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  • Address: 99 Water Street, Markleeville, 96120 CA
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Alpine County Sheriff's Department is located at 99 Water Street, Markleeville, 96120 CA. The Alpine County Sheriff's Department phone number is 209-753-2321.

Alpine County Sheriff's Department News

DATE: November 4, 2018 FROM: Spencer Case, Undersheriff REGARDING: Search and Rescue update regarding missing person Bradford Dozier The search for missing person Bradford Dozier ended on November 3, 2018, when his body was found at the base of a cliff in Alpine County, California. Mr. Dozier died as a result of his injuries when he fell approximately two-hundred feet as he attempted to free climb steep terrain on the north side of Peak 9626. Mr. Dozier was described by family and friends as an avid and strong hiker who enjoyed climbing peaks in the Sierras. The Alpine County Sheriff’s Office, along with all involved emergency personnel convey our condolences to Mr. Dozier’s wife, family and friends. The search for Mr. Dozier began on October 28, 2018, when he was reported as missing. Search efforts continued for six days. Agencies involved included Search and Rescue volunteers from as far away as San Diego. Also assisting were Military personnel, Civil Air Patrol, National Guard, and the California Highway Patrol. On the day Mr. Dozier was found, one hundred forty searchers were involved. The Alpine County Sheriff’s Office thanks all those who selflessly and tirelessly volunteered their time to help find Mr. Dozier. Although we did not save Mr. Dozier’s life, we did return him to his loved ones. I sincerely hope you all realize how much the public appreciates your efforts and that being a member of the Search and Rescue community shows a concern for the welfare of others that is immeasurable.

I was not at the briefing this morning, Deputy Green the Incident Commander sent me these photos. There were significantly more searchers out in the field today. #Doziersearch

This morning, I again did breakfast for the searchers. I will label each picture if I can, I'm on my phone.

Undersheriff Case and firefighter Baker manned the grill. Deputies Krzaczek and Brown manned the stove. Our searchers were well fed once again. #Doziersearch

This morning I again served breakfast and set up sack lunches. The good news is we finally got coffee figured out. I will put a description by each picture. I am again in awe of how many searchers have come to help. Many of them are volunteers who have left their homes and lives to come help. While I didn't get to see any of the search dogs, I know there are several out there.

Here are the 2 press releases that were sent out to the media.

Although we're busy with the search, the Halloween parade will go on! #Wehavecandy be in Markleeville at the Library before 5 with your ghosts and goblins.

My assignment this morning was to help with breakfast and sack lunches for search teams at the main Incident Command Post. I am awed at how many searchers we have! #Doziersearch

Official Missing Poster for Mr. Dozier

Command Post at Dozier Search. 7 am 10-30-18 Multiple resources are on scene and also coming in. We have had a lot of offers to help search from family and friends. We appreciate each and every one of you. At this time, we don't need to utilize civilians, but wanted to express our appreciation.

Yours truly made sure dinner for the searchers made it to the Command Post safe. Dozier Search #Gottakeepthepizzasafe #Keepyoursearcherswellfed #Coffeeinthemorning

Luther Pass is currently closed.

Wow! Great Job Truckee PD!

Surveillance camera shots of the Woodfords/Mesa Vista/Foothill Road/Carson River Road bear. It's a big bear!!

Praying for this young lady. Our friends and colleagues just south of us are doing all they can to find her.

Hello to my Woodfords/Mesa Vista folks!! The bear is upping its game. Please check all the things you check to stop bears from causing damage. Fish and Game is aware. I've had damage reported on Emigrant Trail, Nevada Road and Foothill Road. I have been told this bear is becoming more aggressive, so keep your pets close. #Bebearaware

We say Sherman was just looking for snacks!

Slinkard Valley, as seen from the top of Monitor Pass. Photo credit Detective Harootunian.

Wow! And the weather is perfect.

Detective Harootunian, Deputy Brown and Deputy Krzaczek protect the County employees from a bear at the Markleeville County offices. Those guns are loaded with non-lethal bear rounds designed to encourage bears to avoid human contact. #Weloveourbears

Sunrise near Markleeville, 9-13-18. Photo credit Sheriff Stephens.

This is such a great program.

A bear in Bear Valley taking advantage of an unlocked dumpster. Here is good information about living with bears and keeping them wild.

If you can describe the rest of this keyring, you should call us. There's a fairly important key on here. Found near Markleeville.

UPDATE - Highway 4 has reopened. Here are all the pictures of the big rig blocking Highway 4 at Cadillac Curve. While big rigs are not prohibited, there is a large sign long before this curve saying "not advised". This driver did not heed that advice. Photo credit Sheriff Stephens and Supervisor Woodrow.