Del Norte County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Del Norte County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 650 Fifth Street, Crescent City, 95531 CA
  • Chief:
Phone: 707-464-4191
Fax: (707) 464-6527

Del Norte County Sheriff's Office is located at 650 Fifth Street, Crescent City, 95531 CA. The Del Norte County Sheriff's Office phone number is 707-464-4191.

Del Norte County Sheriff's Office News

Today we mourn the loss of Ventura Sheriff Sergeant Ron Helus, who selflessly gave his life serving his community, and the 11 others who lost their lives last night in the Thousand Oaks bar shooting. Our deepest condolences to Ventura County Sheriff's Office, all of the families of the victims and the survivors.

Have fun and be safe!

Please "Like" and "Share" Check out this great video showcasing our local Neighbors Helping Neighbors program! We here in Del Norte County are leading the way with regards to preparation, community engagement and partnerships. This video is being distributed to all 58 counties in California! How many people do you recognize?

Thanks for all of the input and let's keep it going! Today, the DNSO Inmate Cleanup Crew cleaned up the around the Point Of Honor, a bus stop, a homeless encampment, a popular paved coastal trail, under a bridge and a stretch of South Beach. They even got a little publicity for their efforts. A special shout out to Recology Del Norte for delivering a dumpster for us to fill up! Our hope is that additional community partners continue to present themselves so that more great work can get accomplished. We would like to evolve this into a program that provides not only a service to our community but also trade skills and a sense of accomplishment to our eligible inmates at the Del Norte County Jail.

How many people in this picture do you recognize? #tbt #circa1995? #look@allthatHAIR

Give us your input! Where in Del Norte County (not on private property) can qualified inmates currently being housed in the Del Norte County Jail go to help clean up litter? The Del Norte County Jail clean up crew hit it hard again today and collected a couple hundred pounds of litter. They started at the Battery Point parking lot, cleaned around the pier and combed the beach and walkways to the swimming pool and back. They did a great job and spent some positive time serving their community. They even found some painted rocks along the way but left them behind for someone else to take home. We would also like to offer a special thanks to Recology Del Norte and Crescent City Public Works for partnering up.

The Del Norte County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue team, in cooperation with State and National Parks, Cal Fire, Crescent Fire and the U.S. Coast Guard had a joint rescue operation for a subject who had climbed a slide area off of the coastal trail at Nickel Creek. Due to the treacherous terrain, the subject was picked up by Coast Guard helicopter and dropped off unharmed with rescuers nearby.

**** Don't fall for it! **** It seems like every day somebody is trying to separate us from our money with a scam. Phone scams, mail scams and of course, social media scams. The latest scam we've heard of involves home rentals. Scammers will locate homes for sale and advertise them as homes for rent. They get you to send a deposit, often asked to be sent through Western Union or as a money order, along with your personal information in the application process for what looks like a great rental. Then you find out the home never was for rent, just for sale. By that time you are out the deposit and the scammer is long gone. As time goes by you then run the risk of your personal information being used in an identity theft crime. ALWAYS be cautious when someone overpays you with a check for an item you are selling and wants you to send them back the difference. ALWAYS be cautious when someone tells you you have a warrant for your arrest and wants you to send them money to fix it. ALWAYS be cautious when someone wants you to enter codes in your phone or computer that ultimately give them access to your bank account numbers. ALWAYS be cautious when someone tells you that you have won a prize but need to send money to get it. ALWAYS be cautious!

You may have noticed several folks in orange outfits picking up trash in the area of Southbeach today. Under the direct supervision of Sheriff Apperson and Sergeant McManus, several inmates currently being housed at the Del Norte County Jail were deployed to the area of Southbeach to collect litter from the parking spots, brushline and recreational area of the beach. Sheriff Apperson said "These prisoners volunteered for the opportunity to pick up trash today after being found eligible to do so by our correctional staff. Temporarily eradicating litter from a popular destination in our community likely won't begin to atone for the offenses these men may have committed, but it will provide a service to our area and provide the prisoners involved with a sense of purpose. Purpose is important. Feeling a sense of accomplishment is valuable and especially when what you accomplish is positive. It's not my job to judge them. It's my job to supervise them while they serve out their sentences and hopefully provide them with some skills and motivation to reduce the likelihood of their return to the Del Norte County Jail." An inmate work program is not a new idea at the Del Norte County Jail but it has been many years since the program has existed. "What happened here today is a small step towards bringing a program like that back to Del Norte County. It won't be free and it won't be easy, but it will be worth it", Sheriff Apperson said.

A new patrol car with a new look! We think it looks sharp. What do you think?

*****JAMES REITTERER***** The above name is causing a stir on social media this afternoon and we would like to help calm and defuse the issue before it grows into something it shouldn't. First and most importantly, there is no immediate threat to the community and more specifically Del Norte County Schools. The information being put out today actually happened this last February. There was an investigation that was determined to be unfounded and included the cooperation of the school district and local mental health. The case and all people involved continue to be monitored and there is no viable threat at this time.

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Brief Q&A with a Featured DNSO Employee Name: Travis Jolley Assignment: Deputy Q: How long have you been with the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office? A: About two months but I prefer to say around 60 days. Q: Why did you become a Deputy? A: To give back to the community that I was raised in and to help people that can't help themselves. Q: How dang tall are you? A: 6'3". Q: Now that you have achieved international celebrity status from your recent role in the DNSO lip-sync challenge, how has your life changed? A: My phone wont stop ringing and everywhere I go, people recognize me, on and off duty. I have even signed autographs. Q: Any big plans for your upcoming 21st birthday? A: Well, I will still be on rookie status so my plans involve working and working. Q: Someday, a long time from now, when you have time off, what would you like to do in your free time? A: Finally plan a wedding and honeymoon. Q: Does she know or was that your proposal? A: That was absolutely my proposal. Q: Wow. Hopefully she likes this post.

Help us spread the word by a "Like" and/or a "Share" The DNSO is currently seeking interested individuals for Volunteer Chaplain positions. The proposal acceptance window will open on August 3rd and close on September 30th. Qualifying applicant interviews will be scheduled starting in October. The selected applicants will be requested to begin Jan 1st, 2019. A Chaplain serving the DNSO would need to be comfortable meeting with victims, their loved-ones, and first responders in some of the following types of events: -Natural Disasters such as Tsunamis and Wild Fires -Expected & Unexpected Deaths -Other Traumatic Incidents -Crisis Response If selected, you will become part of a team that will be deployed under the direction of the Del Norte County Sheriff. Please mail/deliver your answers to the following questions along with contact information to the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office at 650 5th Street in Crescent City, CA.This will aid in narrowing our search down to a handful of applicants who will then be interviewed. 1. Have you been formally identified as a Chaplain in the past? If so, please attach a resume which outlines your Chaplain work. 2. Describe your formal faith-based training. 3. Describe any informal faith-based training. 4. Identify your epistemological approach to chaplain work and how you came about it. 5. If you adhere to a specific denomination, please describe this and how you plan to reach individuals of all faith-bases as a volunteer chaplain. 6. Do you have experience around death and dying? If so please describe 7. Do you have experience with critical incident stress debriefing? If so please describe 8. As a volunteer chaplain, will there be any times during the 7-day week in which you are not available to be on call for our department? 9. Are there any environments in which you would not be comfortable providing Chaplain duties? Examples: hospital settings, residential homes, etc. 10. Provide any other information pertinent to DNSO’s ability to make a decision in this matter.

UPDATE: Michael Clary Jr has been arrested and is currently a resident of the Del Norte County Jail. Please "Share" On August 3rd, 2018, the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a stabbing. Michael Clary Jr is currently wanted by the DNSO for PC 245(a)1 (Assault with a Deadly Weapon) and PC 211 (Robbery). At this point we cannot release much more information other than his description. He is about 5'5" tall and weighs about 150 pounds. He has dark brown/black hair and green eyes. As you can see from the picture he has many visible tattoos. He is in his early 30's. Clary is possibly armed with a knife and should be considered armed and dangerous. If seen, please contact Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office immediately by calling 911 or (707) 464-4191.

This a throwback Thursday special tribute to DNSO Explorer Post 911! Q: Any guesses as to what year this picture was taken? Q: Do you recognize anyone in this picture?

Brief Q&A with a Featured DNSO Employee Name: Deputy T. Dawg Assignment: Deputy / Public Relations Q: How long have you been with the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office? A: About 14 years (that's about two years in human time). Q: Why did you become a Deputy? A: I really enjoy chasing things like cars and cats and people but my very favorite part of this job is hanging out with kids and teaching them how to be more safe. Q: What’s the most challenging part of your job so far? A: Staying cool while being harassed by teenagers and remembering to use indoor restrooms. Q: What's your favorite part of the job so far? A: Every day is a new adventure. Q: What else do you like about the job? A: I know it sounds terrible but I am really proud of what I do and it's fun to see other dogs I grew up with. Most of them are still chasing their own tails, literally. Q: What do you enjoy doing during your off time? A: I love jujitsu, writing short fictional stories and playing the glass harmonica. I also enjoy preparing my world famous cornbread confetti salad for social functions and swimming in the Smith River.

**The California Highway Patrol is requesting the public's assistance**

Don't miss "Cop-Talk" every Monday morning on KPOD 97.9 FM @ 8:45. Today's subject was Del Norte Search & Rescue. If you're interested in joining our Search & Rescue team, please contact us at 7074644191 or come to the DNSO to pick up an application. You can even respond to this post and we will make sure to follow up with you!

This is a huge shout out from the DNSO to all of the firefighters and supporting staff out there. Thank you for what you do. You are heroes and we are pulling for you.

There are so many scams these days that it’s almost impossible to list them all. Through technology and third party victims / participants, would-be scammers can prey on people from other regions of the world. Thousands of calls are made a day and victims lose millions of dollars. Many crimes go unreported as victims are ashamed of being taken advantage of and sadly, due to international jurisdictional issues, these incidents are incredibly challenging to investigate and even harder to prosecute. The following conversation took place over several weeks and a forged check was even sent by the "buyer" to the sellers provided address (The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office). The check was way more than the purchase price of the item and the buyer wanted a MoneyGram sent to him/her to cover the overage. The check was confirmed to be a forgery and an investigation followed. In this specific incident, the seller happens to be Sheriff Apperson and the conversation took place over the time-span of several weeks. Sheriff Apperson decided to have a little fun with the scammer during the process. It’s a long read but we hope you find it educational and entertaining. We would also appreciate if you could share any scams you have heard of in the comments. Enjoy! Craiglist Buyer Still available? I am interested.. Motorcycle - $750 E. Apperson I still have it. There has been a lot of interest but nobody too serious yet. Craiglist Buyer Thanks. pls take d post down, consider this sold to me, I 'll add $50 to ur askin price. am out on an assignment, bt 'll send U a Bank check and make arrangement wit my shipper to come pick this up after check clears ur Bank.. send me ur name and address for payment.. Brad Raymon. E. Apperson Awesome! What sort of assignment are you on? Craiglist Buyer I am a Pediatrician so am attending to so Chikdren. Send me your full name and address to enable me mail out the check E. Apperson Erik Apperson 650 5th Street Crescent City Ca 95531 Craiglist Buyer Thanks for the information, I will send you the payment tracking number.. let me know when you take the post down Craiglist Buyer Hello Erik Apperson: sorry it took so log to get back with you, been busy with my Wife in the Hospital. It was a horrible holiday for me and my Family, my Wife was rushed to the Hospital and after several Tests the Doctor said she will go through Surgery.. Though she is a Cancer patient. Craiglist Buyer My Assistant mailed out the check, but I think due to the holiday, the delivery was delayed. I discovered that the payment sent Craiglist Buyer was accidentally overpaid by my assistant, the Money meant for another item was added to ur payment. So after the Check clears ur Bank, you 'll have to keep our agreed price and retirn the Balance. Hope I can trust you with my Money? Brad. E. Apperson I haven't received the check yet. Should I repost the motorcycle? Craiglist Buyer Sorry for the delay, I checked with the Post Office and was told that t was due to the Holiday, and they assure us that the payment will get Craiglist Buyer soon. E. Apperson Were you able to get a tracking number and how much is the check for? Craiglist Buyer I will get all the information Craiglist Buyer as soon as possible. Craiglist Buyer Sorry for the delay, it was due to the Storm and Snow. I just received an update from the Post Office, and here is the Tracking Number 94055016. you can track to confirm via pls let me know when you receive the payment. Brad Raymon. Craiglist Buyer Good morning Erik: how are you and Family: pls did you receive the payment tracking number I sent you? E. Apperson I received the info. I'll look it up today. Craiglist Buyer Ok E. Apperson The check just got here about twenty minutes ago. I have it in hand. How much of $2,860.00 am I supposed to keep and where do I send the overage? E. Apperson Would you prefer to send me a check for the correct amount? Craiglist Buyer We agreed on $800, just go ahead and deposit the check, keep $899 and withdraw the Balance, then get back to me E. Apperson Okay. Are you wanting me to mail you the cash difference? That doesn't seem safe. Craiglist Buyer After depositing the check, keep u r $890, then withdraw the cash and get back to me for more I structuo E. Apperson On my way now. E. Apperson Bank wouldn't cash it without putting a hold on it. I'm gonna try a pawn shop. On my way now. Craiglist Buyer No just deposit it in your bank E. Apperson Sorry I didn't see your text. Pawn shop cashed it, no problem. Had to spend a little of it. Have cash in hand. What next? Craiglist Buyer How much is my Balance after keeping our agreed price? E. Apperson I had to spend 10% to cash the check and after keeping 800 bucks, I have about 1,774 in cash left. I bought a PS4 with the 10%. Craiglist Buyer Okay good! Is there any Money Gram outlet close Craiglist Buyer? E. Apperson I think Wal Mart might have one. I hope you're not upset about me buying the PS4. I had to do it to cash the check. Craiglist Buyer No I am not upset at all E. Apperson Awesome. So where do I mail the money gram when I get it? Craiglist Buyer Kindly proceed to any Money Gram outlet and send $980 to this information: Name: IRA**** PIE***: CITY: NORTH MIAMI: STATE: FL: ZIPCODE: 33161 Craiglist Buyer It will cost less than $25 send the Money gram, send $980 first and send me the Reference Number, then will let you know what to do with the rest Craiglist Buyer Are you there? Craiglist Buyer Did you receive the information I sent you? Craiglist Buyer Sorry the correct name is IRA**** PIR**: CITY: NORTH MIAMI: STATE: FLORIDA: ZIPCODE: 33161 Craiglist Buyer Hello are you getting my messages? E. Apperson I thought your name was Brad and what about the other money left over ($774.00) and how are you picking up the motorcycle? Craiglist Buyer I am presently in the Hospital with my Wife, so the Money goes to my assistant. I will let you know what to do with the rest, and as for the Pickup, my shipper will come pick up from you after the Money part has been taking care of E. Apperson I see. That makes sense. I just have to be careful. There are a lot of scammers out there. I actually have a friend that lives North Miami. What a small world. She’s a cop. Craiglist Buyer I am a very God fearing man, and I believed that whatsoever we do in life, we must apply God's Fearing. Pls kindly proceed to Money Gram and have the Money sent, then get back to me with the Money Gram 8 Digit Reference Number E. Apperson Okay. I'll work on it. I don't drive so I'll need to hire a taxi to get me to Wal Mart. It's on the outskirts of town. Craiglist Buyer Here is the Money Gram outlet where you can send the Money as stated ADVANCE AMERICA - #1143 385 M ST UNIT A6 crescent city, CA 95531-4118, Craiglist Buyer or CVS - #10478 657 HIGHWAY 101 N crescent city, CA 95531-3000 E. Apperson Can you send me a map? E. Apperson Never mind, got it. Just called taxi. They will be here to pick me up in less than ten minutes. Craiglist Buyer Okay good Craiglist Buyer Hello Erik: pls what is the situation of things now? E. Apperson Still waiting in line. It's really busy here. E. Apperson Are you there? E. Apperson Brad? E. Apperson It's my turn now and are you sure you don't want me to send you all of the money instead of just $980.00? E. Apperson I see now. The max is 980. Are you there? Craiglist Buyer Yes, have you been able to send it? E. Apperson The pawn shop just called and said they are reporting the check to the cops. They said it was fraudulent. I don't want to go to jail! What do I do???? E. Apperson I'm going to cooperate. They will want our convo and the address. Since you're legit I'm sure there is nothing to worry about. Craiglist Buyer Send the money, I am going to Cuba t my Bank now.. and let them know I am aware of the payment E. Apperson I'm gonna give them the info so they can call you and check out the address of your assistant in Florida. Craiglist Buyer No problem, just send the 989 first E. Apperson 989? I got a check for 980. Craiglist Buyer You are not buying a check, you are sending cash with money gram money transfer Craiglist Buyer Return the check and send cash E. Apperson They are telling me to wait for the cops to get here. The person at the counter is telling me to wait. Cops have been called. E. Apperson I can't go back to jail, brad! What do I do??? I am freaking out!!! I’m on PROBATION!!! Craiglist Buyer You are not going to jail, just send the money gram I will solve everything E. Apperson I'm back in the cab and headed home! We just passed two cop cars headed my way!!! E. Apperson I still have a bunch of cash and they never finished making the money gram. I had to spend more money on the cab too. I don’t have an app for Uber. I just have a flip phone. Craiglist Buyer They are not looking for you, I have sort everything out E. Apperson That would be great! I'm home now. I still have the cash, except for what I spent on the cab rides, the PS4 and lunch at Subway. Craiglist Buyer How much cash do you have in you now? E. Apperson About $1600.00 USD. But it's not 'in' me. It's just in my pocket. Craiglist Buyer Hello pls what is the situation of things now? Craiglist Buyer Dear Erik: what is going on? are you trying to rip me or what? remember that I have your full name, address and telephone number to take a legal action E. Apperson I'm still here. Im just really afraid that the cops are coming for me. They keep leaving messages for me, telling me the feds might get involved. Craiglist Buyer WHere is my Money? I assured you there will not be any problem. Ho ahead and send my Money E. Apperson Do you think you can call the investigator and let him know this is all legitimate? That would help. Craiglist Buyer How do you mean? What is my business with them? E. Apperson They just have some questions. Apparently the check appears suspicious and they said this can all be cleared up if they speak with you. Craiglist Buyer Have just cleared everything and you need to send my money today or else E. Apperson You spoke with the investigators? Craiglist Buyer Yes I did E. Apperson Good. Which ones did you speak to and what did they say. I've been hiding out in a friends apartment just in case they came to my house. To All from : Scammer I still have 1,500.00 left. I had to spend a little to buy food for my friend as he let me hide out at his place. I was able to bring my new PS4 though so he was pretty cool about it. We've been playing Madden 18. Craiglist Buyer I want you to go ahead and send my money right now Craiglist Buyer Go and send $990 to the information I sent you via Wal Mart to Walmart Money Transfer E. Apperson What about the remaining 500.00? Craiglist Buyer I will let you know how to send that later on E. Apperson Okay. Can I please get the name of the investigator you spoke to, just for my records? Craiglist Buyer Sergeant Paul Tillery E. Apperson Great. I assume he works for the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office? E. Apperson Brad? E. Apperson Brad? Are you there? I'm trying to find out where Sergeant Paul Tillery works. I don't want to talk to him. I just want to know. E. Apperson I still have 1500.00 but I'm afraid to leave my buddies apartment and we are running out of Doritos. Can I give his girlfriend Linda some money to by us food at the gas station across the street? We shouldn't need more than about forty bucks. Craiglist Buyer I gave you all the information, I asked you to go to Money Gram and send my Money E. Apperson I'll have Linda see if the gas station has a money gram place because it's just across the street and the cops aren't looking for her. Craiglist Buyer I gave you Locations where you can send the Money Gram E. Apperson Where I'm at isn't really close to that and it's raining very heavily. Craiglist Buyer Hold while I give you a nearest location Craiglist Buyer 0.45 Mi ADVANCE AMERICA - #1143 385 M ST UNIT A6 Crescent City, CA 95531-4118 Craiglist Buyer You are to send Money Gram Money Transfer and not Money order E. Apperson Dude, do you know exactly where I am right now? You're kind of freaking me out. Craiglist Buyer Give me the city and zipcode of where you are, and will send you the nearest Location or you can also send it from any Walmart store E. Apperson You have already given me that information. A while back you said send the money or else. I feel like you're threatening me and with the cops chasing me I feel like all you care about is the money. I'm in Crescent City, Ca and you won't even tell me where the cop works that you spoke to. Craiglist Buyer He works in Del Norte Sheriff's Office and I do care about you and I assured you that there won't be any problem. you are 100% protected. E. Apperson That is a relief. I'd hate to get arrested over this. Jail food sucks and there are no video games in lockup. You really scared me when you said 'or else'. Hey, are you on Facebook? We should be Facebook friends. Craiglist Buyer No I am not official sites.. please let me know when you send the money my friend E. Apperson I'm on my way to Wal Mart again. Are you sure about the address? You sent me two. Craiglist Buyer Yes everything is correct, send $1,400 to that info and keep the rest Craiglist Buyer The name is Ira**** Pir**: City: North Miami: State: Florida: Zipcode: 33161. Send Money Gram Money Transfer of $1,400. It will cost less than $50 to send as a sending fee, use the rest for gas. Craiglist Buyer Send me the Money Gram receipt as soon as you are done Craiglist Buyer Please what is the situation of things now? E. Apperson Brad, I have a problem and need to be honest with you about it... E. Apperson Are you there? Craiglist Buyer Yes I am here and what is the problem? E. Apperson I'm afraid you're going to be angry. E. Apperson And you’ll report me to Sergeant Tillery. Craiglist Buyer I won't just tell me what is going on E. Apperson I ended up going to the casino last night because they have really good food there. I made the mistake of playing on the slot machines and lost about $1,000. E. Apperson I still have $500.00 USD. E. Apperson Are you still there? E. Apperson Was it something I said? E. Apperson I’m a cop.

Bring it on Del Norte County Probation Department! We are excited to see what you can do. We hope it's not too wordy.

Way to go CCPD! We are excited to see what you come up with and thanks for stepping up to the challenge! Also, thanks for the work you do in our community!