Rio Dell Police Department

  • Agency: Rio Dell Police Department
  • Address: 675 Wildwood Ave, Rio Dell, 95562 CA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (707) 764-5642
Fax: (707) 764-2569

Rio Dell Police Department is located at 675 Wildwood Ave, Rio Dell, 95562 CA. The Rio Dell Police Department phone number is (707) 764-5642.

Rio Dell Police Department News

Event: Town Hall Meeting on Measure U @ Monument Middle School, Multipurpose Room - 95 Center Street, Rio Dell. Date: Wednesday October 15th, 2014 @ 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

There's a Vin Diesel is dead video floating around on Just like the Jackie Chan video we posted about earlier in 2013, it's a scam. Do not click on the video link.

Here's some more information regarding scams on Sadly it's becoming more and more prevalent. This article from the Chicago Tribune sheds some light on this issue. Read it, share it, and be mindful of the posts discussed in the article.

More scam/malicious garbage embedded in links. Do Not click on links to videos or stories related to the recent death of actor Paul Walker! These links can lead to sites which download malicious software onto your computer which could lead to third party access of your computer and/or theft of information from your computer. Share with your family and friends. Contact the RDPD if you have any questions regarding this issue or any other internet/electronic scam matters. Oh, and remember to lock your doors and keep your property well lit. Happy Holidays from all of us!

We've received more calls regarding these types of scams. Share this with family and friends. Be vigilant and cautious if you receive phone calls or emails similar to this. The Fictitious Debt scam can be modified to include a warning that a family member has been arrested or injured in a foreign country, and money is required for their legal defense or medical treatment. If you have questions about these scams feel free to call the RDPD, visit our website at, or the FBI internet/electronic scam site at

Recently a citizen asked about ways to make doing business on a bit safer. Here's the advice we gave. If you have to show an item to a potential customer, or want to view an item being sold, consider using the parking lot of the RDPD, or any other law enforcement agency, as the meeting place. If the other party is shady, they probably won't want to meet with you at a police station. If the other party is honest, meeting at a police station could help ease their mind about you. Whenever you do business online and plan on meeting someone, make sure you tell somebody about that meeting along with details like where you'll be going, at what time, who you'll be meeting, etc. You can always call the RDPD to let us know you'll be meeting somebody in the parking lot. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

Great stuff from disguised as an anti-virus program and other important topics. Maintain your vigilance online!

A Rio Dell citizen brought this letter and check into the station requesting advice. The documents were part of a common lottery scam. If you ever receive a letter like this, throw it away.

There is a Jackie Chan Is Dead hoax story going around social media sites directing people to click on a link to view the video of the fall which led to his death. This link will download a virus and cause many problems for people including but not limited to identity theft. There have been other hoax death stories floating around the internet which also were used by internet crooks. Tell your friends and family. Mr. Chan is alive and well, and don't click on the video to watch him plummet to his death! =D

Remind your family and friends to drive with caution. The first rain of the season combined with oil on the surface of the roadways makes for a slippery situation!

The RDPD has received information about an old scam email. Never click on links embedded in emails. Always go to the actual site to do whatever business you have. This particular scam directs the recipient to click on the false link to take the recipient to the claims resolution section of the PayPal site. This link is a redirect to a fraudulent site. Visit,, or for more information about protecting you and your families from internet based scams.

August internet/fraud updates from Always interesting reads. Check them out!

Visit the Wildwood Days Facebook page for the schedule of events.

June/July articles from Interesting stuff, check 'em out!

Please remind your family and friends the RDPD is available 24-hours a day. If the office is closed, use the hotline phone to contact dispatch so an officer can be contacted to assist. We've heard from people they don't want to "bother" us after they've come to the counter and found the office closed. We are never bothered by calls from the public and welcome the opportunity to help folks.

Current articles on an assortment of electronic and internet scams from the FBI website. Very helpful information. Please pass it along to your friends and families.

Maggot Art! During a recent homicide investigator course Sgt. Wiener attended, forensic entomologists discussed the importance of maggots in death investigations. After maggots finish eating, they leave the food source in search of a safe, dark place to continue their journey towards adult fly-hood. Scientists can extract DNA from materials removed from the maggot's digestive system. This picture showed the paths a test maggot took as it moved away from a light source. The maggots were dipped in different color paints and moved shockingly fast. Forensic science is incredible. We live in a fascinating time!

It's getting warmer in Rio Dell. As temperatures go up, so do property crime rates. Remind your friends and family to lock their, homes, sheds, etc. The vast majority of thieves are opportunists. If it's locked they'll most likely move on.

R.I.P. MIT Police Officer Sean Collier

California Penal Code Section 381c(b) prohibits the sale of nitrous oxide to anyone under the age of 18. If you know of any businesses in Rio Dell violating this law, please notify the RDPD.

The RDPD is collecting donations for a raffle at the upcoming dispatcher appreciation dinner on 4/15/13. The dispatchers at Fortuna PD dispatch all police personnel in Rio Dell, Ferndale, and Fortuna. The RDPD greatly appreciates their efforts. When things go bad, they are our lifeline. Their job is challenging and often thankless. If you know a dispatcher, hug 'em!

January 2013 report from There's some really interesting stuff.

The RDPD has been asked by some citizens to recommend a few simple ways to increase the security of people's homes. Here's a quick list. As always, if you see suspicious activity call 764-5641 or 911 to report it to the RDPD. 1. Lock your doors. This is the single most effective way to prevent theft. Most criminals are opportunists and will pass by locked targets. 2. Exterior lighting. Battery powered exterior lights with motion sensors are available at hardware stores for reasonable prices. 3. Clear clutter/vegetation/debris away from entrances and windows so they are visible from the street. Removing places for someone to hide makes it harder for them to steal from you.

The RDPD has been receiving calls from citizens experiencing the following electronic/internet confidence scams. If a phone or email solicitation causes you concern, play it safe and hang-up or delete the email. Here is a brief description of current scams about which the RDPD has received reports: Fictitious Debt: A person calls the target asserting a debt is owed. If the target does not pay, something bad will happen like an arrest or fine. The caller usually uses elegant sounding legal language which is nothing more than nonsense. But it sounds convincing. Infected Computer: A person calls the target asserting their computer is infected or their IP address has somehow been "flagged". The caller claims to represent an internet security company which can clean the target's computer. The caller requests remote access to the target's computer and a credit card number to pay for the service. If you or anyone you know living in Rio Dell has experienced one of these scams, or fallen prey to one, please contact the RDPD. We can assign you a local report number and assist you with the process of recovering from this type of scam. You can also visit the FBI's internet/electronic crimes website at