San Joaquin Delta College District Police Department

  • Agency: San Joaquin Delta College District Police Department
  • Address: 5151 Pacific Ave, Stockton, 95207 CA
  • Chief:
Phone: (209) 954-5000
Fax: (209) 954-7005

San Joaquin Delta College District Police Department is located at 5151 Pacific Ave, Stockton, 95207 CA. The San Joaquin Delta College District Police Department phone number is (209) 954-5000.

San Joaquin Delta College District Police Department News

We are deeply saddened by the news that another officer has fallen in the line of duty. This afternoon, just before 2:00 p.m., Deputies Mark Stasyuk and Julie Robertson, of the Sacramento County Sheriff Department (Rancho Cordova Police Department), were shot while responding to a call for service. Sadly, we have learned that Deputy Stasyuk has died as a result of the shooting. Our hearts pour out to our family at Sacramento County Sheriff Department. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Deputy Stasyuk, his family, friends, and colleagues. You are gone, but will never be forgotten. To Deputy Robertson, we offer our sincere thoughts and prayers for a fast and full recovery. Both of you are heroes.

Clery Timely Warning: Sexual Battery on Stockton campus of San Joaquin Delta College. Suspect in custody. Read official alert here:

17 years ago our nation, and the world, were rocked with the unprecedented and unprovoked attacks on the United States. Remember, reflect upon, and honor those who lost their lives and their loved ones, who had this unfathomable burden forced upon them. #Honor911 #neverforget

Parking enforcement begins today! Make sure to give yourself extra time before class to stop by and get a daily $2 parking permit, if you don't have a semester one already. FYI: There are permit machines located in each of the parking lots. If you would like a semester parking permit, you can pick one up at the campus bookstore located on the south side of danner.

The San Joaquin County Fallen Peace Officer Foundation is currently fundraising to completely rebuild the Peace Officer Memorial in front of the Stockton Police Department. The memorial honors peace officers from San Joaquin County who have died in the line of duty. Currently there are 15 names missing from the memorial. The new memorial will also allow for the unfortunate situation of adding new names. The Foundation must raise $250,000 to cover the cost of construction. To assist with fundraising, the Foundation is holding a engraved brick fundraiser. The 4x8 inch bricks will be sold in two sections; "Guardian Bricks," and "Family, Donor, Sponsor Bricks." The cost of the a brick is $250.00. Included with your purchase is an additional 4x8 tile brick perfect for use in a shadow box or on a picture stand for a desk. Family, Donor and Sponsor Bricks will be located in the areas immediately surrounding the Guardian Bricks. This area is open to everyone for purchase regardless of occupation or residence. The Guardian Bricks will be located in the area immediately surrounding the memorial and will only be sold to previous and current sworn peace officers who have worked in the County at any point in their career. To learn more about the San Joaquin County Fallen Peace Officer Foundation, please visit To purchase a memorial brick and/or make a donation, please visit Paypal and credit cards are accepted. All purchases are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Did you know? If you locked yourself out of your car or the car battery has died, Delta PD may be able to help. Call us at 209-954-5000 and we will be happy to assist. Many of the newer cars now have technology that will immobilize the car if entry is gained without a key/fob. Some will automatically reset when a valid key is used. Others will require a computer to reset the immobilizer. The District Police Department does not have a listing of the vehicles that have this technology, but it is ever-growing. So, as a heads up, if you have a vehicle that was manufactured after 2014, we may not be able to gain access for you if you lock yourself out. If there is any doubt we recommend contacting a locksmith, with the required computer program, to gain access to your vehicle.

Safety Tips for the day: 1. Always be aware of your surroundings. If you are walking around and texting, you may not be paying attention to what is around you. You may not notice the people near you, a car coming towards you, or other dangers in your area. Remember, it's also not safe to text and drive. 2. Keep your car locked & windows closed while out of your car. Make sure not to leave behind any bags, packages, or valuables in the vehicle. If you must leave something behind, secure your items in the trunk or leave your items out of sight. 3. If you see something suspicious, say something by calling Delta PD at 954-5000. Stay safe!

Our deepest prayers for a fast and full recovery are extended to the motor officer and our family at the Stockton Police Department. πŸ™

Parking Alert issued by the District Police Department. Please help us be good neighbors to our surrounding businesses! Read alert here:

Welcome to the first day of the 2018 Fall Semester! Please note that parking permits are not required until September 10th. Have a safe start to the next step in your future!

It is that time of the year again. On behalf of the District Police Department, welcome to Delta College! Tomorrow starts the 2018 Fall Semester. We have provided some useful tips for you. Please follow the link and enjoy your semester!

The District Police Department has always been extremely proactive when it comes to training for a mass casualty event. While no one ever wants something like this to occur, it is important to train mentally and physically. However, training for this type of event is not just reserved for the police. During an event, what will our faculty and staff expect to see and what will they need to do? What will the administration have to do? Yesterday, thanks to assistance from the professionals at West Coast Consulting Group, we were able to answer many of the questions. The first part of the day was for the administration. During a large event, many of them will be behind the scenes ensuring that those in the field have the resources needed to successfully end the event. The second part of the day involved faculty and staff. This training provided insight into what they should expect during a mass casualty event. They learned what the officers will be doing, how they will need to react, and key points on maintaining calm under the extreme stress of an event. We would like to thank West Coast Consulting Group for facilitating this training. Additionally, we offer very sincere thanks to those staff and faculty members who volunteered to attend. Your attendance reflects your dedication to the overall safety of the students, staff, faculty, and visitors of San Joaquin Delta College!

This morning, several members of the District Police Department headed to Manteca to honor and bid farewell to a dear friend and former colleague. Following a lengthy illness, Michael Reiter, a former CSO with the District Police Department, passed on July 28, 2018. Mike had a storied career as a police officer. Beginning as a reserve police officer with the City of Vacaville, Mike continued his policing career in the town of Isleton before moving on to the City of Tracy. While at the Tracy Police Department, Mike worked patrol, narcotics, and was a Field Training Officer. The majority of his time with Tracy, however, was with the Traffic Division on a motorcycle. After 25 years with Tracy, Mike honorably retired. However, his work was not done. In retirement, Mike joined the District Police Department, in a non-sworn capacity, to assist with background investigations and other assorted duties. This is where many of us met Mike for the first time and quickly grew to love him as a co-worker, mentor, and friend. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of Michael Reiter and all of those he knew and loved. To Mike, your knowledge, sarcasm, wit, humor, dedication, and passion were and are an example to all. Aim high dear friend. Your rest is well-deserved. We'll take it from here.

Please join us as we take a moment of reflection. This morning, the law enforcement community lost another hero. Our deepest thoughts and sympathies extend to the family, friends, co-workers, and our colleagues at the California Highway Patrol, for the loss of CHP Officer Kirk Griess. You are honored and will be missed.

Clery Timely Warning - UPDATE: Suspect has been arrested in connection with the sexual assault on Stockton campus of San Joaquin Delta College.

Clery Timely Warning: Delayed report of sexual assault on Stockton campus of San Joaquin Delta College. Please follow link for official alert.

Bike theft on the Stockton campus of San Joaquin Delta College. Please help us identify this person of interest!

We would like to encourage our families and friends to take part in this amazing opportunity. Throughout the history of San Joaquin County, law enforcement has been there to protect and serve. Unfortunately, this service has come at tremendous cost. Law enforcement is not easy and for those who dedicated and lost their lives protecting our communities, we have the chance to honor them as they should be honored. Please visit the provided link. Help make this memorial a fitting tribute to those who paid the ultimate price.

Policing isn't just about enforcement. Many times, its more about education and helping others. Today, we focused on the helping others aspect. SSO Nguyen was able to rescue this little fellow on the Stockton campus this morning. Although a bit timid, he appears healthy and friendly. Most importantly, he is safe. We love our pets! Hopefully we will be able to locate the owner.

Check out Dash who came & saved the day today at the SJDC Flea Market! Thanks for helping out our officers Dash! We couldn't have done it without you.