Sierra Madre Police Department

  • Agency: Sierra Madre Police Department
  • Address: 242 Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, 91024 CA
  • Chief: Wayne Bailey (Chief of Police)

Sierra Madre Police Department is located at 242 Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, 91024 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Wayne Bailey. The Sierra Madre Police Department phone number is 626-355-1414.

Sierra Madre Police Department News

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pomona PD and the officer's family.

Sierra Madre Police Department officers helped Arcadia Police Department make an arrest of a Burglary suspect.

A Sierra Madre Police Officer saw a large amount of trash in the street so he took it upon himself to clean it up. Not a normal duty for a police officer, but this is the kind of service Sierra Madre Police Officers provide. Thanks Officer Pedregon for your dedication to keeping Sierra Madre clean and safe!

Cecilia was a former Paramedic for the City of Sierra Madre. This is such a tragic loss for her friends and family. Cecilia was loved by many and she will be missed. Rest in Peace Cecilia!

R.I.P. Mr. Milner! You will be missed!

The Sierra Madre Police Association would like to wish everyone a "Safe and Happy 4th of July."

Sierra Madre is rated #24 on the list of the 50 safest cities. States the Sierra Madre Police Department and the citizens have worked together to keep Sierra Madre safe.

***CREDIT CARD FRAUD*** If you are going on a vacation and plan to stay at a hotel, here is something to watch for. You arrive at your hotel and check in at the front desk. The front desk personnel ask you for a credit card to have on file for any additional charges to your room during your stay. The hotel receives a phone call and the caller just happens to ask for your room number. The hotel connects the caller with your room. You answer the phone and the caller says the following: “This is the front desk. There is a problem with the credit card information you gave us at check-in. We need to get your credit card information again to sort out the problem with the information we have. Please re-read your credit card number and the 3 digit security number from the back of your card. What is the name listed on the front of the credit card.” You give the caller the information and you don’t think anything of it. After all, it was the front desk of the hotel. This is most likely a scam!! The caller was not from the hotel. The caller asked for a random room number and it was yours. The caller sounded professional and you believed the call was coming from the hotel personnel at the front desk. If you ever receive a call like this while staying at a hotel, tell the caller you will come to the front desk to sort out the problem. Ask the front desk personnel if there was a problem with your credit card. If the front desk personnel tells you there was no problem with your credit card, tell the hotel manager that someone acting as a front desk employee tried to get your credit card information. Always be careful about giving out your personal or credit card information over the phone. Make sure you know who you are talking to.

Happy Easter!

We send our prayers to the family of Officer Michael Johnson and his extended family at the San Jose Police Department.

RIP Detective Green! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and your extended family at the Fulton County Police Department. Thank you for your service! You will never be forgotten!

Happy New Year!

R.I.P. Officer Tyler Stewart! Our thoughts and prayer are with Officer Stewart's family and co-workers.

Our sympathy is with the Pomona Police Department and Officer Shaun Diamond's Family. Thank you for your courageous service and may you R.I.P.