Tustin Police Department

  • Agency: Tustin Police Department
  • Address: 300 Centennial Way, Tustin, 92780 CA
  • Chief: Scott M Jordan (Chief of Police)
Phone: (714) 573-3200

Tustin Police Department is located at 300 Centennial Way, Tustin, 92780 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Scott M Jordan. The Tustin Police Department phone number is (714) 573-3200.

Tustin Police Department News

The Tustin Police Department just got a makeover! Following nearly 18 months of rebranding efforts, today we are unveiling our new look. Starting today, you will see department personnel wearing updated uniforms. Our new look includes dark blue shoulder patches with the City of Tustin seal centered. The newly redesigned badge displays a portrait of the iconic Tustin hangar and American flags placed on each side of the City seal. All civilian employees have transitioned from light blue shirts to dark gray. The new design emphasizes simplicity and practicality to the task of police field work, while honoring the military men and women who called the Naval Lighter-Than-Air Station / Marine Corps Air Station Tustin home. The changeover is part of a larger rebranding project to include new patrol unit graphics, a new department logo, and other updates in the near future. We thought it fitting to unveil our new look on Veterans Day, as we recognize the dedication and sacrifice of the brave men and women who serve our country.

COMMUNITY UPDATE 11/07/18 2:41PM – A male subject was riding his bicycle up and down streets in the area of Prospect / Wellington throughout Tustin and the unincorporated county area. Residents suspected the subject was looking for packages to steal off of front porches. Officers located and detained the subject in the area of Vandenberg / Yorba. He was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance and possession of credit cards that did not belong to him. 11/08/18 2:42PM – A suspicious subject at the Kohl’s on Irvine Blvd. was seen concealing merchandise in his jacket. Officers detained the subject as he attempted to leave the store. He was arrested for shoplifting and booked at Orange County Jail for absconding from his parole agent. 11/09/18 3:50PM – A shoeless male subject at the Key Inn was walking around yelling and knocking on doors. He then pulled the fire alarm to the motel. The subject was contacted and arrested for drunk in public and maliciously pulling a fire alarm when there was not a fire. 11/10/18 3:31AM – Officers responded to the area of El Camino Real and Tustin East Dr. regarding a male driver passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle. When officers arrived, they attempted to wake up the male driver. The driver appeared to be under the influence of drugs and upon awakening, began fighting with the officers. Additional officers arrived and successfully took the subject into custody. During the fight, the subject attempted to take a collapsible baton off of an officer’s belt and he bit an officer on the arm. Fortunately, the officer was wearing a long sleeve shirt. The subject was medically cleared for booking at the hospital and then booked at Orange County Jail for DUI, resisting arrest by force or violence, attempting to take an officer’s baton, mayhem, assault and battery on a peace officer, possession of a switchblade knife, possession of drugs, possession of Xanax, and a probation violation. We are happy to report that none of the officers in this fight were seriously injured and would like to remind the general public that “drugs are bad.” 11/10/18 1:21PM – A family disturbance in the parking lot of the Target in The District at Tustin Legacy resulted in a male (on Post-Release Community Supervision, a fancy way of saying “probation”) breaking a relative’s cell phone during an argument. The subject was arrested for vandalism and his probation officer placed a hold on him. He was booked at Orange County Jail. 11/11/18 4:22AM – A resident called in the 16000-blk of Main St. regarding two males and a female looking into vehicles, possibly preparing to do a vehicle burglary. Officers responded and detained all three subjects. The female was arrested for an outstanding warrant and both males were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. 11/11/18 8:39AM – Officers responded to the McDonald’s on First Street regarding a male subject brandishing a knife. Upon arrival, officers determined the subject did not brandish the knife, but was in the bathroom for an extended period of time grooming himself. While in the bathroom, he was seen by customers in possession of a knife. Officers located the subject near First St. / Centennial Way. He was detained as part of the investigation and determined to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. When the subject was arrested, he attempted to kick out the back window of the patrol car. His legs were restrained in the back of the car to prevent injury to himself of the department’s patrol car. He was then booked at Orange County Jail for the warrant. TRAFFIC UPDATE This month’s violation of the month will be those violations involving “failure to yield.” This includes failure to yield while making an unprotected left turn, when pulling into through traffic from a stop sign, when pulling into through traffic from private property or a driveway, and failing to yield to emergency vehicles responding with lights and siren. Remember to always pull to the right side of the road and stop. We know it can be startling to see or hear an emergency vehicle, but please do not stop in the lane you are in when you see an emergency vehicle approaching. Oftentimes emergency vehicles are forced to drive on the wrong side of the road (very dangerous) because people stop where they are instead of pulling to the right. CRIME ANALYST UPDATE We had another incident of “Bank Jugging”, which involves a victim being followed away from a bank after withdrawing a large amount of cash. Please be aware of your surroundings when entering and exiting a bank. If you withdraw a large amount of cash, please put it in a bag, purse or pocket before leaving the bank. If you believe you are being followed, call 9-1-1 immediately. In many cases, the victims run other errands after leaving the bank. Please do not leave the cash inside the vehicle when you stop. Call TPD if you see suspicious subjects loitering around the bank or in a vehicle. Be safe! (Photo: On this Veteran’s Day we are thankful for those members of our community who served in the military. We are fortunate to have many men and women at Tustin PD who previously served in America’s armed forces. We also appreciate some of our men and women who still serve as reservists while working full-time at Tustin PD. Thank you for your dedicated service to the community at home and abroad!)

As you all know, Sgt. Del Pickney left this world too early on February 22, 2018. The Tustin Police Foundation has now created a scholarship fund in his name. Since Del loved softball, we will now host this annual tournament in his memory to fund the scholarship. This tournament is meant for law enforcement station teams to compete against each other for bragging rights in SoCal. Our communities are more than welcome to attend and cheer on these heroes as they compete against each other. So consider this the Tustin Police Department calling out Irvine Police Department OCFA Fire Station 43 - Tustin Ranch Santa Ana Police Department City of Orange Police Dept Huntington Beach Police Department Costa Mesa Police Department Laguna Beach Police Department Anaheim Police Department Fullerton Police Department Brea Police Department Buena Park Police Department Cypress Police Department Fountain Valley Police Department Garden Grove Police Department Westminster Police Department, CA

COMMUNITY UPDATE 10/29/18 2:16AM – A male was wandering naked near the Key Inn motel on El Camino Real. Officers responded and the subject resisted arrest. He was arrested for indecent exposure, resisting arrest, and an outstanding warrant from San Bernardino County. 10/30/18 11:17PM – In the 14000-blk of Newport Ave., the owner of a pick-up truck called because a female was seen hiding in the bed of the truck with a gas can. The female appeared paranoid and under the influence of a controlled substance. Officers responded and located the female as she was attempting to leave. She was arrested for assault and battery, and theft. 10/31/18 10:10AM – Officers responded to the 700-blk of W. Main St. regarding a female who was possibly having a seizure. Officers responded with lights and siren, along with paramedics. They located the female, who appeared to have been involved in a skateboarding accident. Officers made contact with the female’s family members and she was transported to the hospital. 11/01/18 9:20PM – Officers contacted a subject hanging out in his vehicle in the dead end of Newport Ave., near Tustin Grove. The subject was on formal probation out of Riverside County for a previous crime. As a condition of his probation, officers conducted a search of his person and vehicle. Drug indicia and paraphernalia was located and the subject was arrested. 11/01/18 9:18PM – While returning from another emergency call, a fire engine came upon a traffic collision at Newport Ave. / Main St. Officers responded and determined one of the involved drivers was under the influence of alcohol. The female driver was arrested, cited, and released for DUI. 11/02/18 8:46AM – Witnesses saw a male lying on the sidewalk near Main / Williams St. Believing the subject was in need of medical attention, they called 911. Officers responded with lights and siren, but determined the subject was a sleeping homeless man and not in need of any medical attention. The subject had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and he was booked at Orange County Jail. 11/02/18 11:40AM – Officers responded to a robbery that just occurred at the Big Lots, near Red Hill Ave. / El Camino Real. A male and female fled the location and were detained by officers nearby. The investigation revealed the crime that occurred was only a shoplifting and not a robbery. Both suspects were cited and released for shoplifting. 11/02/18 4:28PM – An officer conducted a traffic stop near Balboa / Corona. The driver lied about his name and birthday. The officer’s investigation led him to the fact the subject lied about his name because he had an outstanding warrant and was driving without a valid license. The subject was arrested for the same and lying to the officer about his name. 11/02/18 11:06AM – Officers received an anonymous tip that a parolee from Tulare County had absconded from his parole officer and was in an apartment on Mcfadden Ave. Officers located the parolee at the apartment, confirmed he was well outside of Tulare County without the authorization of his parole officer, and he was arrested for the parole violation. A female resident was also arrested for drug charges. 11/02/18 11:34PM – Officers responded to the parking lot near the Auld Dubliner bar in The District at Tustin Legacy. A male subject was seen throwing things at a female’s Jeep. The female was yelling for assistance and several witnesses called 911. Officers responded with lights and siren and determined the male subject was actually the subject of a restraining order. Despite the restraining order, based on a prior domestic violence incident, the male subject still continued to pursue the female victim. The male was arrested for the restraining order violation and booked at Orange County Jail. 11/03/18 11:44PM – Officers located a subject near Red Hill Ave. / Nisson Rd. who appeared to need medical attention. Paramedics were contacted and it was determined the subject was a diabetic. The male was able to get the medical attention he needed. TRAFFIC UPDATE The Tustin Unified Schools Foundation Annual Dinosaur Dash is today and traffic will severely impacted on Tustin Ranch Rd. all the way down through the area near The District. Please avoid the area until around noon. CRIME ANALYST UPDATE We have seen an increase in bike thefts from the Tustin Marketplace in the afternoon and evening hours. When shopping at the Marketplace, please be aware of suspicious subjects loitering outside businesses or near bicycles. If you ride your bike regularly, please get a bike registration with Tustin PD (or your local PD) so we can contact you if we stop someone on your bicycle. Write down the serial numbers of your bicycle and other valuables so you can provide that to police if the items are stolen. As always, please call TPD if you observe suspicious behavior. (Photo: Members of the Gang Reduction and Directed Enforcement unit recently attended bicycle training. The officers on the team will use the bicycles as another method of patrolling the areas of the city that are more frequently targeted by criminals.)

On October 20, 2018, Gwinnett County (Georgia) Police Officer Antwan Toney was shot and killed when he responded to a suspicious vehicle. Officer Toney was born and raised in Southern California. He was a Police Explorer with Orange Police Department. The Tustin PD Honor Guard attended his funeral today in City of Gardena. May you Rest In Peace, Officer Toney. • #TustinPolice #TustinPD #TPD #Tustin #Police #ThinBlueLine #LawEnforcement #LEO #GwinnettCountyPolice #GwinnettCounty #Georgia #AntwanToney #1808 #FallenOfficer #OfficerDown #EndOfWatch #EOW #RestInPeace #ThinBlueLine

For the past 29 years, the Tustin Police Department has sponsored the Santa Cop Program. The program provides gifts for those families living in Tustin with limited resources. If it is in your heart to help, there are two ways to donate. Toy Donation or Monetary Donation (see flyer for additional details) Donations will be accepted from November 1st to December 3rd.

Addressing traffic issues is an ongoing challenge. Through a combination of education and enforcment we are constantly trying to make City streets, sidewalks, and other areas of travel as safe as possible.

Purple Footed Bandits Here at TPD, we are quite familiar with your typical “beer run”. You know, when a few 19 year olds roll into a mom and pop at 1:52AM, grab a 30 pack of Natty Ice and beat feet towards the door. But not all of our thieves are amateur alcohol aficionados. Take the oenophiles (lover of fine wine… yes we Googled it) in these photos for example. These two displayed their appreciation for a respectable bottle of vino by choosing a few of the finest bottles on the shelf. While we appreciate these connoisseur’s refined palates, we would have preferred if they paid for the high end bottles prior to exiting the establishment. Lucky for us, this particular establishment has surveillance cameras that are on par with their wine selection. We would appreciate all of our followers taking a gander at what we have dubbed the “Purple Footed Bandits” … and if you happen to recognize them, putting in a call to Detective Newton who is on the case. Your call is always confidential. 714-573-3249. As always, thank you in advance for your continued assistance.

COMMUNITY UPDATE SUPERVISOR RECAP 10/14/18 3:25AM – A driver crashed into a light standard at the intersection of Newport Ave. / Valencia. He was arrested for driving under the influence. 10/15/18 12:33AM – A driver crashed into a tree at the intersection of El Camino Real / El Camino Way. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence. 10/16/18 1:15AM – An officer was flagged down in the area of Pasadena Ave. / Second St. regarding a suspicious subject. The subject was contacted and during a probation search he was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. 10/16/18 5:31AM – Following an increase in nighttime property crime along the Myford Rd. corridor between Bryan Ave. and Irvine Blvd., plain clothes officers have been deployed to the area during the night. Officers located subjects walking in the area possessing walkie-talkie style radios and tools that led the officers to believe they were conspiring to commit more property crimes. Both subjects were arrested. 10/16/18 8:49AM – A caller reported a subject at the Key Inn motel was brandishing a knife. Officers responded and determined the knife was a Halloween prop. However, during the investigation, the subject was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and heroin. 10/16/18 1:36PM – A subject at the Costco in The District at Tustin Legacy attempted to make a fraudulent purchase. Officers made contact with the subject as he attempted to leave the store. He was arrested for identity theft and possession of checks and credit cards that did not belong to him. 10/17/18 8:41PM – A subject was seen tagging on a wall in the area of Myrtle Ave. / Medallion Ct. The subject was detained by officers and arrested for vandalism, possession of vandalism tools, and resisting, obstructing, or delaying a peace officer. 10/19/18 10:29PM – Officers responded to the Key Inn motel regarding a female trying car doors in the parking lot. Officers contacted the female and she was arrested for outstanding arrest warrants. 10/20/18 1:27AM – A female called from the 17000-blk of Walnut Ave. She advised the 911 dispatcher she had a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. When she came home in the morning, she found her ex-boyfriend sleeping inside her vehicle. Officers responded and arrested the subject for violating the restraining order. 10/21/18 10:54PM – Two females and a male were seen by loss prevention inside Kohls selecting multiple pairs of Levis. Loss prevention thought their behavior was suspicious because there seemed to be no discretion in their selection of numerous pairs of jeans and it was near closing time for the store. Officers responded and contacted the involved subjects. The female subject was in possession of someone else’s Kohls card. Upon contacting the owner of the card, it appeared the card was fraudulently possessed. Officers arrested the female for outstanding warrants for burglary, long with new charges of identity theft, attempted forgery, possession of stolen property, and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. CRIME ANALYST UPDATE We have seen an increase in bike thefts from the Tustin Marketplace in the afternoon and evening hours. When shopping at the Marketplace, please be aware of suspicious subjects loitering outside businesses or near bicycles. If you ride your bike regularly, please get a bike registration with Tustin PD (or your local PD) so we can contact you if we stop someone on your bicycle. Write down the serial numbers of your bicycle and other valuables so you can provide that to police if the items are stolen. As always, please call TPD if you observe suspicious behavior. (Photo: A windy and dirty day this last week for our officers at rifle training.

Heroic story of survival and a strong will to survive from Sergeant Whiteley: http://behindthebadge.com/cities/tpd/close-calls-traffic-accident-nearly-turns-fatal-for-officer/

COMMUNITY UPDATE SUPERVISOR RECAP 10/07/18 1:53AM – A male subject was seen stealing a locked bicycle from in front of the Orange County Rescue Mission. Witnesses kept an eye on the suspect until he was detained by officers. He was cited and released for theft and drug possession. 10/07/18 4:13PM – A hysterical female in the 16000-blk of Main St. called to report her adult son held her down and threatened her with a knife. Officers arrived and found the caller and adult son still inside the apartment. Officers were able to get the female out of the apartment safely, but the adult son failed to follow directions from the officer. A Tustin PD Crisis Negotiator was on-scene and attempted to gain the cooperation of the adult son. However, due to a variety of factors, including the nature of the call involving a felonious threat with a knife, the son’s unwillingness to cooperate with officers, and the immediate accessibility of weapons, officers used a less lethal device to take the subject into custody. The less lethal device used in this incident fires a foam ball which was effective in taking the subject to the ground so he could be taken into custody without the use of lethal force. He was then treated by paramedics at the scene for a bruise and booked at Orange County Jail for assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, and resisting officers during the performance of their duties. 10/10/18 1:09AM – Officers responded with lights and siren to the area of Edinger Ave / Aviator regarding a traffic collision. A female driver was arrested for DUI after crashing her car into a parked vehicle. 10/10/18 1:53PM – An officer attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the area of Red Hill / El Camino Real. The vehicle initially yielded, but then accelerated through the red light and came to a stop near the I-5 freeway. Based on the driver’s unusually behavior, a high risk vehicle stop was conducted on the vehicle. The driver and passenger were detained without incident. The driver was released on a citation and the passenger was cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia 10/11/18 5:27PM – A male subject at the Key Lodge Motel was seen attempting to open door handles of nearby motel rooms. Officers detained the subject and found him in possession of drug paraphernalia and stolen property. Officers will also request charges of identity theft against the subject. TRAFFIC UPDATE In 2017, red light violations resulted in 15% of the traffic collisions in the city of Tustin. So far in 2018, that number remains relatively consistent with red light violations representing 14% of the overall year-to-date traffic collisions. Remember yellow lights mean “Slow down, the light’s about to change,” and not, “Hit the accelerator, you might make it!” CRIME ANALYST UPDATE We have seen an increase in thefts from open garages in the overnight hours. Everyone forgets to lock a door or shut the garage on occasion. We recommend setting an alarm for 9PM (or whatever time works for you) to confirm your doors, windows and garage are secure. Double and triple checking can save you from becoming victim. (Photo: Motor Officer Tim Crouch as he teaches our Spanish speaking Citizen's Academy class. Ofc. Crouch, as you may have imagined, is not a native Spanish speaker. He became fluent in Spanish after taking eight years of Spanish classes through middle school, high school, and college. Ofc. Crouch enjoys teaching the Spanish speaking classes and feels it helps increase his own cultural awareness and a wide spread understanding of what police officers do.)

*September Officer of the Month* Over July and August, there were multiple thefts from unlocked cars in the South Area of the City. Detective Rojas was assigned as the case agent. He reviewed the 17 cases from the Tustin crimes, as well as cases from the City of Santa Ana and Irvine. He worked with Crime Analyst Howard and they sent out an “Attempt to Identify” flyer, using images from video footage, which captured the suspect trying door handles of cars at Westchester Park, Montesilla Mobile Home Park, and Columbus Square. Close to midnight on August 10, one of the K-9 teams made contact with a female subject riding a skateboard westbound on Edinger Avenue. She was carrying a small bag, and wearing a backpack. She gave the officer permission to search her bags, however, gave him a false name. He located a methamphetamine pipe in her possession. While talking to her, the officer remembered the flyer and believed her to be the suspect. A female officer arrived to conduct a search of her person and found several baggies of methamphetamine and one baggie of heroin. Detective Rojas was notified and he responded to the station. Detective Rojas and Officer Mitchell conducted an inventory of the contents of her bags including multiple credit cards not in her name, several gift cards, several pairs of sunglasses, pepper spray, miscellaneous pieces of jewelry, a blank check, and a large amount of coins. They also determined her real identity. A records check revealed a felony warrant for her arrest, and that she was on Post Release Community Supervision. She was arrested and booked into Orange County Jail. Detective Rojas began the massive task of identifying all of the victims. Over the course of the next week, he identified 19 victims in the City of Tustin, Irvine, and Santa Ana. They in turn identified their belongings, and all were desirous of prosecution. Based on the evidence, and the commonality of all the crimes, Detective Rojas submitted over 40 additional charges to the OC District Attorney’s office for consideration. He also returned many of the stolen items to their rightful owners. Detective Rojas’ communication skills, diligence, and determination removed a serial thief with an extensive criminal history and ties to a local gang from the streets of Tustin and surrounding cities. For solving this case, he has been selected as the recipient of the Chamber of Commerce Officer of the Month Award for September 2018. Congratulations Detective Rojas.

We want to thank all the students and parents who came out to join us for our annual Walk to School event at the Tustin Ranch Elementary School. We had a great time with everyone!

We are very luck to have not one, but two Officers Carter working here at TPD: http://behindthebadge.com/cities/tpd/brothers-on-the-job-and-off-win-accolades-at-tustin-police-department/

At approximately 6:00 PM today, our partners at the Orange County Fire Authority will be conducting training in the area of Nisson Rd. / Browning Ave. Expect several pieces of firefighting equipment in the area. There is no need to be alarmed, but traffic delays should be expected.

COMMUNITY UPDATE SUPERVISOR RECAP 10/1/18 7:43AM – A resident in the area of Jan Marie and Browning Ave. called regarding a suspicious vehicle. Dispatchers determined the vehicle was reported stolen out of the city of Laguna Beach. Officer responded and utilized the StarChase GPS launcher to tag the vehicle with GPS. Officers then conducted a high risk traffic stop. In doing so, the driver and passenger were taken into custody without incident. For more information about Tustin PD’s use of StarChase GPS technology, see the attached article. https://bit.ly/2OGX1Oh 10/1/18 9:27AM – Officer caught a male transient suspect loitering in the women’s restroom in a business complex in the 17000-blk of Irvine Blvd. The suspect was arrested for drug possession. 10/1/18 8:09PM – In the 16000-blk of Pasadena Ave., a male suspect made entry into his ex’s residence, in violation of an active/served restraining order. Officer responded and arrested him for the violation of the restraining order. 10/2/18 2:53PM – A male subject was walking in the 100-blk of El Camino Real, flailing his arms around and ranting to himself. Concerned callers believed the subject was possibly under the influence of a controlled substance. Officers arrived and arrested the subject for an outstanding warrant. 10/3/18, 12:29AM – Officers from the Gang Reduction and Directed Enforcement team contacted a female loitering the parking lot of the Key Inn at Red Hill / El Camino Real. The female was in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. She was cited and released. 10/3/18 11:25AM – A male subject was passed out in a wheelchair at the intersection of First St. and Centennial Way. The male’s penis was completely exposed as he slept in his wheelchair. When officers contacted the subject, it turned out he is a registered sex offender and had outstanding warrants for violating the requirements of his sex offender registration. He was arrested and booked at Orange County Jail. 10/3/18 1:26PM – A resident called TPD to report a male suspect had taken a decorative yard flag from a yard in Tustin Meadows, along with possibly a package. One of our police Field Evidence Technicians located the suspect in the area of Red Hill and the I-5 freeway. He directed responded officers, who located the suspect near the Big Lots store on Red Hill Ave. As officers attempted to detain he suspect, he fled on foot, resulting in a foot pursuit. Officers gave chase and caught the suspect as he was running through the northbound lanes of Red Hill Ave. The suspect was arrested for petty theft and resisting, obstructing, or delaying a peace officer. 10/3/18 9:30PM – A male subject snuck into the REI store on El Camino Real, near closing time. The suspect was hiding inventory in his clothes and backpack. Officer responded and detained the suspect. He was arrested for possession of burglary tools, drugs, and drug paraphernalia. 10/4/18 4:21AM – A male subject called 911 multiple times and was whispering into the phone. Based on the content of the phone conversation, the dispatcher suspected the male was under influence or suffered from a mental health condition. The male kept telling the dispatcher he was in someone’s house. After approximately 30 minutes, the dispatcher was able to determine the suspect was inside a residence in the 14000-blk of Raleigh Place. Officers arrived and arrested the suspect inside a residence where he does not belong. On a related note: PLEASE LOCK YOUR DOORS AT NIGHT. 10/4/18 9:33AM – Officers responded to a dealership in the Tustin Autos Center because a male suspect tried to steal a brand new vehicle. The male attempted to flee the location, but was blocked in by employees driving other vehicles. The subject attempted to flee, but was detained by officers. He was arrested for vehicle theft, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, and two outstanding arrest warrants. CRIME ANALYST UPDATE You Called Us – September 2018 edition In the month of September, calls from concerned citizens led to 11 warrant arrests, 10 drug arrests and five arrests for DUI. Additionally, we arrested seven people for trespassing, three for theft and one for indecent exposure. We also arrested five people in stolen vehicles. Keep up the good work! This is a community partnership to keep Tustin safe. (Photo: This picture was taken as our newest full-time employees and promoted employees were sworn-in to their new positions. Congrats to all!)

Last night members of our Spanish Community Academy learned about firearm safety. Each student had the opportunity to shoot the Glock 17- 9mm caliber handgun. The Spanish Community Academy is a 10 week program designed to give our community members an inside look at what we do. More information on how to join future community academy classes will be posted soon. • • • #tustin #tustinpolice #communitypolicing #communityoutreach #communityoutreachacademy #policeofficer #shootingrange #getinvolved #bridgingthegap

***ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY*** On 9/27/18 at 5:15 AM, the pictured suspect entered the 76 Gas Station (17280 17th Street, Tustin) and selected a carton of Marlboro Red cigarettes, an Arizona beverage and Hi-Chew candy. He pretended to pay by swiping an unknown card then ran out of the store without paying for the items. The suspect entered the passenger side of a waiting white Honda Civic coupe with “Keyes” paper plates. If you recognize the suspect, please call Det. Greg Schaller at 714-573-3245. For anonymous tips, please go to occrimestoppers.org. The TPD case number is 18-6046.

When the fires broke out at the Riverside / Orange County line, the original test set for September 20th was postponed. The details of the test of the Wireless Emergency Alert system can be seen below. Please see the attached images for details on how to sign up for AlertOC and receive up to date information on local emergencies directly to your cell phone. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) on October 3, 2018. The WEA portion of the test commences at 11:18 a.m. The test will assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether improvements are needed. The appearance of the message on your phone will look similar to an Amber Alert. No action is needed.

COMMUNITY UPDATE SUPERVISOR RECAP 9/23/18 6:55 PM – Officers responded to the Tustin Auto Center regarding a fraud alert on the credit report of the name a suspect was using. Officer contacted the suspect at the Tustin Auto Center while he was trying to buy a vehicle in someone else’s name. He was arrested for identity theft and fraud. 9/23/18 9:21 PM – Officers responded to a fist fight at the Key Inn motel. The staff was assisting in breaking up the fight when officers arrived. Officers arrested female suspect for domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon, and vandalism. 9/26/18 1:42 AM – Officers conducted a check of an occupied vehicle parked in the Jamboree Plaza parking lot. One of the subjects in the vehicle was arrested for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. 9/26/18 1:25 PM – An officer from the Gang Reduction and Directed Enforcement Team was patrolling near the area of San Juan St. and Tustin East Dr. At that time, he saw a subject driving a vehicle, who he knew from numerous prior contacts had outstanding warrants for his arrest. He conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and the subject fled on foot, hopping fences through the Axiom apartment community. Officers set up a containment on the area and located the subject. He was arrested for resisting, obstructing, or delaying a peace officer, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, and his outstanding warrants. 9/26/18 3:12 PM – Officers responded to an attorney’s office in the 13000-blk of Newport Ave. The calling party has had ongoing problems with a homeless female breaking into and occupying his office without his permission. When the caller realized the female was again in the building, he called 911 and locked himself in his office. Officers responded and located a female, with whom TPD has had numerous prior contacts and arrests. The female was arrested for trespassing and possession of several credit cards and debit cards bearing the names of other people. ***Notably in this case and many other cases, we routinely find suspects in possession of other peoples’ credit and debit cards. If you are going to throw your card away, even if it is expired, PLEASE CUT IT UP. I would go so far as to advise you to throw the pieces away in separate trash cans.*** 9/26/18 9:51 PM – Officers responded to the 17000-blk of Whitby Cir. regarding a resident who saw his neighbor leaving his apartment with his belongings. Officers responded and during the investigation, determined the suspect neighbor had burglarized the victim’s neighboring apartment. The suspect was arrested for residential burglary, possession of stolen property, and a probation hold was obtained from the suspect’s probation officer. 9/28/18 12:43 PM – Officers responded to the Orange County Public Library located in the Civic Center Plaza. The librarian reported a male subject was disturbing the peace and refusing to leave the quiet computer area of the library. Officers made contact with the male and he ended up getting arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant. 9/28/18 10:23 PM – Offices responded to the area of Main St. and Williams St. regarding a traffic collision. The caller believed the other driver was intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. A drug recognition expert (DRE) officer responded and determined the driver was under the influence of a combination of drugs and alcohol. The driver was arrested and brought back to the station for a further drug evaluation. The driver was booked at Orange County Jail for DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia. CRIME ANALYST UPDATE We have had four victims followed away from banks who had their vehicles burglarized in the past 10 days. Two of the victims were followed from Wells Fargo Bank at Newport & Irvine. One victim was followed from a Wells Fargo in the city of Irvine and the fourth victim was followed from either Chase Bank on First Street or Citibank on 17th Street. Please be aware of your surroundings when withdrawing a large sum of cash from the bank. Please put the cash in your purse or pocket before you leave the building and do not leave it unattended in your vehicle if you have other errands to run. If you see a suspicious occupied vehicle in a bank parking lot or believe you are being followed, please call TPD immediately. This has been an on-going crime trend for the last two years but compared to surrounding OC cities we have had relatively few victims…until now. Stay safe! TRAFFIC UPDATE As a reminder, pedestrian violations are the violation of the month for October. Pedestrians, please cross the road only where legal and safe. Drivers, please watch out for those pedestrians and cyclists on the roadway. (Photo: This past week, the members of the TPD Firearms Training Unit received advanced rifle and handgun training from BAER Solutions. The owner of BAER Solutions, Drew Estell, served for more than a decade in special operations for the US Army. The type of “real world” application BAER Solutions brings to training with our Firearms Training Unit only translates to better trained officers on the street. Thank you BAER Solutions for this highly educational training.)

We have received several inquiries regarding police activity in the North Area of the city. We are currently investigating an incident on Red Hill Ave. The incident is 100% contained and there is no danger to the public.

Training for critical incidents is an on-going process. Our tactical staff is always looking for opportunities to provide our employees with as realistic scenarios as possible. Recently we had the opportunity to conduct a training exercise with the staff of a local medical facility: http://behindthebadgeoc.com/cities/tpd/tustin-pd-officers-hone-critical-incident-training-in-hospital-scenario-involving-knife-wielding-man/

COMMUNITY UPDATE SUPERVISOR RECAP 9/10/18 8:38PM – Officers responded with lights and siren to the 14000-blk of Cherrywood Ln. regarding a suspect hitting a vehicle with a sledgehammer. The suspect fled and the vehicle was located at Red Hill / Walnut Ave. The suspect yielded to the emergency vehicles and a high-risk vehicle stop was conducted. When the driver was taken into custody, he did not comply and had to be taken to the ground. The driver was intoxicated by alcohol and arrested. The sledgehammer, which turned out to be an axe, was located in the bed of the suspect’s pick-up truck. 9/11/18 5:50AM – Officers responded to the 13000-blk of Myford Rd. regarding a suspect in a stolen vehicle, passed out behind the wheel of the car. When officers arrived, the suspect awoke and fled in the car. The suspect crashed and attempted to flee on foot. The on-duty police dog was used to apprehend the fleeing suspect. 9/15/18 1:51AM – Officers contacted the driver a vehicle parked in the Citrus Café parking lot. The driver was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. 9/15/18 1:30pm – Officers responded to the 2000-blk of Walnut Ave. regarding protestors at a political campaign office. Some of the protestors were aggressive and trespassing. The protestors were removed from the property and the protest was largely peaceful. No arrests were made. 9/15/18 4:01PM – Two subjects entered the Chase bank on First St. They attempted to cash a fraudulent check, but instead bank employees called the police. Officers responded and arrested a male and female adult for identity theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, fraud, and forgery. 09/18/18 12:11AM – Officers responded with lights and siren to a possible stabbing in the area of Red Hill / El Camino Real. When officers arrived, they determined the female victim had been assaulted, but was not stabbed. The male suspect was in the area and was detained. He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and brandishing a weapon other than a firearm. CRIME ANALYST UPDATE A new crime trend is emerging in Orange County involving the theft of car batteries. We have taken approximately 20 car battery theft reports, primarily from older Toyotas and Hondas, in the past week. Most of the thefts occurred in the overnight hours. Other OC cities have reported similar crimes. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to prevent these crimes as we would not ask you to take your car battery into your home overnight. Please be on the lookout for suspicious subjects tampering under the hoods of vehicles. Watch out for your neighbors and friends. If you know someone who has recently come to possess of a large number of car batteries or is spending a lot of time at a recycle center, please report him or her to TPD (714-573-3225) or OC Crime Stoppers (occrimestoppers.org). You can remain anonymous. (Photo: Officer Mitchell and PSD Kingsley, the police dog that apprehended the stolen vehicle suspect.)

Following two months of focus on speed enforcement, we are excited to announce we had a reduction in speed related traffic collisions. As school is now in full swing, during the month of October, we will be focusing our enforcement efforts on pedestrian traffic enforcement. This includes vehicles violating the right of way of pedestrians and pedestrians violating the law as well. Despite some urban myths, pedestrians do NOT always have the right of way. While we could not possibly list all of the possible vehicle/pedestrian violations, some of the sections in focus will be: VC 21950(a)- Driver failure to yield to a pedestrian lawfully in the road, VC 21456- Pedestrian violating the don’t wall sign or symbol at an intersection, VC 21955- Jaywalking, and VC 2815- Driver failure to obey a school crossing guard.