Alameda Police Department

  • Agency: Alameda Police Department
  • Address: 1555 Oak St, Alameda, 94501 CA
  • Chief: Michael C Noonan (Interim Chief of Police)
Phone: (510) 337-8323

Alameda Police Department is located at 1555 Oak St, Alameda, 94501 CA. The Interim Chief of Police of the department is Michael C Noonan. The Alameda Police Department phone number is (510) 337-8323.

Alameda Police Department News

APD officers frequently participate in routine trainings to prepare themselves for a variety of situations. This past week, officers started their day with trauma wound training. This training is a critical tool that can be the difference between life and death during the precious seconds officers spend with an individual as they wait for medical professionals to arrive.

APD 'nose' something...

CAN YOU IDENTIFY THIS PACKAGE THIEF? On May 23, 2018, around 12:15 PM, a suspect was seen stealing packages from porches on the 3200 block of Calhoun Street and the 3200 block of Washington Street. The suspect’s vehicle appears to be a burgundy 1990s Honda Accord and is missing the right front hubcap. Please contact APD at (510) 337-8340, reference case #18-02755, if you have any information on either of his identities or whereabouts.

On May 22, 2018 at about 3:05 PM, APD received several calls regarding a disturbance involving an adult male who appeared to be stopping traffic and throwing objects at vehicles near Park Street and Encinal Avenue. While en route to the scene, patrol officers were informed that the suspect was seen on a resident’s porch with a machete – the caller advised APD dispatchers that the suspect was observed fleeing on foot. Minutes later, APD received additional reports that the same individual was seen yelling at passing vehicles and citizens on Gibbons Drive. Responding officers quickly secured the area and deescalate the situation. Ultimately, the individual was safely taken into custody without incident and was found to be in possession of a hatchet. We thank the Alameda community members who provided detailed information about the suspect’s description and location that allowed responding officers to quickly and safely apprehend the individual. As a reminder, when calling 9-1-1, let the dispatchers guide the conversation and provide as much details as possible – location, suspect’s description, clothing description, vehicle description, direction suspect/vehicle is heading, etc. If you see something, say something.

Did you miss your chance in April? We are back with another FREE child safety seat inspections & installations this June. Come visit our Child Seat Specialist from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday, June 2nd in the City Hall Parking Lot on Oak St. (between City Hall and the Police Department). Studies show children involved in motor vehicle collisions run a great risk of death or serious injury. However, a properly installed child safety seat can greatly reduce these factors. Children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat. Children who are 8 years of age OR have reached 4'9” in height may be secured by a booster seat, but at a minimum must be secured by a safety belt. (California Vehicle Code Section 27363.)

SCAM ALERT: ROYAL NAME GAME The Royal Wedding drew the attention of viewers from around the globe, which means there has been much social media buzz connected to Harry and Meghan’s big day. Including wedding or royalty themed games. You may have noticed a recent game circulating called the “Royal Name Game.” This widely shared game asks users to identify their royal name on social media with the following instructions: Your royal name starts with the title Lord/Lady. The title is followed by the name of one of your grandparents, then the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on. Sound a little fishy? The instructions mirror a few commonly asked security questions: ‘What is your mother’s maiden name?’ ‘What is your first pet’s name?’ ‘What is the name of the street you grew up on?’ While the game may initially appear innocent, sharing this information can compromise your security. This information can be used to reset passwords, login into accounts or gain access to secured information. There are many variations to this game: The Celebrity Name Game, Disney Character Name Game, Wrestler Name Game, etc. Similar instructions include: Use the name of your favorite color, include the number of children you have, name your high school mascot. Before playing along and ‘sharing’ your new ‘name,’ consider reviewing the instructions and evaluate how much information you are giving out to the public.

Today we had a visit from Le Petit's preschool class. Before becoming APD Junior Officers, the class went through "training" on crosswalk safety and learning about appropriate times to call 9-1-1. They all agreed, 9-1-1 is not the number to dial if someone is hungry and wants a pizza. Upon completion of their "training," each of our new friends received their APD hat and badge. Lt. McMullen took some time to welcome the preschool class to the team and showed off his patrol vehicle. Thanks for visiting!

As part of our commitment to community safety and crime prevention, APD would like to provide you with information on how to identify, prevent and report elder abuse. While this can be a sensitive topic, knowing what to look for and who to contact is important and will enable you to help yourself, friends or family members who may be in trouble. • Look for any unusual unexplained bumps, bruises or cuts; • Look for unusual changes in behavior; • If you don't hear from elderly friends for several days stop by and check on them; • Be alert of salesmen at elderly friends' homes. If elderly friends tell you about someone inappropriately spending their money, report it to the police • Notice if elderly friends' homes are unusually unkempt or filthy; notice if they begin to look malnourished; or if they are not receiving proper medication. If necessary, notify the proper authority. If elder abuse is suspected, contact the following entity: Alameda County elder abuse hotline: 510-577-3500 or toll free at 866-225-5277 For additional information: CONVALESCENT HOME CRIMES Often convalescent home crimes and related quality of life issues go unreported. These crimes and issues usually go unreported because: • Seniors fear retaliation for reporting crimes by their caretakers. • Seniors may think that no one cares about them or what happens to them. • They may think that the crimes committed against them are just a fact of life and there is nothing that can be done to change it. • Seniors may be ashamed to ask their family or friends for assistance. • Convalescent home employees, who become aware or witness crimes in the home, may not report these crimes, fearing retaliation from their employer. TYPES OF CRIMES There are several types of crimes that can occur. These crimes can range from physical abuse, criminal neglect, sexual assault, emotional, psychological abuse or financial abuse. It must be pointed out that many seniors are as vulnerable as small children are. The following is a list of possible signs of abuse and neglect. PHYSICAL ABUSE • Rough handling or grabbing • Hitting or slapping • Dragging the patient by the arms or hair • The lack of physical activity NEGLECT • Dehydration • Malnutrition • Bed sores • Rashes, sores, lice • Untreated medical condition • Over or under medicated SEXUAL ASSAULT Sexual assault is when a senior is forced, manipulated, or coerced into unwanted sexual activity, or the senior lacks the ability to consent to any sexual activity. Family members, staff members of homes or a stranger can initiate sexual assault. • Rape • Sodomy • Or sexual battery EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE • Verbal threats of punishment • Constant harassment • Threat of withdrawal of services FINANCIAL ABUSE • Theft of personal effects • Overcharging for services • Fraudulent billing for non-services WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN SELECTING A CONVALESCENT HOME. • When choosing a home, look at the surroundings. • Check the inside and outside of the home for cleanliness and grounds that are well kept. This can indicate an overall concern by the caretakers for cleanliness. • When walking inside smell the air. It should smell clean and fresh not musty or have a high chemical smell. • Look at the home’s equipment to make sure it is in good working condition and not outdated. This could indicate the lack of funds to assist in the care or well-being of the patients. • Talk to employees about the condition of the home and their work environment. Happy employees indicate a high morale that in-turns creates employees that are more concerned about the quality of the job they perform. We hope this information is helpful in protecting yourself or your loved ones. For emergencies dial 9-1-1 or 510.522.2423.

This past week Sgt. Derespini participated in one of the most impressive sights of National Police Week – the Police Unity Tour. Sgt. Derespini escorted 2,800 active and retired law enforcement bicyclist, from agencies across the nation, as they rode from New Jersey to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C. The tour and its motto, “we ride for those who died,” is used to pay tribute to the police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty – a friend, a brother, a sister, a parent, a grandparent – or simply put, a loved one. The families of the 135 officers who died in line of duty in 2017 awaited the rider’s arrival in Washington D.C., where a candlelight vigil was held. Among the names inscribed at the memorial are APD officer’s Robert Davey, Jr. and Deward Gresham.

The Alameda Police Department will be out in full force ticketing our youth for their positive community actions. APD will be issuing well-deserved Slurpee® justice across the island, in partnership with 7-Eleven. Officers will be distributing free Slurpee® drink coupons to children and teens as part of #OperationChill! Offenses include; rendering aid to someone in need, wearing a bicycle helmet, picking up trash, deterring or reporting a crime, participating in crime prevention activities, coming to an animal’s rescue or simply holding a door open for a stranger. There are many more eligible offenses that would be worthy of an Operation Chill citation and we encourage our youth to sincerely engage in positive and enriching activities this summer and back-to-school season. Practicing safety and random acts of kindness (no matter how big or how small) never goes unnoticed by APD and we want to reward our youth! We are proud to, once again, participate in this fantastic program through the support of 7-Eleven. Have a fun and safe summer Alameda!

During National Police Week we honor those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Please take a moment this week to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Today, we honor & remember Alameda Police Officers Deward B. Gresham & Robert J. Davey, Jr. We thank and recognize those who continue to serve and protect our communities 👮‍♀️💙👮‍♂️

APD Detectives in Action- Detectives from our Property Crimes Unit arrested two suspects in Antioch yesterday, May 9th, 2018, for the February 21, 2018 laptop and purse snatch robbery from Peet’s Coffee at 1901 Webster St. During that incident, three suspects entered the business and snatched one customer’s purse and another customer’s laptop as they were seated at different tables. The suspects fled with the property and were briefly chased by the victims until they entered a nearby vehicle and sped away. After an extensive investigation in which our detectives were assisted by Antioch investigators, school administrators, and the Contra Costa County Probations Department, the detectives were able to identify two of the three suspects involved in the robbery. Their arrests were made yesterday without incident. Following the arrests, detectives conducted multiple searches in Antioch. Unfortunately, the purse and laptop belonging to our two victims was not located, but the detectives collected additional evidence during the searches, further linking the two arrested suspects to the crime.

Another Coffee with a Cop in the books. We thank all of the smiling faces that came out to jump-start their day with APD. We also thank Wescafe for being such a gracious host.

APD IN ACTION – Attempted Bank Robbery On the morning of May 5, 2018 officers responded to a silent alarm activation at Chase Bank, 2270 Otis Dr., after a suspect passed a note at a teller window indicating a robbery and demanding cash. The teller stepped away from the window causing the suspect to get nervous and leave the bank, but not before his image was captured by the bank surveillance cameras. Responding officers recognized the suspect shown in the images and were able to confirm his identity. Other officers collected additional evidence placing the suspect at the scene. The officers at the bank then sent the suspect images to patrolling officers who quickly located the suspect nearby at the South Shore Shopping Center. Witnesses positively identified the suspect in the field and he was arrested without incident. This was excellent teamwork by our patrol officers and resulted in the arrest of a bank robbery suspect in less than two hours!

Please join us in congratulating our two newest APD Officers who graduated from the Alameda County’s 161st Academy today. We know you will make our community proud!

Our force will always be with you. Happy Star Wars Day! #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

In the United States, the Cinco de Mayo holiday is often associated with parties and alcohol. If you’re celebrating with friends and family this weekend, remember that at the end of the night, you will need a safe and sober ride home. Police, Sheriff and the CHP will be out in force looking for the tell tale signs of impaired driving this weekend. Plan ahead and designate a sober driver.

On August 7th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, neighbors throughout Alameda are encouraged to lock their doors, turn on their porch lights and spend the evening outside with neighbors, emergency personnel and city officials. We welcome neighborhoods across the island to celebrate National Night Out by hosting block parties, street festivals, cookouts or other types of community engagements to promote safety, strengthen relationships with neighbors and first responders. The Alameda Police Department, alongside the Alameda Fire Department, Alameda Municipal Power and other public figures will make visits to hosted locations throughout the city during the event. To request a visit and obtain information on how to plan your event, we have included the registration form and a planning toolkit on our website, Registration/request forms are due to the COPPS Unit no later than July 20th, 2018.

APD IN ACTION – Yesterday, you may have noticed a higher concentration of uniformed officers throughout our city. That is because, the Alameda Police Department worked in conjunction with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Transit Crimes Unit, Alameda County Regional Auto Theft Task Force and the Alameda County Probation Department for an enforcement detail to suppress crime within the city. The operation addressed all sorts of crimes, but concentrated on thwarting robberies, auto thefts, and auto burglaries that have been plaguing all Bay Area cities recently, including ours. The result; five felony arrest, four misdemeanor arrest, a recovered runaway and numerous traffic citations. Of the felony arrest, three individuals were wanted for outstanding warrants – parole violations, human trafficking and burglary. Plain clothes officers in all of the shopping and business districts kept an eye out for suspicious activity and then coordinated arrests with uniformed officers. All three misdemeanor arrest were for thefts from a retail establishment – after observing the thefts, APD quickly made contact with the suspects, before the incidents were even reported to our dispatch team by the victims. The included photo, is some of the stolen merchandise recovered by APD officers. In addition to the arrest, a juvenile runaway was located and returned, four vehicles were towed for traffic related crimes and several traffic citations were issued.

Vehicle theft is a crime of opportunity and thieves only need a few seconds to break into a car and steal items that were left behind. Always take your valuables with you – even those that may be perceived as small – sunglasses, notebooks, charging devices or mail can be enticing to thieves. Remember to always double check that you’ve locked your vehicle doors – thieves will frequently check door handles to see if they were accidentally left unlocked. Be smart when you park – If a thief sees it, they will take it. If it's left unlocked, they will open it. Vid Cred:

Pop Quiz: Should you ever provide your date of birth, social security number or banking information to a person calling or emailing from an unknown number or email address, EVEN IF, it’s an individual from a royal family who promises you riches? 🤔🙅‍♂️

May is Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety Awareness Month. With warmer weather, it’s time to remind everyone to be on the alert and to share the road with bicyclist and motorcyclists. All vehicles (including bicyclist) need to be aware of their surroundings. Checking blind spots, mirrors and using turn signals are necessary when making turns, changing lanes and when passing. As a rider, take precautions by wearing protective gear and keeping your bike in its best working condition. Also, be aware of any road hazards and ride in a single file line. Next Wednesday (May 9th) is National Bike-to-School Day; many bicyclist will be hitting the streets on their way to hit the books, so please use extra caution.

After frequently driving past a preschool while patrolling his sector, one of our officers noticed several excited faces and waving hands poke out from behind a wall each time his squad car drove by. Today, the preschoolers were surprised with a visit, a Junior APD badge and a t-shirt from the officer who couldn’t help but smile each time he passed by. Now that’s a way to wake up from nap time!

Learn more about a career in law enforcement while interning with the Alameda Police Department this summer! Applications are DUE THIS FRIDAY, MAY 4th. For questions or to request an application email,