Ridgecrest Police Department

  • Agency: Ridgecrest Police Department
  • Address: 100 W California Ave, Ridgecrest, 93555 CA
  • Chief: onald Strand (Chief of Police)

Ridgecrest Police Department is located at 100 W California Ave, Ridgecrest, 93555 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is onald Strand. The Ridgecrest Police Department phone number is (760) 499-5190.

Ridgecrest Police Department News

Police Logs - OCT_31_2018.pdf

The Ridgecrest Police Department still has RPD cancer awareness patches for sale! Kylea and her family came to visit us at the department last week! We also had Mayor Peggy Breeden and The Etoch’s from Toyota of Ridgecrest here to visit with Kylea! The patches are $20.00 dollars and available at the front counter of the department!

We are investigating multiple incidents where a brick or other object has been thrown at both parked and moving vehicles. The most recent incident occurred in the 300 block of N. Norma St. around 0600-0620 hours. If you have any information please contact Officer Farias at 760-499-5100.

Police Logs - oct_28_2018.pdf

We had a great time at Trunk or Treat this year. Thank you to everyone who came by and shared a few words with us as you shuffled down the line. The costumes were fantastic.

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Drug Take Back Initiative

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Please use caution at the intersection of N. Norma St. and W. Las Flores Ave. as the traffic light is not working at this time due to a power outage. The City's Street Department and SCE crews are currently working on the problem. Remember to treat the intersection as a four way stop sign whenever a traffic light is not functioning correctly. Be safe.

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