Concord Police Department

  • Agency: Concord Police Department
  • Address: 1350 Galindo Street, Concord, 94520 CA
  • Chief: David Livingston (Chief of Police)
Phone: 925) 671-3220

Concord Police Department is located at 1350 Galindo Street, Concord, 94520 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is David Livingston. The Concord Police Department phone number is 925) 671-3220.

Concord Police Department News

Yesterday evening a victim reported his Ford pickup was stolen from in front of his house while he was sleeping. Our Community Service Officer handled the report and entered the truck into the system as stolen. Little did the victim know, his truck was equipped with a LOJACK transmitter! When these vehicles get entered as stolen they automatically start broadcasting a signal to LOJACK equipped patrol cars. A CHP plane (also equipped with the LOJACK locator) was flying overhead and notified us of the hit in our area. We were able to quickly send a LOJACK equipped vehicle to that end of town and located the stolen truck within minutes. We love technology that helps get back property to their rightful owner! ~392

Nice night at the Veranda shopping center. Michael Jackson tribute band, Foreverland, putting on a nice show!

Last Monday, Corporal Elsberry thanked volunteers from the Life Skills program for keeping the trunks of our patrol cars stocked with supplies. The Life Skills program is part of the Adults with Disabilities Department of Mt. Diablo Adult Education. Every Monday, students and teachers walk over to the police department from the Loma Vista Adult Center campus to help keep our police cars properly equipped. The program has been going on for over 20 years and several of the students and teachers have been volunteering for over 10 years! Volunteers range in age from 18 to 80. The program teaches adults with disabilities life skills including responsibility, organization, cooperation and leadership. The program also promotes community involvement. Teacher, Kathy Miller, described as "the best teacher" by one of the volunteers, has been involved with Life Skills since 1998 and with the Concord Police Department since 2015. Kathy said of the program: "The Police Station class is one of our many classes in which we teach job training skills. This opportunity allows us to practice those skills as well as support our community." -414

In the earlier morning hours of October 23, 2018, the male in this photo stole a laptop from a vehicle in a neighborhood near Concord Community Park. We would love to know his name and return the laptop to its rightful owner. If you know the name of this male, please contact Detective Nick Piermarini at 925-603-5831. (542/395) Thank you!

***Please remember you can ALWAYS dispose of your unwanted and unused medications at the Concord Police Department from Monday - Saturday from 8am-5pm when the Community Service Desk is open.*** Saturday, October 27, 2018, from 10:00am to 2:00pm, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will hold its 16th National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Held on the last Saturday of April and October of every year, this national event addresses a crucial public safety and public health issue. Since its introduction to the public on September 25, 2010, the DEA has collected and incinerated over 4,982 tons of unwanted, unused, and potentially dangerous medications. According to the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health 6.2 million Americans misused controlled prescription drugs. Unfortunately, a majority of misused prescription drugs are obtained from family, friends, and relatives from their kitchen, bedroom or medicine cabinet. The DEA’s National Take Back Day is an opportunity for Americans to help prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths and to raise awareness about the dangers of opioid misuse. The DEA is asking for your help in getting the word out. As a DEA-registered doctor, dentist, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, veterinarian and/or state authorized dispensing pharmacist, you are perfectly situated to help DEA spread the word about this important initiative. You can help by providing patients with information on how to locate a safe, convenient and anonymous collection location on October 27th. For more information please visit We have also created a “Partnership Toolbox” where you will find posters and pamphlets, in both English and Spanish, that you can print and place in your waiting rooms. This site may also be used to identify a collection location in close proximity to your office. Please help DEA in its effort to help keep unused prescription drugs out of the wrong hands. The DEA thanks you for your support! (395)

This weekend our K-9 unit was invited back to the Silverwood Elementary School for their Fall Festival for a demonstration! We had a great time with great people. Thank you! #565

She’s a Fighter AND a Survivor #490 Michele Ligouri has been a police officer for 15 years; her first four years were with the Pittsburg Police Department and the last ten have been with the Concord Police Department. In addition to being an officer, she is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and cancer survivor. In keeping with the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Officer Michele Ligouri has allowed us to share her journey in hopes of providing support, education, and courage to those facing similar circumstances. In late November 2013, Michele was lying in her bed when something rolled off onto the floor. She reached down to pick it up and at the same moment she felt an itch on the outside of her left breast. She reached over to scratch it and upon doing so she felt a small lump. Hoping she was mistaken by what she felt, she continued to feel around her breast. Michele diligently performed self-breast exams and within a couple of minutes she knew something was wrong. She immediately called her doctor and made an appointment. A couple of weeks later, Michele received her formal diagnosis, “Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, 1 cm, Stage 1A, Grade 3, ER+/PR+, HER2+.” Thankfully, she caught it early because it was extremely aggressive. In fact, it doubled in size in less than a month. In early January 2014, Michele underwent a lumpectomy and began her treatment, which consisted of 16 weeks of chemotherapy, 6 weeks of daily radiation, and a course of Herceptin (hormone therapy). After her first round of chemo, Michele began to lose her hair. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, she decided to take back some of the power cancer had stolen and with the help of her husband, Tony, she shaved her head. With a smile on her face, Michele said, “It was actually empowering. When I was done I was relieved to see I had a pretty decently shaped head.” Unfortunately, because of Michele’s weakened immune system and a port inserted under her skin above the left side of her chest she was unable to work for almost eight months. Even though she couldn’t wear the uniform, Michele said she felt the support of her brother and sister officers on a daily basis. While undergoing treatment, officers wore pink breast cancer bracelets that read, “She’s a fighter #490,” (490 is Michele’s badge number). Also, the Concord Police Officer’s Association had a “hair shaving” event at a local salon. Approximately 50 people had their hair shaved in support of Michele, the majority of who were active PD employees. A fellow female officer, Sergeant Christine Magley, even shaved off all of her hair and donated it to Locks of Love. “It was amazing to see how many of my co-workers cared. The best part of it was that my mom, who lives out of state, was there to witness it. She cried several times at the event, not because she was sad, but because she saw how much love and support I had and was overcome with emotion.” Michele completed her treatment in July 2014 and went back to work in August 2014. She never doubted for a moment she was going to beat breast cancer, stating, “My parents raised me to be strong. I knew I would survive.” When asked what advice she would give someone who is battling cancer Michele said, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help and let yourself be taken care of. Most importantly, keep a positive outlook.” Since undergoing treatment, Michele has learned not to “sweat the small stuff” and to laugh as much as possible. Michele is in remission, which means that tests, physical exams, and all signs of cancers are gone. She continues to visit her doctor every three months to ensure that it has not returned. As long as Michele continues receiving a clean bill of health from her doctor, in July of 2019, she will officially be considered cured. Michele really wants women to know how important breast cancer early detection is through self-exams and mammograms. For those who are currently undergoing breast cancer she says, “Don’t ever stop fighting." -454 #Shesasurvivor490 #Shesafighter490 #OfficerMicheleLigouri #ConcordPoliceOfficer #BreastCancerSurvivor

Update on Cowell Rd. closure: Due to a solo vehicle collision at approximately 1AM that knocked over a power pole, Cowell Rd. was partially closed in the westbound direction. The investigation into this crash is ongoing and it does not appear that there were any severe injuries. Cowell Rd. is now open in both directions. -414/490

Avoid Cowell Rd towards Monument Bl. There is a collision being cleared and traffic is being diverted to Clayton Rd. at Babel Ln. -414

Today, the Concord Police Department Traffic Unit, in partnership with Street Smarts Diablo Region, participated in the Walk and Roll Event today at Highlands Elementary and Pine Hollow Middle School. Street Smarts encourages the community to walk or bike to school with a focus on safety. We at the Concord Police Department look forward to participating in many more of these events in the future to promote pedestrian/bicycle safety. For more information on Street Smarts, follow the link: (483)

*** We need your help to identify this Wells Fargo Bank Robber *** On August 1, 2018, the male in the attached video robbed the Wells Fargo Bank at 775 Oak Grove Rd. in Concord. The male walked up to the counter and handed the teller a demand note. The teller recalls the note saying “No dye pack” and “No funny stuff.” The male asked for “Large bills only” repeatedly. The teller handed the male cash and he shoved the bundles into a black leather fanny pack. No dye pack was handed to him. The amount of money taken was approximately $8,034.00. The male was last seen walking out the front door of the bank and heading on foot towards Oak Grove Rd. Still photographs of the suspect were posted to the Concord PD Facebook page on August 2, 2018. Our Detectives have followed up on the leads received; however, the suspect has still not been identified. The male suspect is described as White or Mixed race with an olive complexion, 30-35 years old, approx. 5’09” tall, approx. 150lbs. At the time of the robbery, the male had a thin mustache/goatee and was wearing a plain black baseball cap on backwards, black or brown reading style glasses, a blue and white checkered shirt buttoned to the neck, light blue jeans cut off below the knee and rolled up, with light brown Lacoste or Van type deck shoes. If you have any information on this male suspect, please call Det. Loercher at 925-603-5922 or our anonymous tip-line at 925-603-5836. (395)

TRAFFIC ALERT: Outbound Kirker Pass Road at Clearbrook Drive will be shutdown for several hours for a solo vehicle accident and downed power lines that occurred on Kirker Pass, prior to Pittsburg. Please take an alternate route if possible. Thank You!

**Masked Bandit Captured on Video** Tonight, a Sergeant was on patrol, suppressing crime in a local shopping center when he spotted some suspicious activity. This masked bandit was caught on video but managed to elude capture. Can you identify him...or her? -321

Thank you to all the citizens who called 911 today and reported a fight in the middle of Clayton Rd near Gateway Blvd. We were able to arrest two people involved in the fight, which was later determined to be a robbery. We always encourage citizens to call us for any suspicious activities. Call 911 or, our non-emergency phone number: 925-671-3333. #communitypartnership -553

With holiday shopping approaching please be aware that there are vehicle burglary crews circulating through shopping center parking lots looking for purses, backpacks or packages left in plain view. Also we recommend that if you hide your valuables in your car, do it before you park your vehicle as burglars watch for you storing valuables when you park. -414

Detective Billington, from the Financial Crimes Unit, was asked by the US Secret Service to sit with three Secret Service agents on a four person panel to field questions and discuss various topics with fifteen members from BENS (Business Executives for National Security). From the BENS website, "BENS is a unique nonprofit comprised of over 450 senior business and industry executives who volunteer their time and expertise to address the national security community’s most pressing challenges." A few of the discussion topics and questions ranged from national security, cyber security, network intrusions, and the future of things to come. Detective Billington enjoyed the opportunity to share his expertise on all the topics to the group. #424

BUCHANAN FIELD AIRPORT TO SIMULATE AND EXTINGUISH PLANE FIRE FOR TRAINING PURPOSES Contra Costa County Publics Works Department is making the public aware and requesting you NOT CALL 911 for these training exercises that will be occurring next week. Monday, October 15th – Friday, October 19th, Contra Costa County will be conducting live fire training exercises at Buchanan Airport each day. The training exercise will simulate and extinguish plane fire, and aircraft rescue for firefighters and mutual aid agencies to help prepare for ANY emergency situation that Buchanan Field and the surrounding community may face. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these exercises, PLEASE CONTACT Buchanan Field Airport at 844-FLY-ToUs (844-359-8687). Please LIKE and SHARE to help us inform the surrounding community! (395)

All of the Concord Police K9’s are fully supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month! Share for awareness! #565

It is Code Officer Enforcement Appreciation week! We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our Code Enforcement Unit for their dedication in making the City of Concord a safer, cleaner and happier place! #SpecialThanksABCTow #479, #553, #581

Please help us in congratulating and welcoming our newest K9 team! Officer Guckert and K9 Nikki have successfully certified today after an extensive, four week, K9 Basic Course. This great team is officially cleared for the streets and eager to patrol the City of Concord! Welcome to the Pack! #565

You may want to modify your commute due to a single lane closure on Concord Blvd., between Galindo St. and Mira Vista Terrance, for reconstruction of the Renaissance Project. (395)

“Concord Police in Pink” October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Concord Police Department is showing our support by wearing pink! Chief Guy Swanger has authorized officers to wear pink patches and hats for the entire month. Many of our community members, family, friends, and co-workers, have been affected by breast cancer. Wearing pink is a way Concord PD can show support, increase awareness, and encourage conversations about the importance of early detection and treatment in the fight against cancer. For more information about breast cancer and early detection, please visit -454

Each year we host a “retiree range day”. It’s an opportunity for our retired officers to get back on the range, share old stories and go through their annual firearms qualification. Yesterday we had an exceptional turn out, with over 35 retired CPD officers in attendance. It was the equivalent of over 600 years of dedicated police service to the citizens of Concord, all in one spot. The most senior badge number in attendance was badge 26, Lt Harry Williamson. He retired in 1986 and still has his shooting skills. (To put it into perspective, we are now up to badge 593!) We were honored to host those that gave so much to our community. All of these officers have helped to shape the way we continue to operate today.

Please be advised: National Test of the Emergency Alert System Rescheduled for October 3, 2018 Due to the ongoing response to Hurricane Florence, the nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) will now be conducted on the backup date of October 3, 2018. October 3 was the previously scheduled back-up date for the test, which was originally set for Thursday, September 20. A backup date is always planned in case of widespread severe weather or other significant events on the primary test date. The WEA portion of the test will start at 2:18 p.m. EDT on October 3, and the EAS portion will follow at 2:20 p.m. EDT. The test, being held in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, will assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether technological improvements are needed. For further information on the test, go to (395)