Eureka Police Department

  • Agency: Eureka Police Department
  • Address: 604 C Street, Eureka, 95501 CA
  • Chief: David Douglas (Chief of Police)
Phone: (707) 441-4060
Fax: (707) 441-4334

Eureka Police Department is located at 604 C Street, Eureka, 95501 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is David Douglas. The Eureka Police Department phone number is (707) 441-4060.

Eureka Police Department News

On behalf of the supervisors at Eureka Police Department, we are pleased to announce that Officer Joey Couch was selected as November’s Officer of the Month. Officer Couch was selected for a number of different reasons to include having double the felony arrests of anyone in the department and for his diligent work with other units of the department and other agencies locating wanted subjects in the area. Officer Couch is known for his work ethic and remains proactive during every watch he works. He takes time to ensure his work is done properly receiving little to no follow up work to be done. He’s already received (3) VC 10851 pins and is excelling in traffic enforcement. He was praised for taking on and accepting every challenge given to him by working hard to figure out a solution to it. This is Officer Couch’s second time as being selected this year as Officer of the Month for 2018! Congratulations Officer Couch!

Patrol is ready for trick or treating! Be looking for our officers while out and about tonight.

Members of our department have enjoyed taking part in the festivities today! Happy Halloween!

The Eureka Police Department would like to provide the below safety tips for a safe and enjoyable Halloween. In the spirit of Halloween, officers will be giving out treats throughout the day. FOR MOTORISTS & BICYCLISTS: • Stay alert for increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic on Halloween night. • Be patient and SLOW DOWN! Give children lots of time to cross the street. Costumes can impair their ability to not only see and hear you, but also to move quickly. • Excited kids may forget to “stop, look and listen” before crossing the street and dart out into traffic. Be extra cautious of this in areas where vehicles are parked along the side of the street. • Enter and exit driveways and alleys carefully. FOR PARENTS and CAREGIVERS: • Trick-or-treaters should carry flashlights or “glow sticks.” • Dress children in costumes that are light-colored and add reflective tape to costumes / trick-or-treat bags. Also secure identification (name, address phone number) on or within a child’s costume. • Use face paints or make-up rather than masks that could impair vision. • Small children should always be accompanied by adults and stay in groups. • If driving children to trick-or-treat, make sure they exit the vehicle on the curb side and not the traffic side. • Teach children their home phone number and how to call 9-1-1 if they become lost or have an emergency. FOR TRICK-OR-TREATERS: • Don’t assume the right of way when crossing a street. Motorists may have trouble seeing you. Just because one car stops, doesn’t mean they all will. • Be very cautious of strangers. • Trick-or-treaters should only visit houses that have porch lights turned on. • Never enter a stranger’s house or vehicle. • Stay on well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk. • Cross streets only at corners and crosswalks. Never cross the street from between parked cars. • Don’t take shortcuts through back alleys or parking lots. • Look “left, right, left again” for cars before stepping off the curb to cross a street. • Have an adult check all candy before eating it. FOR HOMEOWNERS: • Turn on your porch light. Provide ample outdoor lighting. • Eliminate tripping hazards on your porch, yard, and walkway. • Pets can be frightened by Halloween activities. Restrain or bring them indoors to protect them from cars or accidentally hurting trick-or-treaters.

The department is very excited to welcome back, Officer Ben Omey! Ben was born and raised in Eureka. After graduating High School, he joined the United States Marine Corp, where he served our country with distinction for four years. Upon Honorable Discharge from the military, Ben was hired by the Eureka Police Department in March of 2013. During his time with EPD, Ben served as a Public Service Officer, Police Officer, SWAT team member, and a Defensive Tactics and Weapons Instructor. In April of 2017, Ben accepted employment with the City of Redding as a Police Officer. We are delighted to announce that on October 1st 2018, Ben returned to our agency. It is a pleasure to have a police officer of Ben’s caliber back amongst our ranks and protecting our community.

This friendly dog was found yesterday near Del Norte and A streets in Eureka and brought to the Police Department last night. She will be transported to the Humboldt County Animal Shelter today.

Eureka Police Department has been awarded a $60,000.00 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) for a year-long enforcement and public awareness program. The traffic safety program is intended to educate the public on safe roadway habits and deter people from violating traffic laws or practicing other unsafe behaviors that lead to injuries and fatalities. “We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the California Office of Traffic Safety this year in mutual support of our ongoing commitment to keep our city’s roadways safe,” said Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson. “Proactive enforcement and education activities, made possible through grants like this, are vital components to EPD’s traffic safety efforts.” The grant from OTS will fund various education and enforcement activities for the 2019 federal fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2019): • DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols to take suspected alcohol/drug-impaired drivers – and those unlicensed or with a revoked/suspended license – off the road. • Distracted Driving enforcement. • Patrols at intersections with increased incidents of pedestrian and bike collisions. • Checking for seatbelt and child safety seat compliance. • Motorcycle safety operations in areas with high rider volume and where higher rate of motorcycle crashes occur. • Speeding, red light and stop sign enforcement. • Warrant service operations targeting multiple DUI offenders. • Compilation of DUI “Hot Sheets” identifying repeat DUI offenders • Specialized DUI and drugged driving training to identify and apprehend suspected impaired drivers. • Court “stings” to cite individuals driving from DUI court after license suspension or revocation. In 2016, 3,623 people were killed in crashes across the state, a 7 percent increase from 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Particularly alarming is the rise in pedestrian deaths, with 867 pedestrians killed on California roadways in 2016, a nearly 33 percent increase from 2012. Along with the growing dangers of distracting technologies like phones and drug-impaired driving, this grant funding will provide opportunities to combat these dangerous and illegal behaviors. “Almost all crashes are preventable,” OTS director Rhonda Craft said. “Education and enforcement go hand in hand helping change behaviors that cause devastating crashes.” Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

During the first week of October 2018, Detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing (POP) unit received complaint(s) regarding possible drug sales at a local motel. An investigation was initiated and a search warrant was soon obtained. On 10-10-2018 at approximately 10:29 a.m. members of POP and the Community Safety Enhancement Team (CSET) served the search warrant at the 1100 block of 5th Street. As a result of the search warrant service, approximately 51.9 grams of suspected heroin, approximately 1.2 grams of suspected methamphetamine, and items consistent with possession for sales of a controlled substance(s) were seized. Based on the investigation and seizure, Anthony Robert Jones (31 years old), Racheal Michelle Naze (33 years old) and Chesley Morgon Kidd-Thompson (23 years old) were taken into custody for the below charges: Jones:​​Possession of a controlled substance(s) for the purpose of sales. Naze:​Possession of a controlled substance(s) for the purpose of sales. Kidd-Thompson:​Possession of a controlled substance. All suspects were booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on their fresh charges. This is an ongoing investigation and further details will be released if appropriate.

Interested in learning more about Active Shooter Preparedness? State Fund and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is offering free training on Monday, October 15th, 2018. Be sure to reserve your spot today!

Members of the department enjoyed participating in CASA’s one-mile Kid Walk through Arts Alive tonight!

Today Eureka Police Department recognizes the retirement of Erin McBride after nearly 31 years of service to the citizens of Eureka and the Department. Erin has worked in the Records Section serving under 8 Chiefs since being hired by Chief Ray Shipley in 1987. Erin first served as a Records Specialist and was the Records Supervisor for 13 years. She also served as part of the Emergency Operations Center and was part of the crisis negotiation team. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for life have impacted those she has worked with. Erin is an avid athlete who runs daily, enjoys swimming and bicycle riding. She has participated in the Escape from Alcatraz Invitational the last two years as an open water swimmer. She enjoys travelling and recently returned from a trip to visit family in Switzerland. Her family is her pride and joy - she is looking forward to being able to see her two grandchildren more in retirement. When asked what she wanted to share with her co-workers in Records this morning Erin replied, “Records is a constantly changing part of law enforcement – remain positive and have a life outside of work. Have a positive outlet that gives you life.” We are deeply grateful for your dedication and service. Enjoy the next adventure!

I wanted to share with you another snapshot from a day in the lives of our hardworking Eureka Police Department Patrol Officers and Communications Dispatchers. A glance at the call pending screen for patrol at 1:00 PM this afternoon showed 16 pending calls for service. These were calls that had been received by the EPD Communications Center, entered into the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD), and still needed to be handled. However, they had not yet been dispatched due to lack of available officers (we had three officers tied up at the hospital with an uncooperative subject at the time). At the time, there was a sergeant and 4 officers on-duty assigned to patrol operations (day watch, 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM) along with a non-sworn Community Services Officer. As I've previously posted, EPD responded to on average around 150 calls for service a day in 2017. We eventually get these calls handled, in order of priority type, but if there is a delay now you know why! All the best and stay safe, Chief Steve Watson

Free car seat inspections tomorrow at Target from 1pm - 3pm!

Today we say goodbye to another dear co-worker. Karina Timmer began her career with the Eureka Police Department as a Communications Dispatcher in 2010 and served for over 3 and a half years. During this time officers and fellow co-workers grew to appreciate her calm demeanor, control of difficult situations and continual personal development in her position. Karina was recognized in 2012 as the Communications Dispatcher of the Year. She returned to the Department in early 2017 working part-time as a Records Specialist and primarily worked the front desk then assumed responsibilities for maintaining database entries for felony warrant suspects and offender registrant files. Karina is a Humboldt State University graduate with Journalism degree. Karina is relocating with her family to Crescent City and is joining the Del Norte County Assessor’s office. We wish you the best Karina, thank you for you dedicated service and commitment to excellence!

Recently one of our officers was approached by a motorcyclist. Roman, from Russia, is on a long-term trip to tour the world. He started in New England in May and is wandering around. He stops every few weeks and works odd jobs to re-up his finances and then takes off again to explore. Roman was a Moscow, Russia motorcycle police officer for the past sixteen years until his recent retirement as a captain. He enjoys stopping at U.S. police departments, meeting officers, doing ride-alongs (most exciting? Philadelphia!), and trading police memorabilia. He and Eureka Officer Mark Meftah hit it off, as Mark is also a long-distance motorcycle rider. Mark gave Roman a tour of the station and town, traded patches with him, and hosted Roman for the night at his home. Roman pointed out that a lot of things about police work are the same, regardless of the place you do it in. He showed photos of his agency and dispatch center, and they were quite similar to EPD's dispatch center. When he drove a cruiser, he drove a Ford Crown Victoria set up very similarly to EPD's - although now Moscow mostly uses a version of the Ford Focus as cruisers. His police motorcycle was a BMW RT, which EPD used until several years ago. He laughed that "bad guys" and the often overwhelming and time consuming criminal justice process are pretty much universal, too. He described the "beat system" of police patrols, which Eureka also uses, and noted that he and his men's "beat" was the roadways inside the third "ring" of Moscow's circular streets. He was very interested in the American police duty belt, as Moscow police only carry 4 things: a pistol, a spare magazine, a pair of handcuffs, and a radio. He is currently out exploring the north coast! If you see a grinning guy wearing a white leather jacket on a blue motorcycle with "From Russia with Love" stickered on the back, flag him down and say hello to Roman!

Officer Heinrich Soltow was selected by his supervisors for September’s Officer of the Month for dedication to the departments Firearm Training and Armorer programs. Officer Soltow has worked tirelessly to improve both of these programs and also oversees the department PAS’s. Officer Soltow is a recognized go-to-guy on the department new report writing system as well. He was praised by his supervisors for being extremely effective and efficient with every project given to him.

The Eureka Police Department is once again saying goodbye to one of our own. Officer Mychal Huynh has accepted a position with the Milpitas Police Department. Mychal was hired by the Eureka Police Department in 2016 and was assigned to the Patrol Division where he served as a Patrol Officer. Mychal is a graduate of Humboldt State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an Emphasis in Exercise. Upon graduation, Mychal joined the South Bay Basic Police Academy, and upon successful completion was hired by EPD. Mychal holds a Basic POST Certificate, and was our 2017 MADD Award recipient given to the officer who arrests the most DUI’s in Eureka for a calendar year. We would like to thank Mychal for the time he spent serving the City of Eureka, and wish him all the best on his new adventure.

Come out for a day full of fun! The Eureka Police Department, the City of Eureka, and I Like Eureka are once again sponsoring a community wide Block Party on Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Carson Park in Eureka. This event is FREE and open to everyone. There will be live music with the Jim Lahman Band and plenty of great food for guests to purchase! Booths will open at 11am with Zumba lessons starting at 11:30am. Live music with the Jim Lahman Band begins at 12pm and goes until 3pm. There will be an old fashioned “Pie Eating Contest” at 12:30pm. Humboldt Bay Fire will be hosting a “Bucket Brigade Contest” at 1:30pm. At 2:30pm, Eureka Police K9 units Sgt. LaFrance and his K9 partner Vex along with Officer Christiansen and his K9 partner Max will take the stage with some exciting demonstrations. There will be plenty of opportunities to win some great prizes just for showing up to the event! This is great opportunity to come out and learn more about Neighborhood Watch and crime prevention. Representatives from many local emergency service departments, including Eureka Police Department, Humboldt Bay Fire, Humboldt Sheriff's and County Office Emergency Services, Red Cross, Community Emergency Response Teams, Neighborhood Watch Groups and more, will be on hand to answer your questions. This event is alcohol and tobacco free. Please leave your animals at home (service animals only).

For several months, both the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing unit and the City of Eureka’s Code Enforcement team have received complaints from the community regarding two properties in the city. These complaints ranged from quality of life issues to suspected violations of various health and safety codes including hazardous construction, large accumulations of garbage, rodent infestations, fire hazards and unsanitary conditions, including a lack of running water and the use of backyard latrines. The residences are located at the 1300 block of 11th Street and the 2100 block of California Street. Both Code Enforcement and the POP team have investigated the reports and have been attempting to address the observed violations with the owners and residents of the locations with little success. Due to the ongoing violations and the presence of conditions which create a safety hazard for both residents and the surrounding community, warrants were secured and both locations were vacated and sealed against entry until the properties are brought up to code. Over one hundred cubic yards of garbage and debris were removed from the yards of these problem properties.

EPD is currently in the lead at the Battle of the Badges Blood Drive. You have until 7 to come out and donate. There’s tons of food from Seasmoke BBQ. Mention you are donating on behalf of EPD so we can get the trophy! Almost 50 donors so far today!

EPD Ride Along Podcast from Cape Media- Ride along with Officer Couch as he processes a missing persons report, responds to a disturbance at a gas station and describes arresting Humboldt’s most wanted man. We also discuss baseball, burritos and the Backstreet Boys.

UPDATE: Savieo was taken into custody on August 15, 2018 by Clear Lake CHP. Savieo was in possession of the stolen Nissan Pathfinder. On August 15, 2018, at about 2:00 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to a gas station on the 1700 block of 4th Street for the report of an armed robbery that had just occurred. The suspect was last seen walking through the alley to the rear of the business. Officers searched the vicinity but were unable to locate the suspect. Upon review of surveillance, it was determined the suspect entered the business armed with a knife and pipe and immediately attacked an employee. The suspect then fled on foot with lottery tickets. The employee was not injured during the attack. From the surveillance, officers were able to identify the suspect as Nicholas Savieo (32 of Eureka). At about 3:40 a.m., officers responded to a gas station on the 1000 block of Broadway for an additional robbery. A male suspect entered the store with a knife attached to a stick and demanded money. The suspect took the employee’s keys and fled the scene in the employee’s vehicle, a white 1999 Nissan Pathfinder, CA license plate #4YUX106. The suspect’s weapon and description matched the earlier description of Savieo, however; the identity of the second robbery suspect has not been confirmed. There is an arrest warrant out for Savieo for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and false imprisonment. Savieo is considered to be armed and dangerous and should not be contacted by citizens. The white Nissan Pathfinder (4YUX106) taken during the second robbery is still outstanding and is listed as a stolen vehicle. Contact law enforcement immediately if you see Savieo or the stolen Nissan Pathfinder.

4th Annual Ice Cream with EPD to top off the last week of summer vacation. Big thanks to Living the Dream Ice Cream for donating ice cream to over 100 smiling faces!

It's that time of year again! Ice Cream with EPD! Here's your 24 hour notice. Free ice cream for all kids on Tuesday, August 14th from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the playground at 735 West Everding Street in Eureka. The Living the Dream Ice Cream truck will be there serving up some of their best flavors. We look forward to seeing you and enjoying the last week of summer vacation.