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  • Agency: Marin County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 1600 Los Gamos Dr. #200, San Rafael, 94903 CA
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Phone: 415-473-7250

Marin County Sheriff's Office is located at 1600 Los Gamos Dr. #200, San Rafael, 94903 CA. The Marin County Sheriff's Office phone number is 415-473-7250.

Marin County Sheriff's Office News

Detox Center Shooting Update

Updated information regarding shooting at detox facility in San Rafael

We are proud of our volunteers and the efforts they put in our beautiful state assisting our partners in locating lost or missing people.

Bicyclist Fatally Struck by a Vehicle in West Marin Identified

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The Marin County Sheriff’s Office takes pride in being a leader in public safety. It is a top priority of the Sheriff’s Office to explore ways to maintain the public’s safety while also decreasing potential risk to its personnel and fellow public safety partners. In an effort to continuously leverage the latest technology available in the most appropriate manner, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office is introducing the addition of its small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) program to its Field Services Bureau. The use of UAVs in public safety situations has saved lives. UAVs can be deployed rapidly, access remote or treacherous terrain where people cannot, and can give rescue and response teams life-saving information quickly without putting personnel or the public in danger. This program will consist of five unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and eight pilots. The sUAS program will be staffed with Sheriff’s Office personnel who have been certified by the FAA and have received at least 40 hours of certified training specific to sUAS operations. This program will aid in specific critical missions such as search and rescue operations, public safety and life preservation missions, disaster response and documentation, post-incident crime scene preservation and documentation, explosive ordnance disposal incidents, response to hazardous material spills; training missions, as well as fire response and prevention. The UAV’s will not supplement regular patrol functions, but will only be used for the specific missions listed above. This new program will provide the Sheriff’s Office the opportunity to provide a new resource to the public safety community of Marin while maintaining the privacy of its residents according to its policy, applicable laws and regulations: Questions related to the program may be sent to

Kidnapping Scam Yesterday, a member of the community received a call on a cell phone stating that her child had been kidnapped with a ransom demand. The fake kidnapper put someone on the line that sounded like a child screaming for help. The phone call was unnerving and put this parent into a state of panic. The scammer told the parent to drive to a bank and withdraw as much cash as possible and then head to a Western Union branch to buy a Moneygram. The fake kidnappers told the parent not to disconnect the phone call, receive any phone calls or make any phone calls or their child would be harmed. We received a phone call from a co-worker telling us that the parent rushed to a bank to save their child as they had been kidnapped. As we were responding to the call, an alert security guard at the bank saw the parent in distress attempting to withdraw money. We were able to verify that the child was safe at school averting any monetary loss and much relief to the parent. Criminals are always finding new ways to scam people out of their hard-earned money. This scam has been occurring more frequently throughout the country with the calls coming from Country Code 52 which is Mexico. If you receive one of these calls, alert someone to call 9-1-1 immediately to verify your loved one is safe. Please SHARE this scam with others.

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The Marin County Sheriff's Office is currently recruiting for the position of Sheriff's Service Assistant. This position is open with a closing date of Thursday November 1, 2018 at 4:00pm. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. Please refer to the link below for more information about the position and instructions on how to apply. Thank you!

Mental Health Awareness Recently a member of our community that suffers from mental health issues, decided to call 9-1-1 and report that there was a man waving a gun. When deputies arrived on scene, they encountered a man that had a large can of bear repellant simulating that it was a gun. The man charged and yelled at the deputies that he had gun as he was wanting to end his life. The deputies were able to subdue the threat and take him into custody. The man was taken to the crisis unit where he was treated for his mental health issues.

Score Another One for the Community The other day a member of the community called us when they saw a man looking into parked cars behind a business in Southern Marin. The caller was able to provide our dispatchers with an accurate description of the suspicious man and he was quickly located riding down the bike path. When the suspicious man was asked about looking into cars he told the deputy that he was looking for light for his cigarettes. The deputy noticed that this guy was riding an expensive bike and when he was questioned about it, he said that he paid $800.00 for it. The deputy noticed that the bike was purchased from Mike's Bikes and made a call to see if they could help. Mike's Bikes was able to get the deputy a telephone number of the original owner of the bicycle. It turns out that the bicycle was recently stolen and the owner was in the process of calling to report it. It was a happy ending with the return of the bicycle to the original owner and a trip to jail for the bike thief. You can learn more about bicycle theft prevention and how to register your bike with the Sheriff's Office at the following link:

Friday Night Fun Thank you to Mary Silveira Elementary School for having us be a part of the Book Fair Kick Off Party last night. It was a fantastic turnout as Deputy Richards got to be a guest reader. Good luck with the upcoming Book Fair. #Partnership #Community

Community Policing Wins Again Yesterday morning we received a phone call from a concerned member of the community, when a strange car was parked in front of their home in Novato. The car’s engine was running, however, no one was in the car. The home owner was able to get the license plate and the dispatchers discovered that it was recently stolen from the City of Novato. The responding deputies were handling another call in San Rafael and had about a 10 minute estimated time of arrival. The sergeant quickly asked our partners at Novato Police Department for help, along with a detective from the Auto Theft Task Force. It was just in time when the detective observed the stolen car driving away and the Novato Police Department was able to stop the vehicle. It turns out that the driver of the vehicle had several warrants for his arrest along with shaved keys that were used to steal the car. We appreciate the alert community member along with our partners at Novato Police Department and the Auto Theft Task Force as they made a difference in the community yesterday. #Partnership #NotOnOurWatch

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Last night, a Deputy working west Marin was driving down to the community of Bolinas. Driving just south of Pt. Reyes station the Deputy found a car in the middle of the road, flashers on. When the deputy got out checking on the occupants he noticed an Owl in the middle of the road. The Owl probably saw prey and swooped to grab dinner but was struck by a vehicle. The vehicle with its flashers had come upon the bird, stopped and turned their flashers on hoping to provide some safety and luckily the deputy happened along. The Owl appeared quite dazed but seemingly not badly injured. They were able to put the Owl into a cardboard box and bring it back to the substation where an Officer from Marin Humane responded to take it to Wild Care. Our last update was the Owl had no broken bones and should survive! That poor bird had one hoot of a night. #greathornedowl #owltales #luckybird

The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse and medications. On Saturday October 27th between the hours of 10:00am to 2:00pm, Representatives from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting two locations for the National Drug Take Back Initiative. The locations are as follows: Marin City Public Safety Building, 850 Drake Avenue, Marin City Marinwood Fire Department, 777 Miller Creek Road, San Rafael Free Annonymous Drop-off of Undused adn Expired Medicaitons. Acceptable- Prescription Non-Prescription (over the counter) Controlled Substances Veterinary medications Unacceptable- no sharps or lancets no medical waste no illicit drugs or marijuana no aerosols/hydrogen peroxide **Keep liquids in original bottle**

Community Policing Wins Again Last night we received a phone call from an alert member of the community that saw a suspicious car with paper license plates that was parked next to the Target Store in Southern Marin. There was a man in the car that was wearing sunglasses, a white mask concealing his face and had the hood of his sweatshirt on top of his head. When the deputy got to the suspicious car, he noticed that it was parked next to an emergency store exit. Upon seeing the marked patrol car, the suspicious car then starting driving away without putting on their headlights on. The deputy attempted to stop the suspicious car and the driver refused to pull over. The driver not familiar to the area drove down a street that appears to be a dead end road immediately parked the car, where he was taken into custody. It turns out that suspicious man was on parole, so he went to jail. We appreciate the alert community member as they made a difference last night by helping us prevent crimes in our neighborhoods.

On Thursday, the Sheriff's Office conducted the ceremonial launching of Rescue One. The ceremonial ship launching is the process of transferring a vessel to the water. It is a naval tradition in many different cultures, dating back thousands of years. We appreciate those that came out to be a part of the ceremony that included our partners in Southern Marin along with Supervisors Dennis Rodoni and Kathrin Sears.

It is International Walk & Roll to school day today! We got to help out with our friends CHP Marin at Loma Verde Elementary School to make sure everyone got to school safe and we had a great time with all your children. What a spirited and fun buch! #internationalwalkandrolltoschoolday

As anticipated, the Fire Weather Watch becomes a Red Flag Warning at 8 p.m. tonight. Be fire safe and aware of conditions.