California City Police Department

  • Agency: California City Police Department
  • Address: 21130 Hacienda Blvd, California City, 93505 CA
  • Chief: Steve W Colerick (Chief of Police)
Phone: 760-373-8606
Fax: (760) 373-8210

California City Police Department is located at 21130 Hacienda Blvd, California City, 93505 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Steve W Colerick. The California City Police Department phone number is 760-373-8606.

California City Police Department News

California City Halloween Activity. Be safe and courteous! Enjoy!


The California City Police Department still has part-time job openings for Station Cadets. Please see out website for more information.

If you are experiencing an emergency, do not post to this page. Dial 9-1-1 immediately. This page is not intended for emergency communications.

Collaborations are great! The California Highway Patrol and California CIty Police Department are working together to help increase safety for the citizens of California City California City Police CHP - BakersfieldCHP – Antelope ValleyCHP – Barstow CHP - Inland Division.

If you are interested in employment with CCPD, please go to and download an employment application, complete it and return to California City Human Resources, 21000 Hacienda Blvd, California City, CA 93505 or scan in and send to and There are several positions available and you can see those on the same webpage under Police Department.

This FaceBook page is for general information to the public. We love hearing from you and will respond as time allows. Please DO NOT send messages of an urgent nature. If you see something needing immediate attention or response, please call 9-1-1. This page is not monitored for the purpose of responding to emergencies.

Prayers and thoughts for LASD. They lost another Sergeant this morning during a pursuit.