Murrieta Police Department

  • Agency: Murrieta Police Department
  • Address: 2 Town Square, Murrieta, 92562 CA
  • Chief: Mark Wright (Chief of Police)
Phone: (951) 304-2677
Fax: (951) 696-3608

Murrieta Police Department is located at 2 Town Square, Murrieta, 92562 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Wright. The Murrieta Police Department phone number is (951) 304-2677.

Murrieta Police Department News

Happy Birthday Marines!

Weekly Roundup – - Sunday morning officers responded to a suspicious vehicle and found two people sleeping in the back seat. #riseandshine The officers conducted a records check on both and found that Micah Dore had some outstanding warrants and Brianna Miranda was on probation for possessing stolen vehicles. During a probation search officers found heroin and meth. It’s fair to say that this wasn’t the start of the day that Micah and Brianna were hoping for. #notgoingasplanned #funfact One of the officers on scene assisting with Micah and Brianna recognized the house that they were parked at. See, he had arrested the resident Mario Verrico and Jamie Figueroa last year when he tried to run from the officer during a traffic stop because he had a warrant. #hewenttojailtired The officer was aware that Mario was on probation, so he conducted a probation check. Guess what he found?... more drugs and more outstanding warrants in Jamie’s name. The four were takin to #thebyrdhouse just in time for Sunday brunch. #CBDC #partyoffour - Christopher Romano was having a bad night on Monday. He went to Walmart with some friends that ended up leaving him behind after their attempt to steal was thwarted by loss prevention. #thosearentverygoodfriends Maybe there was some miscommunication on their escape plan, or maybe he was just too slow because they fled and Christopher was left behind, along with the frozen lasagna and electric blanket they tried to take. I wonder if they have #lasagna at #thebyrdhouse? - Don’t you hate it when you steal a car and it breaks down in the middle of a busy intersection and a random cop shows up to help. #ugh #Ihateitwhenthathappens #criminalproblems Officer Shows stopped to help the disabled vehicle and quickly discovered that it had been reported stolen out of Pomona. He detained the male occupant, Javier Molina and informed assisting officers that the female driver had left the area on foot, just as he was arriving. Officers quickly located the female, “Angelica” in a nearby shopping center. As it turns out, “Angelica” was really Lani Carrillo. She probably used a fake name because she was on parole and had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. #doublewhammy A records check revealed that Javier had an outstanding felony warrant and was on probation for possessing stolen property. #youdontsay Lani and Javier were arrested on an array of charges and booked into #CBDC. - We all know that #nothinggoodhappensaftermidnight. Well, everyone except Carmela Frasure. She learned that Wednesday morning. Officer Devey conducted a traffic stop at 2:51 a.m. on Madison Avenue near Guava Street. If you’re familiar with the city, you know that there’s not a lot of cars driving around in that area at that hour. #mostpeoplearesleeping Officer Devey conducted a records check and discovered that Carmela was on mandatory supervision probation #superprobation for narcotics. Imagine his surprise when he located a whole bunch of meth #secreted on her person. Imagine her surprise when he took her to #thebyrdhouse. - Let’s get serious for a minute. There have been nine traffic collisions in the past 48 hours. Nine. Two of them involved intoxicated drivers. We get that accidents are going to happen. #itsjustlife Let’s use this as a reminder to slow down, be courteous to fellow drivers, remember that red lights aren’t suggestions, put your phone down when you’re driving, #thatdoesntmeanthephoneinyourhandonspeaker and if you are going to partake in alcohol #ordrugs please don’t drive. #uber #lyft #taxi #callyourmomma

The Murrieta’s 16th Annual Veterans Day Parade is this Sunday, November 11th at 1:00pm! The route is north on Washington from Ivy to B Street and then east into Town Square Park! We hope to see you there. *please check the map for additional designated handicapped parking areas (at the Library) and roadway closures beginning at 10am.

Police Records Bureau Appreciation Day Each day law enforcement agencies throughout the State of California depend upon our Records and Support personnel to provide us with vital services. The Executive Board of CLEARS (California Law Enforcement Association of Records Supervisors) has proclaimed this past Tuesday to be “Law Enforcement Records and Support Personnel Day”. Police and Sheriff’s departments rely heavily on Records personnel in order to accomplish daily operations. Our Murrieta Police Department Records Staff provide exceptional service to customers, employees, their community, the courts, and to the District Attorney’s Office. They are a big part of our mission to partner with our community and provide the highest level of service possible. Please join us in thanking our Records Staff for the fine job they do every day!

In honor of Ventura County Riverside County Sheriff's Sergeant Ron Helus and all of those affected at the shooting inside borderline nightclub in Thousand Oaks.

Ventura County Sheriff’s Sergeant Ron Helus was killed during a shooting at Borderline nightclub in Thousand Oaks. At least 12 others were killed, including the original shooter. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sgt. Helus’ family and those at the Ventura County Sheriffs Department as well as all the innocent citizens involved with this incident and their families in their time of mourning. “He gave his all tonight. As I told his wife, he died a hero” - Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean Ventura County Sheriff's Office - Official Page #hero #sergeant #inthelineofduty #LEOD #ventura

Now through December 1st, there will be a donation box in the front lobby of the Murrieta Police Department from the Rose Again Foundation. The hope is to gather donations for local foster children and emancipated foster youth. donations requested: - toys -books -gift cards -backpacks -crafts -journals -toiletries any questions, contact the Rose Again Foundation at the above link.

Guess who is hiring for DISPATCHER II? WE ARE!!!!! The Murrieta Police Department is looking for experienced dispatchers who have (1) year of current full-time experience as a Public Safety Dispatcher with a California law enforcement agency and who possess a P.O.S.T. Basic Dispatcher certificate #joinMPD

Its getting hairy around here! some of the men are sporting some "Magnum PI" style mustaches in support of No Shave November- putting down their razors for cancer awareness. How low can you grow? Just kidding! We will be staying within policy!!!

Tomorrow is the day to make your voice heard. V O T E

SAVE THE DATE The Murrieta Police Department is proud to present its 2nd annual K9 trial. The trials will be held April 5-6 2019 at Murrieta Valley High School. Mark your calendars and spread the word. We look forward to seeing everyone there in 2019.

A note from Chief Hadden - I am pleased to announce the City of Murrieta’s 2017 Crime rankings (see attached photos). Nationwide crime statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report are published each October. Murrieta continues to rank as one of the safest cities in the nation. Our ranking is a direct reflection of the partnerships the police department has with the community. This partnership includes, the Murrieta Valley Unified School District, other city departments; as well as the commitment to public safety by our City Council, our City Manager, and the dedication the staff of the police department. Crime is influenced by many factors, and we are fortunate to have many programs through our Community Services Department, our Library, and in cooperation with our school district, that keep juvenile crime low in our city. Additionally, we are fortunate to have an engaged community. Our residents care about their city and report suspicious activity, which allows our officers an opportunity to get in front of crime before it happens. I am very proud of the men and women of the Murrieta Police Department and the work they do each and every day. In spite of legislation over the past few years that continues to make their work more difficult to protect the community, they continue to meet the department’s mission statement of providing the highest quality police service possible. They all take pride in serving our great community and keeping crime down

Congratulations to the three newest members of our Honor Guard Team! Officers Gannuscio, Slaughter and Spencer.

City of Murrieta Newsletter - November 2018

We at the Murrieta Police Department are very giving. Tonight, we would like to give you back one hour of your time. Go ahead. Turn those clocks back one hour. Make good choices, and don’t make the #weeklyRoundup. #fallback #noneedtocallyourmomma #shealreadyknows #turnbacktime #makegoodchoices #dontmaketheroundup #onlytimesomethinggoodhappensaftermidnight #extrahourofsleep #chance #donotpassgo #donotgotothebyrdhouse #itsanextrahourofsleep #notanextrahourofmischief

Now this is the look of a happy dog!!!! It was graduation day yesterday! We’re proud to announce that K9 Mick and Officer Hayes graduated from the intensive 6 week basic handler school put on by Adlerhorst International LLC This course is designed to teach and develop good training habits as well as the teamwork necessary be an effective K9 team. Well trained K9 teams are a proven law enforcement tool, frequently de-escalating situations with their mere presence. They are also proven to save departments hundreds of man hours a year because of their unique skill set. Please say “Hi” to K9 Mick and his human, Officer Hayes when you see them around town!

This morning at 7:22 am, Murrieta officers responded to 26000 Block of Peachwood Drive, Murrieta on the report of a man with a gun call. The caller told dispatch that his son’s ex-wife and her new boyfriend just arrived to the residence and were attempting to take custody of a minor child. The boyfriend was at the front door armed with an assault rifle. Officers arrived on scene shortly after and located the two subjects inside a vehicle near the residence. The subjects were uncooperative and refused to exit their vehicle. An hour long standoff ensued. After the deployment of chemical agents and less lethal bean bag rounds, the two suspects exited the vehicle and were ultimately taken into custody without serious injuries. Officers located an AR-15 rifle and a shotgun inside the vehicle. Both suspects also had loaded AR-15 magazines on their person when taken into custody. Suspects Julienne Celestino (36) and Jherrold Nocon (35) both of Homeland were treated at the scene by paramedics and later booked at Cois Byrd Detention center on various felony and misdemeanor charges. If you have any information regarding the incident, please call the on-duty Watch Commander at 951-696-3615. You may also provide information anonymously through “We Tip” at 1-800-78-CRIME.

“Dunkin Donuts, yummy, yummy donuts. Dunkin Donuts, yum, yum, yum, yum, donuts.”- Officer Matthews. 🍩💙 With the added Hula. Your jingle for the weekend. You’re welcome. #coponaroof #specialolympics Special Olympics Southern California - Inland Empire

Cop on a Rooftop event to benefit the Special Olympics!!

Don’t forget! We will be at Dunkin’ Donuts this morning until 10. Stop by and help raise money and awareness for our local Special Olympics Athletes!!

Weekly Roundup – - If you’re going to be stealing vehicles, don’t park them in a handicapped parking spot. That’s how you get caught. #justsayin Thursday afternoon Officer Bradley responded to the Sam’s Club parking lot regarding a vehicle parked in a handicap parking spot without a proper placard. #notcoolman #notcool When Officer Bradley arrived he located Joshua Pinkerton, Dana Potter and Jessica Ferdik. A records check revealed that Mr. Pinkerton was on #AB109 probation, Mr. Potter was recently discharged from #parole and Ms Ferdik had a felony warrant. #trifecta The records check also revealed that their two motorcycles were reported stolen. #youdontsay The stolen property was returned and the trio went to #thebyrdhouse. - Officer Baker was out and about Monday morning and had one of the MPD Explorers with him. #training #education #MPDExplorers #nextgeneration Officer Baker conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver “Christopher.” A records check revealed that “Christopher” was driving a stolen car so “Christopher” was arrested. An additional officer arrived to assist Officer Baker and he recognized “Christopher” as Matthew Senges. #heyiknowyou #nicetry Turns out that Matthew had a felony warrant, meth and heroin. #greatobs #55jr - Corporal Abbate responded to a disturbance on Osprey Monday evening and found Cody Battaglia-Rae and Karen Arroyo having an argument. Corporal Abbate also found stolen checks in both Cody and Karen’s possession. #howdidthatgetthere #thosearentmypants #itsnotmine #youcantproveit #butyournameisonit #doh Cody and Karen went to #thebyrdhouse for possessing stolen property and forgery. - Officer Hom conducted a traffic stop Thursday morning at 1:43am and contacted the three occupants, Ryan Barton, Nathaniel Curry and Jazmine Tibbetts. #nothinggoodhappenesaftermidnight While Officer Hom was investigating, Mr. Barton decided that he didn’t want to participate and took off on foot. #neenerneener #youcantcatchme Little did Mr. Barton know that Officer Hom likes to run and he’s a pretty competitive guy. #itsarace As hard as Mr. Barton tried, he lost the race and was quickly stopped by Officer Hom. Mr. Barton was given a participation trophy though, a pair of silver bracelets. Unfortunately he only got to keep them until he got to #thebyrdhouse. Mr. Curry and Ms. Tibbetts also won free tickets to #thebyrdhouse for possession of burglary tools and paraphernalia. - Raise your hand if you’re tired and living on coffee and your kid’s candy. Let’s raise our coffee mugs to the teachers dealing with Halloween Hangovers! #teachersareamazing #coffee #candy #candytax #holidaysshouldbeontheweekends - Keep an eye out for some pretty exciting news from us over the weekend. #wecanttellyouyet #butwereprettysureyoulllikeit #hardworkpaysoff #community #workingtogether #itsateameffort

It's Cop On A Rooftop! Come hang out with us at Dunkin Donuts Friday morning from 6am-10am while we raise money and awareness for our local Special Olympics athletes! Don't worry about your diet, calories don't count when you're raising money for a good cause! #caloriesdontcount #donutsforagoodcause #dontforgetthecoffee Dunkin Donuts will be giving coupons for a free medium coffee for everyone that makes a donation. #everyonewins #CopOnARooftop #SOSCLETR #LETR4SOSC #WeAreSOSC

I-215 at Scott Road lane closures: Be prepared for lane closures on the I-215 at Scott Road Thursday, November 1 and Friday, November 2 starting at 8:00 pm. The outside lanes in both directions will be closed to create work space in the construction zone. *** The freeway will be open, but lanes will be closed.