Menlo Park Police Department

  • Agency: Menlo Park Police Department
  • Address: 701 Laurel St, Menlo Park, 94025 CA
  • Chief: Bryan Roberts (Chief of Police)
Phone: 650-330-6300

Menlo Park Police Department is located at 701 Laurel St, Menlo Park, 94025 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Bryan Roberts. The Menlo Park Police Department phone number is 650-330-6300.

Menlo Park Police Department News

Text to 911 - Effective immediately all San Mateo County Law Enforcement and Fire Agencies’ 911 Dispatch Centers are equipped to receive and respond to mobile phone SMS Text to 911 messages. All phones or devices must include a text or data plan, be text capable, and have their location services enabled to send a text message to 911.

Willow Road//U.S. 101 interchange ramp changes: ALL freeway access now from right lanes only, and no U-Turns are allowed. MPPD will be out in force this week during afternoon commutes to help drivers understand the changes.

Reminder: Weekend closure of Willow Road at 101 happening Friday 10/5 at 10pm through Monday 10/8 4am. All access between Willow and 101 will be temporarily removed and detours in place. For more detour and closure info:

Remembering MPPD Officer John Lyle - Badge 3 On September 22, 1960, Menlo Park police officer John W. Lyle was killed in the line of duty. Menlo Park Police Department's first and only officer killed in the line of duty. John W. "Jack" Lyle was a Menlo Park police officer for eight years. He was 29 years old. Each year the men and women of the Menlo Park Police Department recognize the date September 22nd with a sense of the loss that was suffered by the department and the family of Officer Lyle on this day in 1960. On Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018, there will be a San Mateo County Public Safety Memorial Service honoring San Mateo County deceased emergency services members to include police, fire and medical personnel. It will be held at Notre Dame de Namur University in the Cunningham Memorial Chapel - 1500 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA at 10 am. All faiths are welcome and a reception will follow.

Today we remember the many heroes who risked their lives to make sure others were safe in the face of danger. Those heroes came from all walks of life. They were police officers, firefighters and paramedics. They were also analysts, specialists, managers, directors, clerks, consultants, coordinators and technicians. They were all of us. They were any of us. On this day 17 years ago, people came together in one of the worst tragedies ever committed on American soil. The bravery of each and every person facing such a catastrophe made them all heroes who should be remembered as we look back on this day. Never forget.

Biking is a very common form of transportation in Menlo Park. With back to school taking place citywide, there will be more cyclists on the roadway and the Menlo Park Police Department would like to remind cyclists to be safe when riding to and from school. Do you have a properly fitting helmet? Helmets have been shown to keep riders safer in the event of an accident, and under California state law, any person under 18 years of age shall not operate a bicycle upon a street or roadway without the use of a bicycle helmet. Bicycles must follow the same rules of the roadway as vehicles do. This means respecting traffic lights and stop signs, and riding on the correct side of the roadway. Doing so allows drivers that you share the roadway with to predict your movements keeping you safer. Make sure that your bike is in good working condition and roadway ready. Check to make sure that you have air in your tires, your brakes are working properly, and all the other parts on your bike are in good working condition. There just happens to be a bicycle safety workshop taking place on Saturday, August 25th in the Willows neighborhood in Menlo Park. Stop by for a bicycle safety check!

Application Deadline extended for the Menlo Park Police Community Academy - Join now! Applications are still being accepted for the Menlo Park Police Community Academy. The Academy offers community members a firsthand look into how the Police Department operates, including a glimpse into the organizational culture and framework. It provides an excellent opportunity for the public to interact with members of the Police Department. The Academy is an eight-week program open to ages 18 years and older, and takes place on Wednesdays, starting Sept. 5, from 6:30-9:30 p.m., and ending Oct. 24. If you are interested in applying, complete the application at before the deadline on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018.

Citywide, children are heading back to school this week. The Menlo Park Police Department would like to offer some tips to keep your children safe when walking to or from school. Is your child ready to walk to school? The best way to determine this is to walk with them and gauge how cautious they are when crossing the street and how well they understand the dangers of passing traffic. Walking the route to school with your child will help you to choose the safest route possible. You might look for ways to avoid the busiest intersections or local construction taking place in the city that might put your child in harm’s way. Have your child walk with another child or group of children if possible. If not, then identify trusted neighbors along the route who your child can turn to just in case of an emergency. Make sure your children understand what to do if they are approached by a stranger and remind your children of the importance of being alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. If your child has a phone, make sure that they are aware of who they should call in the event of an emergency and when to call 911. We wish everyone a safe school year.

The Menlo Park Police Foundation invites you to attend the third annual Paws for Paws Walk - “Taking a Paws-on Approach to Crime” on this Saturday, August 25, from 8 a.m.-Noon.