported by state and local police agencies was 1161 in 2014.