Kensington Police Department

  • Agency: Kensington Police Department
  • Address: 217 Arlington Ave, Kensington, 94707 CA
  • Chief: Greg Harman (Chief of Police)
Phone: 510-526-4141

Kensington Police Department is located at 217 Arlington Ave, Kensington, 94707 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Greg Harman. The Kensington Police Department phone number is 510-526-4141.

Kensington Police Department News

Meet “Botchi”, dressed up as a spider for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year’s everyone. Thank you Kensington for 10 memorable years.

National Night Out 2017 in "K-town"!!! Success!!!

MEDIA RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On July 27, 2017, at approximately 1900 hours, a stolen silver 1998 Honda Civic driven by an Hispanic male arrived in the 1300 block of Summit Road in the City of Berkeley. A female passenger exited the vehicle, proceeded to enter an occupied home and take the key to a white 2015 Porsche Cayenne SUV. Both vehicles then drove into Kensington and onto west bound Oberlin Avenue at Arlington Avenue. They were met by a Kensington Police Officer that had just received a Low Jack locate signal for the Honda. Before the Low Jack signal could be confirmed, the female driver of the Porsche backed up, went around the Honda and accelerated straight into the officer’s vehicle, hitting it on the passenger side and over the south curb causing moderate damage to both vehicles. The Porsche drove south bound Arlington Avenue into Berkeley at a high rate of speed with officers in pursuit. The Porsche reversed course, driving north bound Arlington Avenue back into Kensington in the south bound lane almost hitting several vehicles head on, including another Kensington Police vehicle. Due to the drivers erratic driving and undue regard for public safety and no further details known to the officers at the time, the pursuit was ended. The Porsche was seen driving recklessly throughout Berkeley and Albany causing several hit and run vehicle collisions. The Porsche was located later that night by Albany PD on the Richmond Albany border. The vehicle was impounded by Kensington PD for evidence purposes. The Honda was later recovered by Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. The suspects are still outstanding and wanted for burglary of an occupied residence, vehicle theft, several hit and run vehicle collisions, and assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. No additional information at this time. Investigation continuing. Please direct any questions to Detective Rodney Martinez @ 510-526-4141.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release # 2017-1 Subject: Robbery Suspect Arrested Contact: Detective Martinez 510-526-4141 A Kensington resident was arrested for multiple felony charges on 1-14-2017. Kensington resident Fadi Saba, a 36 year old male born on 11-4-1980, pulled a semi-automatic firearm on a solicitor. Fortunately, no one was injured during this incident. On January 14, 2017, at approximately 3:40PM a solicitor knocked on the suspect’s residence door in the 00 block of Anson Way. Receiving no answer at the door the solicitor left the property to solicit from a neighbor. Minutes later the solicitor noticed the suspect in the yard of the residence so he returned to make contact. The suspect demanded the solicitor’s ID card to which the solicitor refused to produce. The suspect pulled out a “semi-automatic” hand gun and demanded the solicitor’s ID card. Afraid for his safety, the solicitor gave the suspect his driver’s license and a laminated company logo. Pursuant to the arrest, members of the Kensington Police Department served a search warrant at the suspect’s residence to recover evidence related to the robbery. The suspect was charged with PC 211 – Robbery, PC 245 (A)(2) – Assault with a firearm, PC 25850 (A) – Carry a loaded firearm in public, PC 417 (A)(2) – Brandishing a firearm in a rude or threatening manner. The suspect was booked into the Contra Costa County Jail with a bail amount of $172,000. This case will be forwarded to the District Attorney for prosecution. This information is preliminary and is intended for early information use rather than being a formal investigative report.

Hello all: Officer Foley wanted to make sure you consider making sure all your holiday packages are signature only, and also tell family and friends because this will help prevent package thieves from stealing packages left at your door by delivery people.

*$15,000 REWARD* The Kensington Police Department is asking for assistance identifying the persons and vehicles of interest in a homicide that occurred five years ago. Click below for details.

Residents from Purdue and Stanford Avenue are raving about how much they enjoyed Officer Ramos' National Night Out presentations!

Kensington's 2016 National Night Out was a great success! Our officers all had a great time visiting all of your block parties. Thank you to all of our residents who hosted, participated, and made this event possible! Your kind words, support, and generosity mean the world to us! If you took pictures, please send them our way! Here are a few our officers snapped during their visits.

Detective Rodney Martinez in studio at Channel Two filming a segment for unsolved crimes in Kensington. This relates to the unsolved homicide from 2011 that occurred in Kensington Park. Scheduled to be aired Sunday evening on channel 2.

Wildfires - ‘tis the season At this writing there are at least eight wildfires raging in California. Rains this winter did not end the threat of wildfire, in some instances the chances have been enhanced. Underbrush and grasses that have grown higher and thicker will soon dry out. Trees may have been extensively damaged in a way that makes them more susceptible to burning and yet is not immediately evident to the eye. We hope to bring you useful information to help you and your neighbors be aware of the risks around you and provide ideas on how you can help lower the risk of fire. On Saturday, August 6, at 10 AM in the Kensington Community Center, 59 Arlington Ave., Kensington [map: ]the Kensington Public Safety Council (KPSC) will host a presentation featuring – Michael Bond, Fire Marshal with the El Cerrito/Kensington Fire Department, will be addressing the fire season which is upon us and how vegetation management plays an important role. He will be showing films from the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire and the 2015 Lake Fire. Jon Kaufman and Bob Strayer through their work with the Sierra Club and the Claremont Canyon Conservancy have been instrumental in the reduction of flammable invasive species and replacement with fire resistant natives in Claremont Canyon. Kevin Hart is Kensington’s General Manager and he’ll discuss some possible scenarios for an evacuation, should it become necessary. Ciara Wood is member of the board for the Diablo Fire Safe Council and a long time Kensington resident and fuel reduction advocate. She will discuss grant moneys available to homeowners for fuel reduction. We hope to see you there. This talk is free and open to all so bring your friends, your neighbors, and your questions. Please send a note to so we have an idea of how many will be attending.

Kensington Officers noticed this "Thank You Blue" sign on the corner of Coventry Road/Lenox Road. We would all like to say THANK YOU to our residents and we appreciate your support! We will always strive to provide the very best service to our community.

The Kensington Police Department is asking for assistance identifying the persons and vehicles of interest in a homicide that occurred five years ago. Click below for details.

The number of distracted drivers on the road these days is higher than ever. It is important to teach children to pay attention to their surroundings at all times.

In a July 5, 2016 article, SF Gate named Kensington the 7th safest Bay Area Community. Kensington also ranks as the 13th safest community in California. The Kensington information can be found below.

This vehicle's brakes went out while driving westbound Beloit Avenue at approximately 0950 hours, on 07-13-2016. The driver had to make a quick decision at that time to slow down the vehicle. He swerved onto the easement, purposely colliding into trees and a no parking sign before colliding into a PG&E pole. If the driver did not make that decision his vehicle would have gone directly into a house at the end of Beloit Avenue at Cambridge Avenue causing major damage and injuries to other people. While on scene, Detective Martinez checked the brakes and confirmed there was no resistance while pushing the pedal. The pedal pressure was soft and went to the floor. PG&E arrived on scene hours later and replaced the pole. The accident caused 8000+ people to have no power for about an hour. The driver was NOT under the influence of any controlled substances and no one was injured in this accident.

Officer Ramos returns to duty. Click below for full news release.

Always keep an eye on your little ones when you're out and about! This is a shocking reminder of how quickly predators can strike. Please be safe out there.

Come enjoy a cup of coffee with Detective Martinez! Follow the link below for more details.

The Kensington Police Department is pleased to announce the implementation of a system that tracks and aids officers in recovering stolen vehicles. Follow the link below for more information.