San Marino Police Department

  • Agency: San Marino Police Department
  • Address: 2200 Huntington Drive, San Marino, 91108 CA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (626) 300-0720
Fax: (626) 300-0727

San Marino Police Department is located at 2200 Huntington Drive, San Marino, 91108 CA. The San Marino Police Department phone number is (626) 300-0720.

San Marino Police Department News

Great job Titans!! Good luck next Friday!

The San Marino Police Department is proud to support Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Partnership for Awareness! MADD SoCal

San Marino Police Department's Commander Blonde' and Detective Qureshi attended today's Media event kickoff for the 2018 Pink Patch Project! Come purchase a patch or T-shirt at the station! Patches are $10 and T-Shirts are $20. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to our partner beneficiary, City of Hope Hospital! Thanks for your support!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Increase in Robocall scam We have recently seen an increase in calls with mostly Chinese speaking women, which are aimed at the Chinese immigrant population. The caller tells the individual that the call is from the Chinese Consulate and that they have an important document to pick up. Failure to proceed with the call can affect their status in the U.S. A live scammer then comes on the phone and at some point requests that the individual wire money. These types of calls are effective because they prey on people’s fears over matters such as immigration status. The following steps can help protect you with these types of scams · The Chinese Consulate and Embassy will never call you to ask for money or payment over the phone · Never share your Social Security number, bank or credit card number, other sensitive information over the phone, email or social media · If you receive an unexpected call requesting you send money or payments, hang up immediately 本周警示:“中国领事馆”电话诈骗在上升 我们发现近期“中领馆”诈骗电话数量在增加。这类电话多数是用一个女声自动留言电话,主要针对中国新移民群体。 电话会以语音留言方式通知当事人中国领事馆有一份重要文件需要当事人领取,如不及时领取,当事人的移民身份会受影响;或通知当事人有涉嫌走私,洗钱等犯罪, 需要交保释金等。当当事人选择与在线工作人员对话,就会有真人在线向当事人索取个人信息及骗取钱财。此类诈骗屡次成功的主要原因是诈骗犯恐吓当事人,并利用当事人对移民身份的恐惧心里或对法律程序的认知不足骗取当事人的身份信息,银行张号,及钱财。 针对有关具体情形,本局提示您杜绝受骗的几点: · 中国领事馆或任何国家政府机关,不会通过电话形式向任何人收取现金,汇款,或转账 · 不要在电话中,邮件中,或网路上向陌生人提供你的社会安全号,银行账号,信用卡号,或任何个人信息。 · 如果接到陌生或可疑的电话向你索取个人信息或财物,请马上挂断电话。

Tip of the week....don’t forget to join San Marino Pd next Tuesday for National Night Out.